Last Week on Patpong For November 4, 2018

Hello gents, it’s your old friend Seven. I’m here living the Bangkok dream on your behalf, and this is the latest from Patpong:



Halloween is always a fun time in the red light district. Most gogo’s throw parties, and some go all out with costumes and decorations. Glamour covered their mirrors with spooky paintings and hung a huge spider from a massive web on the ceiling above the stages. They also had a one-night beer special: bottles of Phuket for 100b. Dancers and bar staff alike got into the spirit with scary makeup and themed cosplay ranging from the benign to the ghoulish. Kiss bar also went crazy with decorations, hanging masks on strings that resembled severed heads and mounting giant millipedes on the walls. Thais love all things horror, and though most have no real understanding of the meaning of Halloween, they sure grasp the whole “get scary” aspect. In a month that saw slow business all over Bangkok, it was a chance for everyone in Patpong to have a little fun.


Kings Castle 1 came out swinging with new outfits on Friday—sexy uni student uniforms. Props to whoever thought of this idea, because the results were absolutely sensational. It’s uncanny how such a simple ensemble can make every Thai girl look cute. On Saturday, they were back to wearing lingerie, and I have to say, as crazy at his sounds, the uni outfits were sexier. Kings 2 had their girls in Playboy bunny costumes, which gave me flashbacks to the 1980s. As foot traffic seems to slump in other gogo’s around Bangkok, the folks at The Kings Group are going like gangbusters. As LL Cool J would say, they’re doin it and doin it and doin it well.


The Strip also sported Bunny uniforms. Patpong was a veritable bunny ranch, with fluffy cotton ball tails everywhere you looked. Speaking of The Strip, they’re under new management now, and have scooped up a few new girls plus some festive decorations, so if you haven’t been by in a while, check them out.

The old Radio City, which was The Den before that and Lust before that, is getting a complete remodel. None of that “change the wallpaper and reopen” nonsense. Everything’s been gutted. It looks like they’re starting from scratch.  Many of the gogo dancers around Patpong told me they were waiting anxiously for the new place to open so they could relocate. The tentative grand reopening, according to the girls, was supposed to be last September. Either they got the date wrong or construction has fallen behind schedule. Hopefully the girls can stand to wait a bit longer.

The Steakhouse Co. is proving that versatility is a good business strategy. The prime rib baguette—a temporary menu item—has been very popular (and why not, given the price—250b including fries). I should know, since I’ve eaten six in the last two weeks. I’ll be sad when they stop offering it. The good news, however, is what they plan to replace it with: a full lunch menu. Starting December 1st, prepare for a dizzying array of delectable temptations that will sate the cravings of even the most finical Bangkok foodie. Here’s the breakdown: a choice of two or three course lunch with mains like duck confit, sea bass, IPA battered dory, fettuccini with basil pesto, and of course steak. And if you’re not up for three courses you can also choose between the Philly cheese steak sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, BLT, or one of these with fries: burger, T-bone, ribs, or pork chop. There’s only one word to describe the new lunch menu: cramazing (crazy-amazing, copyright Bangkok Seven). They also plan to bring in a draught beer special for 99b during lunch. At the time of this article, they were leaning towards Tiger.

The fine folks at Shenanigans got some good news this week. Since their soft opening a few months back, they’ve been so busy they haven’t had the chance to throw a real grand opening party. It’s finally happening this Wednesday, November 7. And Shenanigans is honored to welcome the new Irish Ambassador to Thailand, Tony Cotter, who will join the festivities from 4 to 5 pm to make it official. And to commemorate the event, Irish lads Error 99 will play a live set. Guests will enjoy complimentary local beers and food from 6 to 8pm. Get there if you can.


That about sums it up for the week that was OnPong. If you couldn’t get here, I’m sorry. Life can be cruel. But hey, you can always browse the photos of all the red-light happenings on my Facebook page and/or follow my Twitter for nightly updates (it’s streaming on this page, just to the right of the article you’re reading). Until next week, friends—cheers to another one above ground in the greatest country in the world: Thailand.