Verse of Vice: a Red-light Rhyme

Happy Friday gents, it’s Seven again. I’ve got another ditty for you. It’s been on the internet for a few months already—I think over at Sweet3Mango. I submit it here for your enjoyment (or loathing, and either way I couldn’t care less), along with the old intro:

“Seven is a jack of all trades. No, that’s too generous. What’s lower than a jack? Seven is a 10 of spades of all trades. When he’s not waxing pedantic about gogo bars, or taking drunken photos/videos in gogo bars, he’s farting out poetry about gogo bars:

How should one make a bar girl smile?

Give her a kiss or a wad of cash

Either one is sure to beguile

Though if you want the extra mile

The money will make a bigger splash.



How should one make a bar girl blush?

Tickle a teat or twixt her nethers

However, again, if you are flush

A couple thousand, you don’t need much

She’s sure to let you stroke her feathers.


How should one make a bar girl squeal?

Run a hand along her shoulder

Or, if one were just a bit bolder

Give her bum an appreciative feel.

It’s all about how firmly you hold her.


How should one make a bar girl cry?

Say that you fancy her friend Kookkai.

Delete her from Facebook and don’t say why.

Or tell her your bank account is dry.

That’s sure to put a tear in her eye.”


Let’s meet back here on Sunday for Seven’s Weekly.