Thai Therapy: The Cure for PC BS

Hey guys, it’s Friday again, and that means it’s time for another Frowback. This article was first published on Sweet3Mango last year. It’s part of the Thai Therapy series exploring the idea that one can cure many of The West’s ills simply by moving to Thailand. This one covers the topic of PC culture and social justice, aka the ass cancer of the modern world.

“If you live in the West, or watch western news, you already know that the entire hemisphere has gone insane on multiple levels. Jokes are now a litmus test for whether or not the teller is woke, even if the joke is decades old, because of course people should’ve known 30 years ago that eventually someone’s feelings would be hurt, and that 30 years later, hurt feelings is the same as murder in the eyes of the mentally retarded people of that era. In 2018, everyone is a victim (except one particular group) and everyone must be tolerated, which is a code word for celebrated (except one particular group). One of the worst aspects of this lunacy is the war against one particular group: straight white men. If you believe, as I do, that the goal of social engineers in North America, Australia, and Europe is to unravel the fabric of the culture by turning men into women and women into men, and throwing natural gender roles into a thresher, then the present exploding of our way of life comes as no surprise. The difficulty lies in what to do about it. There’s no signal that the tide will turn or that people will come to their senses, but there is one solution: opt out.

This week’s problem addresses that shitty PC SJW vomit in which the entire First World is immersed. Thankfully there are still places on the planet that haven’t been ruined by this particular insanity, although most are—unfortunately—not pleasant places to live, eg. China, North Korea, and Russia. Yet, as usual, the silver lining around this cloud of ugliness is Thailand. Certain “educated” types and farangafiles are trying to inject it into the culture here, but with little success. That’s because, to put it bluntly, Thailand ain’t havin’ it.

So friends, Americans, countrymen…..lend me your exhausted ears. If you’re sick and tired of being labeled a rapist, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, toxic masculine, privileged scapegoat for every dickhead who demands you convert to their lifestyle, I give you Thailand. A country that lets everybody be whatever they want to be, which means being straight and male is just fine and dandy. In Thailand, if you take a girl on a date and she doesn’t have a good time, she just deletes your Line ID instead of, you know, accusing you of assault. Gays don’t demand you screw them, because, you know, you like ladies and they’re cool with that. Ladyboys don’t demand you date them to prove you’re not transphobic. I mean, they’ll suggest you date them, but if you say no, they back off. Women actually want to talk to you, get with you, and hear what you have to say. They like when you open doors for them and protect them and treat them with care. If you make more money than them, they’re like “Awesome! He can afford to take me out!” instead of telling you to check your privilege. Nobody blames you for society’s ills because, you know, they’re not brain-dead retards. They realize that if somebody’s in a bad way, it’s probably because of their own mistakes, or if something unfortunate happens, it’s not necessarily the fault of a straight male somewhere, or all straight males as a group. Because that would be, you know, asinine.

Thailand is still very much a patriarchal society, which means it functions correctly. Men are allowed to be men and women are allowed to appreciate that. If you’re a straight male in Thailand, women—instead of hating you—want to be on you. They want your financial support, but instead of living off your cash, packing on a hundred pounds and saying “No, you make ME a sandwich!” they, you know, make you a sandwich.  Thai women tend to be gracious, grateful, caring, supportive, submissive, and deferential, which allows you to be protective, chivalrous, doting, faithful, valiant, and dependable. You know, all the things you were built to be. And if you’re abusive, mean, or take advantage of a woman, it’s because you’re an asshole and not because you’re, you know, straight and male. Because to blame all straight males for the bad behavior of an individual is, you know, f*cktarded.

Anyway, if you want to get an idea of what’s PC in Thailand, just look at where you live, smack it up, flip it, rub it down, and reverse it, and you’ve got the picture. As the invisible chains of culture drag you down to drown in an abyss of Orwellian thought-crimes, we in The Land of Smiles enjoy total freedom from all that garbage (one exception being, don’t badmouth the Royal Family—then again, why would you do that anyway, unless you’re a moron). We live in an oasis of freedom that used to exist in the West, but no longer. If you’re sickened by the ride and want to get off, leave all your cares behind and catch the next plane out of your hemisphere, and come here. And if, right now, you’re saying to yourself, “Well hell, I can’t do that. How would I support myself?” there’s an easy solution. If you have a university degree in any field, you can get a TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) certificate and qualify to teach English here. In fact, Seven can direct you to an online cert program that you can do at home in your spare time. Contact me via Facebook and I’ll send you the info.”

Check back Sunday for the weekly, and between now and then, cheers to another day above ground in the greatest country in the world. Later days, amigo.