Some Bangkok Gogo Girls, Part 3

Well hello again. It’s Frowback Friday, which means another installment of Seven’s Bangkok Gogo Girls series. This was previously published over at BKKNites and received no small amount of enthusiasm from readers. Literally tens of people commented. OK I’m exaggerating but I’m sure at least ten people read it the first time around. Shooting for twenty on this go. Parts 1 and 2 can be found elsewhere on this website…


I found Gai, like so many of my harem past and present, in The Strip. She started work on her 18th birthday and was so skinny I nicknamed her “Razor Hips” for the sharp pelvic bones that stuck out of either side of her bikini. When she first sidled over, I dismissed her. I even tried to pass her off to one of my friends because at the time, I already had a full dance card. But she was fun to hang with in the gogo and she let me grope her in obscene ways, so we remained acquainted for a couple of years but only socialized while in the gogo. I did with her what I often do, which is to come on strong in the beginning, especially if I’m intoxicated, getting a girl’s Line and Facebook with a promise to have her over soon, but then never follow through. That’s my M.O. with a lot of gogo dancers. After a year of in-bar flirting, though, Gai became impatient and took the initiative. On a random Saturday, she sent me a Facebook email asking what I was up to. I told her I was lounging around, watching Youtube. She asked, “Can I come over?” I said “Sure, when?” thinking she’d say tomorrow or next week. “I’ll be over in 10 minutes,” was her reply. I barely had time to shave my balls before she was ringing my doorbell. That first time, I remember thinking mid-coitus that I was an idiot for putting her off for so long. She was lovely—soft, demure, submissive. And she really got off in a spectacular way. I even accused her of faking, but she insisted it was just a case of having really sensitive naughty girl-parts. In the last year, she’s gotten herself big fake boobs and a beautiful black and red back tattoo. She’s been MIA the last couple weeks, and her Facebook is newly-adorned with photos of her and her boyfriend. Maybe she’s trying to be loyal. More power to her.



In a wonderful twist, I didn’t choose Rose, though had I known I could have I would have. Rather, she chose me. She was dancing at The Strip, and was good friends with Gai, who made a quasi-claim on me when we started up, even though I had already banged a few girls from that gogo, and still had some on the hook. For that reason, though, Rose never looked at me. Or at least, I thought she never did. Come to find out, she kept a sly eye on all my movements every time I was in there. For the longest time, I only stole looks at her when Gai wasn’t around, and tried not to be obvious about my ogling. Then Gai got off the pole, and I was free to leer at Rose in the most perverse way, and so I did. She definitely noticed, though didn’t show any receptiveness to my slack-jawed drooling gaze.  But then one day, as I was making a fool of myself with a persistent perverse stare, she stopped dancing and called out my name. I shook myself out of stupor and made eye contact. She pointed to my phone, turned profile and said “Take my picture.” I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I obeyed. Then she took my phone, plugged her Line ID into it and said “Send them to me.” So I sent her the pics, and the next day she sent me a message asking to come over. Clever girl.

Rose is beautiful from the right angle. She has no boobs and a wonky tooth, but beyond that, she’s a wondrous sight. And come to find out, skilled in the bedroom and enjoys herself there as well. It’s a paradox, but many gogo girls have no idea what they’re doing in bed. They must go through their lives just fumbling around, letting the guys do all the lifting, with little or no knowledge of how their own lady parts work. So when you get one that does, it’s something of a treat. I’m now treated to Rose once a week, with zero effort on my part.


Jane’s one that got away. Her first and last gogo job was at Glamour in Patpong Soi 2. On her first night, I got caught up in an awkward triangle with her and another dancer there. Both were newly-18, both skinny, both adorable, and I couldn’t decide which one to grab, so I grabbed them both. After several drinks with one sitting on either side, both grabbing my junk and cooing in my ear, I went with the other girl, and left Jane high and dry. This started a long cold war between Jane, the other girl, and me. I think the other girl tried to claim me and told Jane to lay off, because every time I tried to buy her a drink, for several months Jane said no. She wouldn’t even look at me from the stage. Then one day, it all stopped. Jane did a 180 and began paying attention to me again. The other girl, come to find out, took a long holiday back to Isaan to see her mum, so I guess Jane saw it as a “cat’s away” situation and, even though all the other girls would gossip about it, she threw caution to the wind and herself onto my lap. Usually I have to put in some work, in the way of flirting, seducing, or convincing to get a girl over. Not so with Jane. Apparently the other girl had spelled out what a pleasure it is to be hosted by Seven in his home, and Jane wanted that. Wanted it bad. So she just turned to me and said “Tomorrow I’m coming to your room before work. Where do you live?” I didn’t even have a choice in the matter. And holy moly, what a ride she was. Literally. She approached sex with a level of enthusiasm only an 18 year old can pull off. She wrung every drop of pleasure out of the experience and devoted real energy to pleasing me as much as herself. It was a gorgeous thing to witness, and I immediately decided to never go with the other girl again, and instead devote all my spare time to Jane. She came over a couple more times, and then poof! Disappeared. I asked the girls at Glamour where she went, but got no clear info. Then a few months later, she sent me a Facebook message asking for money. Come to find out, she’d been knocked up by some unemployed Thai guy and was back home in Isaan, broke and asking for a handout. I asked her why in the world I should give her money. She said “I just want you to take care of me.” Ahh, the ignorance of youth. I immediately blocked her, and haven’t spoken to her since.



I don’t know her real name. I just nicknamed her Underbite the first time I met her because, well, it’s pretty noticeable. Despite the under bite, or maybe because of it, she was oh-so-sexy. Always looking like she was pouting. And her slim, toned, dancer’s body was a thrill to see onstage. Long gorgeous hair, great skin (pale), piercing eyes. She was a small wonder, especially among the other girls in the bar. She was a rose among thorns. I say was because…..well, let me tell it right.



So things started out in the typical fashion with Seven charming and wooing virtually effortlessly, until the crucial moment came where I tell her to come over before work sometime, and give her my Line ID. She said no. I asked why. She said she only goes with girls, and I perked up. I love the challenge of a lesbian. So I put my plan on the back burner and spent a few more months making her laugh, every once in a while grabbing her by the pussy, as they say, and eventually she did what they all do. She messaged out of the blue to say she was short on rend and coming over. It was only once, but it was intense. She didn’t bang. She made love. Her body reacted to the act with fervor. She responded with ecstasy at my every movement, and with equal enthusiasm. She locked eyes with me at the start and didn’t break contact until it was over. She had several orgasms, each more intense than the last. It was something I’d only experienced before with farang girls and, I must say, a wonder to behold. But like I said, it only happened once. Soon after, she got a very possessive tomboy girlfriend who also bartends at the same gogo where Underbite works. Needless to say, she doesn’t fraternize much under the watchful gaze of her better half. And to make matters worse, said tomboy loves to eat. She’s a big girl, and in the last several months, the tomboy has helped Underbite take on a lot more calories than she needs. She’s gone from supremely sexy to a chunky monkey. The dream is over for Underbite and I. But we’ll always have that one glorious time.


May’s another that got away, only this time, I missed my chance to take her home, and I regret it every day of my life. She was friends with one of my regulars, and when we first met four years ago, I was still chivalrous enough to not bang her on account of her friend. Now I realize how stupid that was, but it’s too late. At any rate, I quietly lusted after May, trying not to let her friend my regular see it. It was very frustrating. Then one day, her friend my regular got off the pole and went to work in a coffee shop. Suddenly I saw my opening. I began subtlely, slowly, patiently flirting with May. And it seemed to be working. She always sat with me in the gogo, slinging one leg over mine, taking selfies with my phone, trading drinks for kisses. I thought I was in. A couple of times, I asked her over. She seemed hesitant and asked me to simply barfine her. But like an idiot I refused, insisting as always that “Seven doesn’t barfine.” And I thought I could wait her out. I didn’t know she was also about to disappear. And disappear she did, right before I was going to pull the trigger. She went and got herself a boyfriend, and marched her sweet ass right out the gogo and into the haystack of Bangkok, never to be seen or heard from again. May is my great white buffalo. There are several that got away, but she’s The One That Got Away.”

Quick updates on the above girls: Gai is off the pole and off limits. She’s dug in with her boyfriend and only pops up to post a selfie on Facebook now and again. I recently saw her in a porn video so maybe she’s living off that paycheck for the time being. Rose has been sidelined. I don’t know why but I got bored with her. She may make a comeback in the future. Jane is back on the pole after popping out her kid, and the damage done to her body from childbirth is heartbreaking. She’s a mess. I avert my eyes when she’s onstage. Underbite is now so fat she’s almost unrecognizable. She’s friendly enough in the gogo but strictly a no-go now. May’s back on the pole, too. But she treats me like a stranger. She’s put on some weigh as well, and I can’t be bothered to chase her. There are too many hot newbies to focus on these days.

Anyway, that’s the frowback, for better or worse. Check in on Sunday for the weekly, and as always keep your balls clean, your glass full, and cheers to all the Bangkok gogo girls we’ve loved before. God bless them every one.