Some Bangkok Gogo Girls, Part 4

Hey everyone. It’s me, Seven. How’s it hangin’? Everything copacetic? I hope so. Listen, it’s Frowback Friday once again–that time of the season for reposting blogs that originally appeared elsewhere on the interweb. The good folks over at BKKNites had the temerity to print this as part of my Gogo Girls series last year. I’m giving it a second home along with its predecessors (you can read parts 1 to 3 by scrolling through the homepage–they’re in opposite linear order) and ensuant installments (ensuallments for short, copyright BKK7). Anyway, this is part 4. Check back next Friday for part 5.


She’s one of the handful of hotties working at a small gogo in Patpong. Sweet demeanor, lovely smile, and physically fit. On stage, in her short-shorts, bikini top, and heels, she’s a remarkable sight. The only thing missing is big boobs, but that’s forgivable. What first caught my eye was her 6-pack abs. So very toned. I always wind up staring at her tummy when she’s dancing—or her backside if she’s turned round. I had to tiptoe around her at first, because she’s close friends with another girl I used to bed, and sometimes you have to ease them into the idea of sharing. Once I’d done that, though, it was just a matter of getting her Line ID. A few days after that, she was naked in my room, and that’s when things went wrong.

Don’t misunderstand. She wasn’t bad in the sack. On the contrary, she was like a little brown Energizer bunny. But it can’t be understated how much heels and a push-up bra improve a woman’s aesthetics. Out of the clothes that showcased all her best features while hiding her flaws, and tucked beneath me on my bed, she better resembled a crumpled-up piece of paper. The divergence between the onstage girl and the pinned-and-mounted girl was 180 degrees. Mid-coitus I ceased being interested in her, and it was all I could do to finish, usher her out, and block her Line messages. Since then, I see her on a regular basis in the gogo. We flirt from a safe distance—me in my seat, and her on the stage where she looks her best.


It took months to convince Kai to come home with me. First, she claimed she had an unusually small vagina that made every sexual encounter torturous. So I told her I was fine with not banging, and she should come over for a sexy photo shoot. She then claimed that she was too ugly for a photo shoot. And I supposed, by Thai standards, she’s not attractive. She lacks most of the common Thai facial features. She has very high, very pronounced cheekbones, a narrow chin, and a turned-up nose like a farang. To add to her un-Thai’d looks, she bleaches her hair blonde and often adds streaks of bright red and blue. To call her striking would be an understatement. So in the eyes of Thais she probably looks deformed. But to a foreigner, she’s an exotic queen. And instinctively she knows this. The proof is in the attention she gets from western customers. At any rate, I did what I usually do, which is nothing. I didn’t push, I just bought her drinks from time to time and made her laugh. And after a long, patient wait, she texted to say she wanted to come over. Though at the time, I didn’t know for what. A photo shoot? A bang session? She didn’t say, and I didn’t ask.

It turned out to be both. We did the shoot, and when we’d finished, I still wasn’t sure what would happen. She was hot and tired, so she asked to take a shower, and a few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom stark naked and went and laid on the bed. I was sitting in a chair with my laptop over my junk. She didn’t say anything, just lifted her head off the pillow and beckoned me over. Remembering her story about a tiny vajay, I was gentle and slow. She didn’t complain or hesitate at any time, and when it was over she was all smiles. I asked if it hurt. She said “nid noi” and that was that. It was a sweet, tender experience. Not really my cup of tea.


Her name is Baifern but I call her Barfine because literally every time I see her she’s being barfined. And no wonder. She’s absolute perfection. Her body defies logic, it’s so perfect. She looks like she was built in a factory by pervert scientists. I met her, per usual, on her first night in the gogo. 18 years old and fresh off the farm. I tried so hard to convince her to go with me, but she was terrified, having never been with a foreigner before. Three nights in a row, I came in there and sweet-talked her. On the third night, she agreed to go. We traipsed up to a ratty old room in Madrid 2000, but it felt like the Ritz to me, because Fern was there. She took off her clothes and I almost passed out. For the first few minutes I just looked at her. Like a sculpture come to life, this girl is. Anyway, I put her through her paces and taught her how to short-time. She was a fast learner and eager to please. We had a lot of fun. And from that day on for the next year, I never saw her. She got barfined and taken away every night she worked. I never got another chance with her. In the meantime, I found a new regular at her bar, so now when I do see Barfine, I’ve got my arm around someone else. We nod and wave, and that’s about it. And that’s if I see her at all.


It’s not her real name. I don’t actually know her real name. She’s from yet another small but busy gogo on Patpong, and a lesbian. I’d known her for a full year before she finally agreed to a roll in the hay. For that entire time, I watched her turn down many customers, claiming she doesn’t go with men. Her girlfriend is a heavy-set tomboy and not remotely attractive. I’ve often wondered what draws petite, pretty Thai bar girls into relationships with hulking ugly women. My friend Lucky thinks it’s because they need a break from getting constantly boned by sex tourists. But that logic doesn’t fly with Nika, because she doesn’t go with customers. There must be something more, and it’s a topic worth exploring, but not now.

Here’s how I wore Nika down. I began by showing almost no interest in her. I’d occasionally let her catch me watching her when she danced, and after a while, I’d make solid eye contact. This earned confused looks and the odd “Arai, Seven?” I just shrugged and kept staring, but made no effort to speak to her. Then one day, out of the blue, she sidled up and sat down. I immediately grabbed her boobs, and she dutifully smacked my hands away. But she didn’t get up. This was the moment I’d won. She showed the other girls in the bar that she didn’t want me touching her while at the same time showing me that she did. From then on, she’d come sit with me and we’d play the same game. I’d grab her by the crotch or the ass, she’d make a show of not liking it but not try to get away. And then one day, I stuck my hand down her shorts and she made no effort to stop me. Then after a moment, her body visibly relaxed and she whispered “Seeyow” which basically means “I find this sexually pleasurable.” I immediately suggested she come to my place for more of the same. She hesitated a moment, and then nodded. I was super excited.

Then came four straight weeks of her scheduling and then flaking on me over and over. It’s hard to tell sometimes with Thais whether they flake because they don’t want to see you but didn’t want to say no, or whether it’s not that important to them to see you, or whether they just have other real stuff come up, so it’s best to just give them the benefit of the doubt. I played it cool and let her flake without consequence. Eventually, like the girl who cried wolf, she did finally come over, which shocked me after all the flaking, but we both performed well and though I’m not anxious to go through another four-week ordeal of will-she-won’t-she, I wouldn’t say no if she asked.


I’d known Belle for years. She worked at Electric Blue with the rest of my harem, and while she caught my eye from time to time, I was never taken by her to the point that I wanted to have a go. That is, until she dropped a few kilos and toned up. She’d disappeared from the pole for a couple months, ostensibly to visit her mum in the country. I guess they didn’t feed her well because she came back with a six pack and man, did it make a difference, at least to Seven. She suddenly had cheekbones, and a thigh gap, and as I watched her dance I got that old familiar feeling. But we’d been buddy-buddy for so long, I wasn’t sure she’d be up for the transition. She did notice that my stares lingered longer, and she did smile back when I gave her my familiar perverted leer. All good signs. Then one night when I was drunk enough, I bought her a drink in front of all my other girls. There was a noticeable tension, though nobody said anything, and just to be safe, I ignored Belle for a week afterward. Then on another drunken night, I bought Belle some roses from the lady onPong who sells roses, and removed all doubt in anyone’s mind about my intentions. Yes, I would bed Belle, and no, there was nothing my harem could do about it.

Then, fate stepped in. Electric Blue closed and became The Steakhouse Co. and Belle moved to Pattaya to take up residence on a pole in a gogo on Walking Street. I had to wait four months before I could get down there, and by then Belle had put on all the weight she’d lost in the country. In fact, when I sat down in her bar and surveyed the girls on stage, my eyes passed right past her. I was looking for the new and improved thin Belle, not the newer heftier chunky Belle. She came and sat with me, and I bought her a drink, and she asked to come to my hotel, and I told her yes just message me tomorrow. But the next day she didn’t message me, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Next month I’ll go back and see if she dropped the weight again, but I’m not fussed either way.”

There are no updates for any of these girls. None have come back to my room since the initial encounter. I see some of them around from time to time, but we pretend we never saw each other naked. And that works out well for everybody. Swing back by on Sunday for the weekly, and until then keep those balls clean and that pint glass frosty. Cheers, mofos.