The Steakhouse Co. Summer Menu Preview

March 10, 2019 By bangkok7

The Steakhouse Co. Summer Menu Preview

Hey everyone, it’s Seven again. Last night was media night at The Steakhouse Co. They held a private party for some of BKK’s most prolific food bloggers, and yours truly was there. The reason for the festivities was to roll out the new summer menu, much of which I’ve already tried over the last few days. It’s a list of fun, finger-licking items that’d put a smile on anyone’s face. Just FYI, I’ve gone ahead and omitted those menu items that aren’t new (eg. the beef n blue, charcuterie platter, burger, fish and chips, pork chop, etc.), all of which I love, and focus on those dishes that were added in the last week. Here’s the rundown:

Steak nachos


As a native of Los Angeles and a Mexican food snob, I take my nachos seriously. And these are seriously good nachos. The two main reasons for this are the chips and the steak. The chips are real (if you live in Bangkok, you know what I mean by that), and the steak is amazing. Of course, at a steakhouse, you’re only going to get the best on your nachos. And the salsa is hand-made. Seven gives them six sevens.

Spinach artichoke dip

I ordered this when I was there alone, and ate the whole thing alone. Oh man. The word that came to mind was “rich.” Rich, cheesy, decadent. And served with the same authentic tortilla chips. I’d recommend sharing it with a friend, though, because it’s actually a lot of food. Seven gives it six Sevens.


Again, those same great chips, along with cool, creamy guac topped with pico de gallo. It ain’t California guac, but it’s the best I’ve had in this town. The next time I order it, I think I’ll get the nachos, and combine them for an over-the-top dish. The nachos already come with it, but even more guac would be guacerrific. Seven gives it five sevens.

BBQ Ribs

You can get ribs in lots of joints in Bangkok. What sets The Steakhouse Co. apart is the quality of the meat. Rich, succulent, falling off the bone. Oh, so satisfying and delicious. It comes with, fries, garlic bread, grilled corn on the cob and cole slaw. All fantastic. Seven gives it seven Sevens.


Stuffed potato skins

Hot, cheesy, and lots of sour cream. They were cooked just right—crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. What else can you say about potato skins? I put some pepper on mine. Seven gives them six Sevens.

Buffalo chicken wings

Back when the owner had a restaurant in Florida, he perfected his wings sauce recipe, and it’s that formula bringing the dish to life at The Steakhouse Co. now. A little sweet, and heat that starts mild and lingers with a slow burn, quenched with blue cheese dressing. They come with a side of curly fries and sweet chili dipping sauce. Seven gives them seven Sevens.

Pulled pork Cuban sandwich

The chef has a new sandwich presser and they’re putting it to good use. Tender pulled pork and melted cheese with mustard and sweet pickles on the side, and a basket of fries. It’s hot, sweet, tangy, and crispy. Seven gives it six Sevens.

Roast Beef sandwich

This bad boy has been on the menu for months, but as of this week they’ve changed it to a Cuban style sandwich. So it’s all the same beefy goodness on hotter, sweeter, crunchy bread. I haven’t tried it yet, but as someone who’s eaten at least a dozen of the original style roast beef sandwich, I’d give that one six Sevens. Thus, I anticipate giving the Cuban version seven Sevens.


A tiny secret about the chef is that he once worked in an award-winning Mexican restaurant, and it shows in the Latin dishes on their menu. The nachos are terrific, and the fajitas are delightful. I challenge anyone to find better steak fajitas in the city. They’re the closest to authentic Mexican food that I’ve found in the whole of Thailand. It’s sizzling steak, onions, and bell peppers, flour tortillas, and cheese-salsa-guacamole-sour cream for fixins. Seven gives it seven Sevens.

Combo Platter

Chock full of awesomeness. The jalapeno poppers were a taste of home. I could’ve eaten 20 of them. The chicken tenders were scrumptious. The smokey bbq wings were sweet, tangy, and lip-smacking good. The rest of the fare–buffalo wings, loaded potato skins–were great as usual. It came with 3 sauces: spicy mayo, blue chees, and sour cream. Seven gives it seven Sevens.


Frigging awesome. Served over a rocket-tomato-balsamic salad with a side of spicy mayo and smoked paprika dipped lemon, it hits every mark: sweet, sour, spicy, tangy, and savory. I could’ve eaten five orders. I paired it with a glass of kir royale. Simply amazing. Seven gives it eleven Sevens

Loaded chili cheese fries.


I almost skipped this, thinking it would be chili, cheese, and fries. It t’weren’t. They load this bad boy up like the nachos, with sour cream, guac, pico, and jalapenos. It was heaven on a hot plate. Seven Sevens.

Along with the new menu are a couple beverage-related changes. They now serve Thatcher’s Cider on tap, and the happy hour specials are buy 2 get 1 well drinks, and 90b Singha and Chang draft, as well as Vedett IPA and Thatcher’s, both 185b between noon and 8pm.



And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, The Steakhouse Co. has introduced Guinness on tap, and a special going for the 17th: all night happy hour from 6 pm onward. And one final bit of news about The Steakhouse, it’s now on Foodpanda. So if you want that Wagyu burger but you don’t want to leave the couch, you can click it right to your doorstep.


Before we say goodbye, here’s a Quick Patpong Update (QPU):

Bada Bing, which was set to close at the end of February, continues to remain open. Like a pink battery-powered bunny that refuses to stop. Sure, most of the girls have moved to Glamour, but liquor still flows, dancers still dance, and the tunes continue to pump out the speakers over there. Swing by if you’re in the area.

Speaking of Glamour, they’ve unveiled great new happy hour drink prices: 50b beers and well drinks before 8:00 and 100b before 9:00. Wicked awesome.

While we’re on the topic of happy hour, Pagoda’s is 80b Singha drafts and BOGO cocktails before 9:00.

Rumors of The Strip’s demise have been……….somewhat exaggerated. They recently acquired a pair of new managers, who are quite friendly and seem ready to party, as do the girls. So if you pop by, be ready for some high jinx.

Shenanigan’s is getting ready to expand. Once the permits are signed for a staircase on the front porch, they’ll go ahead with refurbishing the space above the bar to make room for billiards tables, more seating space, and a few other fun surprises. This year, because of elections, St. Patrick’s Day is (mostly) a dry day, so Shenanigan’s will have a party on the 15th instead. The Irish Ambassador will stop by on that day as well. And news dropped on Wednesday that the Thai government has bent the rules a bit to allow for alcohol sales after 6 pm on the 17th, so now Irish Bangkokians can celebrate twice. Slainte!

Swing by here on Friday for a Frowback. Until then, keep your dance card and your pint glass full, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country in the world.

All photos that aren’t mine are used with permission.