Some Bangkok Gogo Girls, Part 2

What’s up mofo’s, this is Seven comin’ at you from the red light district. For this week’s Frowback Friday, I’ve got chapter 2 of my series chronicling various Bangkok gogo dancers who’ve made my life worth living over the past decade. This piece was originally published last year by BKKNites. If you haven’t read Part 1, you can find it here

and be sure to tune in next Friday for Part 3…


I’ve had Miw for over a year. She’s 18 and an absolute stunner. Big beautiful natural tits, and skinny everywhere else. She’s even got a six-pack. Big pretty smile, large doe-like eyes. She’s no longer on the pole, but when she was it was in the Pong. I think I nabbed her on her first or second day, and I was her first farang. She had no idea what to do the first time, but she was a quick study. She’s unusual in that her body is really physically responsive. When we bang, she gets so wet that it splashes all over the sheets. It’s a pain to clean up, but it’s worth it. These days she stays home and takes care of her younger sister while her mom works retail in some hiso mall. So she comes to me for spending cash. She wants to come over more often than I can afford, so I wind up turning her down four out of five times. But she’s fun to have around. She’s a real goofball, and will often hang around my place afterward just for a change of scenery. She’ll lounge on the balcony and smoke, or curl up in a chair and play on her phone. One thing she does well is imitate the sound of someone speaking English. She doesn’t know a lick, so when she does her impression, it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s just a string of consonant clusters that aren’t found in the Thai language. I’ve got it on video and occasionally watch it when she’s not around. Another great thing about her is, she’s eager to learn new things two people can do alone in a bedroom, and relies on me to be her teacher. To be honest, it’s exhausting. I enjoy it, but if I were 10 years younger, it would be a lot more edifying.


My current favorite is Rutty. Skin and bones, cute small breasts, long hair. Tiny frame, long slender legs like a fawn. She’s still on the pole, and I go to her bar a lot to keep her company and buy her drinks, because she says no one else will. Also because I like to watch her dance. She moves the absolute minimum amount. She doesn’t like attention, especially from customers. She’s skittish, and doesn’t want to get barfined or even sit with people she doesn’t know. She hides behind other girls onstage, which is easy because she’s so thin. The irony is, her effort to not be noticed is what’s noticeable—at least to me. Rutty is also a unique experience in the bedroom, namely because she’s…….how to put this delicately……she’s vocal. She makes the most extraordinary noises, it’s hard to last long because she’s a one-girl sex symphony. What’s hilarious is, when I’m sitting next to her in the gogo and tickling her, she makes almost the same noises, and when I hear them, I think of them as a sample of what’s going to be ringing through my apartment some night in the near future. Yet another of her sexual quirks is, she likes to watch. What I mean is, in mid-coitus she’ll crane her neck forward to watch the bumping of the uglies. It’s crazy behavior from a Thai girl, as far as I know, but bless her for being such a perv.


Rutty likes to live beyond her means. She takes out loans from me which she pays back with her vajay. But she’s also chronically late and flaky. If it’s raining, or if she woke up late, or if she’s hungry she’ll forego our scheduled bang and put it off for another day, then ring me up for more money. She’s writing cheques her pussy has to cash, and as of the last tally she’s into me for 10 grand. That’s a lot of loud, crazy sex she’s got in her future. That we both have in our future.


The first time I had Praew over for a drink—and by that I mean, over to sit with me in the gogo where she works—she said she’d never go to my room because she’d never been with a farang and doesn’t go with customers because her boyfriend doesn’t like it. That was music to my ears. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than making a girl eat those words. I said what I always do, that of course she can do what she pleases, but do take my Line ID anyway and if she’s ever hard-up for cash, she can always come to Seven. Not two weeks later, she was ambling off the bts, unsure which exit to take, wandering up and down my street like a deer in the headlights. Praew is another tall skinny one, with a gorgeous red, blue, and yellow back tattoo. I think it’s a phoenix, but I’m not sure because it ain’t finished yet.


It was painfully obvious that Praew’s first time with me was her first time with a foreigner. Painful for her, not for me. She struggled through the affair with a stiff upper lip which she bit down on, and slow steady breathing like she was meditating or something. I kept stopping but she refused to quit, and was clearly proud of herself afterward. I asked if she was alright and she cheerfully assured me that she was. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d hear from her again but from then on every week like clockwork she’s come over. She still got lost on the 2nd and 3rd visit but did finally figure out where I live. She’s called less-often lately which is fine with me because she’s getting a tad chubby. But when and if she calls, I won’t turn her down.


Bow is probably the prettiest girl I’ve had the pleasure of pleasuring. Her skin is a beautiful caramel color, flawless and soft, covering exquisitely toned yet delicate muscles. Her boobs are cute and round—not too big but not small either. She has a crooked smile but that I find adorable. And what makes her even more beautiful is the fact that she doesn’t know she is. She’s awkward and clumsy. If anyone fits a deer-inspired analogy in this list, it’s her. She often seems self-conscious and uncomfortable in her own skin. But she likes to laugh, and she’s kind, and loyal, and shows genuine interest and gratitude toward me so much so that my heart positively melts for her. I’d never tell her that, of course.


I have a knack for snagging girls who are new to the pole—mainly because I’m always out scouting—and Bow was one of them. Her first day on the Pong, I barfined her. Which is something I never do anymore, but she was so hot I couldn’t help myself. Then, for a month after, I went to her bar right when it opened and kept buying her drinks for hours so that no other dude could get his hands on her. Eventually I had to stop because it was making me broke, but not long after, she left the pole and went to work in a coffee shop. Lucky for both of us. Now, she finds time to see me between work and her suspicious, jealous boyfriend.


Without a doubt, my greatest sense of gogo accomplishment has come from Taitle. It took nearly 5 years of patience and persistence to finally talk her into coming to Club Seven (Club Seven is the nickname I’ve given to my apartment—because it’s always a party). I first met her when she was dancing at Lust on soi 1, which has since become The Den, then Radio City, then closed, and soon to reopen again. But at that time, she was ridiculously sexy—hug back tattoo, of course, and perfect white skin, amazing smile, a six-pack, toned legs, and a flirty attitude. Cute from head to toe. And when she told me she didn’t go with customers, I got those familiar butterflies and dreamed of proving her wrong. After a year of being turned down, though, my frustration led me to other bars and other girls, and I almost forgot about her. Then Lust closed, and Taitle wound up on a pole at Electric Blue. She was always friendly but still unwilling, so I gave up and was content to buy her a drink now and then, or pull on her bra or grab her by the pussy once in a while. And then Electric Blue closed, and she vanished. That is, until one day out of the blue, she messaged me and asked if she could clean my place for some money. She said she was broke, no job, and hungry. So I let her clean Club Seven, paid her double what the work was worth, and told her next time I’d give her an extra grand for a chok-wow. She agreed, and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. A week later she was back, though less-interested in cleaning and keener to climb into my bed. I asked her what she wanted to do. She said, to my utter shock, that she had a kid, but that she hadn’t been with a man in years, and that her tomboy girlfriend would kill her if she found out, but could she please shag me for two grand. I think my boner could’ve split my shorts open. Since then she’s come round once a month, near the first for some reason. She seems quite happy with the arrangement, and I’m still pinching myself. My fantasies about this girl didn’t do her justice. It’s a shame she’s been out of the game for so long. It’s like she was made in some kind of sex factory that produces girls who are dynamite in the sack. She’s wasted talent, as I’m already on the downslope of my heyday, and can barely keep up.”


Quick update: Miw has taken on the role of sex student. She’s asked me to push the boundaries and teach her things no one at her age should know, and I’m happy to oblige. Praew has put on weight and I’m currently doing the slow fade, putting her off and making excuses not to host. Hopefully she’ll figure out what I’m doing and give up. Bow has, with my kind tutelage, learned to take it in the keester and like it. Unfortunately she’s really hot, and has her choice of suitors. I’ll likely have to let her go. Everybody else is—knock on my wood—chugging along at a regular pace. I hope things stay like this forever.


Check back Sunday for the weekly, and keep on keeping your balls clean, your dance card full, and cheers to another week living the dream in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.