The Steakhouse Co. Saturday Prime Rib: A Seven Review

October 7, 2018 By bangkok7

The Steakhouse Co. Saturday Prime Rib: A Seven Review

This was the meat that wasn’t up to snuff. Can you say “high standards”?

Greetings and salutations, my name’s Seven. I live the Bangkok dream in case you can’t, and sometimes try restaurants in case you can’t, or want a head’s up before heading out. This time I’m back at The Steakhouse Co. for their brand new Saturday Prime Rib special. And oh, man, is it ever a doozy. So let’s get to it.

This didn’t go like a normal review, and won’t read like one. For one thing, I ended up trying 4 different steaks, and not all at the same time. Let me explain. So I turned up for the prime rib two Saturdays ago. It was the first time TSC ran the special, and I was likely the first customer to order it. And I sank my teeth into a juicy, perfectly-cooked pink Argentinian 300 gram queen cut, wet aged 120 days, grain fed 270 days wonder that came with a side of veggies, garlic mash potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding. I also grabbed a bottle of Cotes-du-Rhone to go with, and I really enjoyed it. However, the next day I was informed by the owner that the meat was not up to snuff, and that they’d be trying out different butchers to find a cut of prime rib that met their high standards. I was then invited back a few days later to sample the different cows they were deliberating about, and cast my vote, meager as it was, for the best beef.

Holy moly, people.

What an amazing experience. We tried a Thai Wagyu steak, which I took to calling Thaigyu and will do so forever more, along with another Wagyu and a Black Angus, both Australian, both heavenly, both intoxicating to a carnivore’s palate. It was hard to choose between the two latter wonders, but in the end everyone agreed that the Aussie Wagyu stood head-and-shoulders above the others. So starting October 7, customers will be treated to the new WagyOz—Ozwag? Hoolie doolie wagyoolie? Meh, it doesn’t blend as well. Customers will be enjoying the Australian wagyu prime rib. And it is a marbled marvel. It melts like butter in your mouth, and is a fireworks show for the senses. Pair it with the right wine, and you don’t need drugs. The food is the drug, and I’m addicted to The Steakhouse Co. If you see someone lying on the ground outside with a syringe, I’m mainlining the bone marrow au jus. Yes, it’s that good.

In case you were sad that the Black Angus didn’t make the cut, don’t worry. It was good enough to earn a spot on the Sunday carvery. So if Angus is more your thing, and if you still have room after prime rib Saturday, sate your craving with a plate of it the following day. Doors open at noon.

Aussie Black Angus

In short, the prime rib Saturday is just another of The Steakhouse Co.’s supremely excellent offerings. There’s nothing this joint doesn’t do right. From the incredible beer menu to the carefully-chosen wine list to the sides and snacks to the real star of the show—the steaks, these guys don’t miss a beat. Dining there is a symphony for the synapses. And here’s a free tip from Seven: if you manage to not inhale the entire plate, and have some steak left over, take it home and put it in the fridge. The next day, put it on a sandwich. It’s magic in your mouth.

Check back in a bit for a head-to-head comparison of the two outstanding carveries (yes there are now TWO carveries) in Patpong. And until then, cheers to another day above ground in the greatest country in the world–Thailand.

Aussie Wagyu