Verse of Vice: a Gogo-Inspired Rhyme

For this Frowback Friday, I’ve got a little rhyme for you. It was previously published on Sweet3Mango, and I’ve reposted the intro as well. I hope you like it:

“Hey there, stranger. It’s me again. I’m Seven, and I live the dream in case you can’t. For some reason I can’t divine, my brain has been spitting up poetry lately. If more materialize I’ll make a series out of them…maybe call it “Verse of Vice.” Here’s one that farted out on the skytrain the other day.

Ode to Bangkok Gogo Dancers

I’m looking at you and your dragon tattoo

And the bells in my heart start ringing.

I’m rolling the dice and breaking the ice

In love with the song you’re singing

While stroking your hair, too keenly aware

Of the cold stares others are flinging.

The silent throngs of seething whoremongers.

Their envy is sweetly stinging.

I hope you don’t notice that stuck in my throat is

The hope to which I am clinging.

It renders me speechless, I’m grabbing your peaches

The rest of the men here are minging.

It’s now time to go, your sweet ass in tow.

My submarine’s sonar is pinging.

I pay the bar fine, so for now, you’re mine

Along with the promise you’re bringing.

Some ten minutes later I cross your equator

The depths of my old well springing

Then bid sweet adieu to your dragon tattoo

And you’re off, with your change purse swinging.”

Quick update: Ice is back in my life after six months of cold-shouldering. Her Hong Kong boyfriend got tired of her, so she’s up for regular bedroom antics at my pad. If anything worth noting happens, I’ll be sure to tell you about it.

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