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October 2, 2018 By bangkok7



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Some Bangkok Gogo Girls Part 4


She's one of the handful of hotties working at a small gogo in Patpong. Sweet demeanor, lovely smile, and physically fit. On stage, in her short-shorts, bikini top, and heels, she's a remarkable sight. The only thing missing is big boobs, but that's forgivable. What first caught my eye was… [more]

Verse of Vice: The Patpong Addict

I've been onPong for far too long,

I've got to make a change.

The neon lights and sexy sights

They do tend to derange.

I've been onPong for far too long,

It's time to show restraint.

The slender bodies of young Thai hotties

Have me feeling faint.

I'll take a break, for heaven's sake,

And try some other places.

Cowboy's… [more]

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