Some Bangkok Gogo Girls Part 5: The Ices

Hello from the red-light trenches. I’m Seven, and this is a re-post of a previously-published piece. It’s Part 5 of the ongoing “gogo girls” series, and the last one that qualifies as a frowback. Either this Sunday or next, I’ll post a freshly-squeezed brand spanking new one. But in the meantime, here’s this oldie but moldy covering girls who all have the same name:

“When Thais give themselves nicknames it’s often associated with an English word they learned when they were young—Bird, Blue, Star, Guitar. One of the most common is Ice, and in my time here, a brief decade that has passed in the blink of an eye, I’ve met a lot of Ices.


The first one wasn’t in Bangkok, but Phuket. I was living in a little fishing village north of Patong called Bangtao. Not a lot to do in that town except hang out at the beach or a local beer bar, of which there’s half a dozen. So everybody knows everybody, and all the local expats had run through all the local bar girls five times over before I ever got there. Every time I’d say to a drinking buddy, “Heyyy, that girl’s cute,” I’d get the usual “Yeah, I drilled her up the arse just the other day” response. So I went nearly a year without banging anyone in Bangtao. Then one night, I was motorbiking home after a long beer binge, when out of the corner of my eye, in the last bar on the soi, I caught a glimpse of two ladies playing pool. In that split second, they looked pretty hot. So I made a quick u-turn and pulled in. They were both way out of my league. Gorgeous, hi-so career women slumming it up in a nowhere Bangtao beer bar. But I was too inebriated to feel self-conscious, so I sat down and struck up a conversation with the less-attractive one (even when drunk, I’m still not very brave). She quickly lost interest, but simultaneously her hotter friend began peppering me with questions, claiming she really liked Americans. We talked for a long time. She and her friend were training at a nearby real estate company that sold luxury condos. They were staying in Patong and commuting to Bangtao every day. Tonight they were celebrating the end of training and a few days off. I tried my best to be witty, and when the convo dried up, we played a few games of pool. And just when I thought I was making headway, her friend said it was time to go. I quickly shoved my Line into the hottie’s phone. “By the way, what’s your name?” I asked. “Ice,” she said. “Eyes? You mean, like, ta?” No no, Ice. “You mean like the Thai word for shy?” No. Ice. Nam Kang. Ice. “Oh, oh, OK. Got it. It’s been a pleasure, Ice.” Nice to meet you, Seven.

I was sure that would be the last time I saw her, but miraculously she messaged the next day. She asked if I’d meet her for lunch on the beach. That turned into bar hopping along the main road and me batting away the groping hands of my drunk drinking buddies, which eventually led to my bed. She insisted that she didn’t like sex, but would do it for me because I was a man, and men need it. But if she didn’t enjoy it, she sure fooled me. She just about went bonkers. I’m sure she woke the neighbors. We wound up banging twice, and once more in the morning before she left, all initiated by her. She seemed more like a nymphomaniac in denial than a girl who didn’t like sex. At any rate, she came over pretty regularly after that, and I started to think I’d snagged myself a girlfriend. Then suddenly I changed jobs and had to relocate to BKK. The day I left, she cried. A year later, I ran into her in Patpong. She was holding hands with her tomboy girlfriend and seemed embarrassed to see me.


Ice number two worked in Pink Panther in Patpong. She’s a lovely girl with a soft, warm smile, kind eyes, and huge boobs. She singled me out one night and made a really slow go at me, starting with small talk, not asking for a drink, seeming to just enjoy my company which threw me off completely. I insisted on buying her several cocktails. The more I looked into her eyes, and the more she smiled, the more hypnotized I felt. Before I knew it, I was barfining her and we were in a nearby short time hotel. I barely remember the time between ordering her drink and lying on top of her. It was crazy. And she must’ve hypnotized me, because the next time I saw her, I didn’t even remember her. I actually tried to pass her off to one of my friends. I even asked her her name. “ICE…” she said, very slowly, her eyes like sweet daggers. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three mississOhh shit! I banged this girl! I made an embarrassed apology, blamed the vodka, and she instantly forgave me. What she didn’t forgive me for came later.

Pink Panther Ice and I had a few more sex sessions, and gradually I got bored and stopped. A few months later, I gave my Line to one of her friends, who became a member of my harem for the next couple of years. Ice was as cold as her moniker toward me for a long time after that. In fact, she’s only recently started saying hello to me in the gogo. That girl really held a grudge.

Ice number three was from Electric Blue. She had/has an absolutely beautiful face, and she expressed at least a passing interest in being one of Seven’s harem. She’d started working at EB a few months before it closed, and my reputation for keeping my harem happy preceded me. In fact, new girls knew Seven before Seven even walked in the door. She was bold, flirty, and handsy—all things I like in a gogo dancer. But her body was kind of bony and awkward, like a girl in the middle of puberty. I didn’t find her sexy at all. But she was so pretty, I bought her drinks just so I could look at her face. I also didn’t mind her massaging my junk. One drunken evening I gave her my Facebook and said “Come over anytime.” I do this with a lot of girls who ever come over and never message, and I’m fine with that. I make a lot of bad contacts when I’m drunk. But Ice really needed the cash, I guess, because she messaged two days later and said she was on her way. I barely had time to throw a clean sheet on the bed. We had a nice time—she was excellent at oral—but I couldn’t get over her bony body. She messaged a few more times but I gave her the cold shoulder and eventually she gave up. Flash forward to a few months ago. I ran into her in Black Pagoda, and either she finished puberty or she started eating more protein, because her body had taken a turn for the better. She looked fantastic. I stuffed some cash in her bra, tickled her vajay, and insisted she come over again, which she did, the next day, and she was fantastic. I began making plans to turn her into a regular. But then she disappeared from BP, and her friends there all said she went back home. And a month later, she posted a new Facebook profile pic. It was her and her brand new Japanese husband. My guess is he knocked her up. She looks really happy in the photo.

The final and most recent Ice works in a gogo on Soi 1. I’m still banging her regularly so I’m not keen to say the name of the place. I first met her two years ago. Tiny little thing, blonde hair, blue contacts, big smile. She has a sweet, soft way about her, and is prone to laying her head on my shoulder when sitting with me in the gogo. She was, yet again, friends with one of my harem so I didn’t make a move right away, and thank God for that. Because she disappeared for six months, and when she returned to the pole I asked her where she’d been all that time. She told me that, because of the recent crackdown by the junta, she had to wait until she turned 18 before she could come back. So when I first met her, she was 17. Dodged a bullet there. And fortunately, by that time, I’d parted ways with her friend, so everything seemed to fall in line. I gave her my Facebook and told her to message me anytime. For months, she balked, saying she’d never been with a farang and was scared of their size. I assured her I was no colossus and she had nothing to fear. I just kept visiting her and buying her drinks, waiting for her to work up the courage. Finally, out of the blue, she pulled the trigger. She arrived looking worried, stayed that way from start to finish, and only when it was over did her expression brighten. I haven’t had her over since, not so much because of that, though. She just had no idea what to do in the sack. She’d never gone down on a guy before, so I walked her through it. If she showed some eagerness to learn, I might take the time to teach her more. And if she called again, I wouldn’t turn her away. But she’s not my favorite.”

And that’s it for the Ices, and for this frowback. Let’s meet back here on Sunday for the weekly and between now and then, may your beers be cold and your Ices warm (if you have any), and thank God it’s Friday in Thailand.