Last Week on Patpong for 9 December 2018

Hey there, internet surfer. How’s your day going? It’s your man Seven, fresh from another week soaking up the scene in Bangkok’s best red light district. Per usual, it was packed with fun, frolicking, and fanny-grabbing. There were also a few events worth noting. And here they are:

The Steakhouse Co. started opening for lunch on weekdays, armed with a new lunchtime menu and two different deals: a 3-course lunch for 325b and a set of smaller dishes for 250 apiece. I popped in on Wednesday to sample something from both menus. For the 3-course, I got a caesar’s salad, pork loin and mash, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Along with that, I ordered the buffalo chicken wings with curly fries. Everything was outstanding. The salad was delicious. I could’ve eaten five of them. The pork was tender, juicy, and lightly-seasoned. The mashed potatoes were sinfully good. The owner mentioned something about stirring them with cream but I was already in a food coma so I didn’t fully grasp what he was saying. I just knew them taters were lovely. The wings were also fab. Sweet at first, with a tangy slow burn that lingered on my tongue. The curly fries were a perfect complement. The chocolate mousse is something I’ve had many times before at The Steakhouse. It’s always fantastic. If you’re in the neighborhood on a weekday and want a real treat for lunch, I recommend this place. And just for good measure they’ve added the buffalo wings to the anytime appetizer menu, so if you get there too late for lunch, you can still wing it as a starter for one of their daily steak specials. Speaking of starters, I had the gambas (Spanish style prawn) on Friday. They were positively excellent—seasoned with garlic, sea salt, and to put a Thai twist on it, sweet chili. One bite, and I immediately flashed back to Barcelona. They also started serving a 90 baht happy hour Singha draft. It’s been a busy week over there.


Shenanigans and The Paddy Field played host to Thailand GAA Gaelic Football league last week for their “12 Pubs of Christmas” crawl. Party goers spilled out onto the soi, and a good time was had by all. At the rate they’re going, the popularity of both bars is outpacing their seating capacity. Soon the owners will have to scoop up more real estate to keep up with their massive and growing fan following (Seven being among them). I envision a day in the not-too-distant future where Shenanigans and The Paddy Field expand so wide that they merge into one giant Irish neighborhood spanning the length of Patpong, at which point they’ll have to rename it “Paddypong” and declare it sovereign Irish land.


Inexplicably, the old Jury Bar, which opened for just a few days in August, has suddenly and quietly reopened as Pussycat. Only, there’s no pussy. It’s staffed entirely by dudes, plus one ladyboy. There’s not a biological woman in sight. It might not be geared for straight men, which if that’s the case would make it the only gay bar on Soi 1. And beers are a whopping 180b. Seven gives it a week.

On Monday, 13 of this year’s Miss Universe contestants paid a visit to Patpong, specifically to take in the Muay Thai boxing exhibition at Pink Panther A-Gogo.  They also wandered through the night market, buffered on all sides by security, and graciously took the time to pose for photos with a few of the locals. The 2018 Miss Universe pageant will be held in Bangkok on 17 December.

The Strip got a new manager last week. His name’s Mike and he’s from London but he’s lived in BKK for a few years now. I met him on Friday. He’s very enthusiastic and optimistic, which can only help The Strip. Hopefully with fresh blood at the helm, this gogo favorite can get back to what has always made it so awesome—Belgian beers, sweet girls, great tunes, and good times. I feel like amazing things are about to happen over there.


Thigh Bar is busy trying to become the go-to bar for Belgian Beers in Patpong. They already had a handful of rarities on offer, like Limburgse Witte, Tripel Karmeleit, Kasteel Blond, Kwak, and Caulier 28 Pale Ale. You’d think that’d satisfy anybody’s penchant, but the owner hasn’t stopped there. You could say he’s gone a bit Belgian crazy. Last week he added a few more to the menu, including Witte Rose, Cuvee des Trolls, and Paulaner Hefe Weissbier Dunkel. And coming soon: Kasteel Cherry. So if the sexy sirens onstage aren’t enough for you, the eclectic beer list should definitely satisfy.

And that about does it for last week onPong. If you weren’t able to make it, I hope this update gave you a little taste. Here’s hoping you can get there soon, and cheers to another day above ground in the greatest country in the world—Thailand.