The Week Onpong October 21 2018

Hey folks, it’s me, Seven. I’m just livin’ the dream here in Bangkok, Thailand. If you’re stuck somewhere else in the world and can’t get here, I’ve got you covered. Just live vicariously through me. I’m magnanimous like that.


It was a wet week on Patpong, and everywhere else in The City of Angels, which had some effect on the foot traffic, except for Shenanigans and The Paddy Field, of course. Those joints are always jammed. The Steakhouse Co. saw some lucrative nights as well. Apparently it’s becoming a hip restaurant among hi-so Thais. A group came in earlier in the week and literally ate all the steaks. No joke, the kitchen had to rustle up more at the end of the night to satisfy their Thai customers’ craving for red meat. And on Saturday, they sold out of the prime rib before 9 pm. I passed by for their Sunday carvery–my second one since they started it. I can say that everything on offer has gotten better, and I mean everything. This time, the highlight for me was the pork, and the veggies. I don’t often refer to the sides as “succulent,” but it’s an accurate description of the spinach, pumpkin, and mash. Last time, I said the mash was good, and that’s it. This time, they were positively superb, especially when doused in the mushroom gravy. Props to whoever put in the time and effort to perfect everything on the menu. The chicken is now a roll, stuffed with bread and cranberries. The lamb this time was more tender. Everything was juicier and more decadent-tasting. And on the owner’s recommendation I opted for the apple pie a-la-mode. It was more of a UK style dessert than American, rife with cinnamon and confection sugar. Sinfully good. I felt like I should go to confession after, the food was that sinful.  It’s getting so they might need a bigger kitchen.

And in still more Steakhouse news, starting Monday they’re adding a new item to the menu: a prime rib steak baguette with a side of fries for 250 baht. My guess is this is just a precursor to their planned lunchtime menu. More on that later.

On Friday and Saturday the Bangkok police were out in force, though this time it wasn’t to check for underage gogo dancers. Instead, they were stopping foreigners and demanding to see passports. This is apparently an effort to curb overstays and tourists who run out of money and wind up begging for cash on the sidewalks. Good show for the cops, cracking down on the riff raff.

Saturday night, The Bangkok Beatles put on one of their best shows yet in Paddy Field. There wasn’t a single empty seat, and folks crowded the soi outside to get a look and a listen. Some customers couldn’t contain themselves and burst out in spontaneous dancing.



Kings Castle 1 and 2 are doing bang-up business. This is due to their large staff of gorgeous dancers and the newly-implemented uniforms—if you can call sexy sheer lingerie a uniform. Saturday they experimented with a few girls donning lavender wigs in the style of fembots from the Austin Powers movies. They were a sight to behold.



Shenanigans had their Sunday carvery as well, and saw a steady stream of customers throughout the day. Though their busiest days were Friday and Saturday. Standing room only, both afternoons. I think the joint has started to feel like home for a lot of local expats and sports fanatics. It also helps that they have great bartenders and servers.

Oh, and as pictured, Patpong Night Market got a new sign. It actually went up last Sunday night, but that was too late to include in my previous weekly. Nifty, ay?

Until next time, here’s to another week above ground, another week in the red light district, aka Patpong adult entertainment zone. Cheers everyone.