The State of the Red-Light Address: May 2019

Greetings, intrepid reader. For today’s weekly, I submit for your reading enjoyment a semblance of the current state of Patpong. If it feels like a partial retread of last week’s blurb, there’s an almost-acceptable reason. Full disclosure, my original plan was to also include some words about Nana and Cowboy, but I just couldn’t work up the desire to go to either this month, due to the insufferable boredom I feel in both locations. I promise to try to go next month, and in the meantime if you want the lowdown on them, there are a dozen vapid, low-IQ advertisers posing as bloggers who’ll blow candy-coated smoke up your ass about how great it is in those locations. Enjoy that. Here’s my account of the latest goings on onPong:





Like phoenices rising from the ashes of their own closures, both Bada Bing and The Strip are open, soldiering on, and doing surprisingly well. The new owner at Bing is offering great pay for dancers which has lured in a bevy of beautiful babes, all shaking it like there’s no tomorrow. The Bing is oozing sexy from every orifice. Mr Masa, the new helmsman at The Strip is excited to bring sensual costumes back to the stage. From now till the end of the month, all drinks are 90 baht all night every night, so if you’re in the mood for a bargain plus some eye candy, The Strip is the place to be. Mr Masa’s spilling over with ideas for fun nights and parties so keep your eye Stripward going forward. So much for “losing” these bars—at least for now.



The Paddy Field is coming down from 3 straight nights of hosting Ed Sheeran and crew, who took the joint over and made it their home-away-from whilst the tour Bangkoked. The east end of Soi 2 continues its gay transformation (gaysformation for short, copyright BKK7). Lucky boys installed a balcony last week, for what reason no one can fathom. And over on Soi 1, yet another gay something has opened. Is it a massage place? A gogo? Karaoke? I challenge someone else to investigate. It’s called Superboyz.


Speaking of balconies, plans are going ahead for the folks at Shenanigans to build their 2nd floor terrace plus staircase, behind which they’ll also put in a sitting area with billiards, darts, and bikini girls (no plan yet for the latter but I’m trying hard to talk them into it). No one as yet has taken up Khun Teng on his package sale of the Patpong Café, Crystal Palace, Superstar, and Superstar beer bar. A few interested parties have tried to buy just the café but so far, no dice.

Mizus Kitchen closed a couple weeks ago. No word yet on when it will re-open. (Update: see last week’s article in The Big Chili for more info on Mizu’s.)

On June 1st, The Steakhouse Co. will celebrate their 1-year anniversary with a surf n’ turf buffet. Turf will consist of prime rib, lamb, and Cajun chicken. Surf will be shrimp and rock lobster. Soup/salad included, as well as 2 hours of free-flow beer and wine. 999 baht all-in.






The Candle Light Studio, Patpong’s art gallery, is shut for the moment while they take down the previous exhibit by Headache Stencil and prepare for the next one, which should open in a month or so, artist TBA. Meanwhile, construction is going ahead on the Patpong museum in the space beneath Black Pagoda. The project should be completed in 2 months’ time. Currently the curators are bouncing around Europe in search of old photographs and scouring Bangkok for known Pong artifacts (Pongifacts for short, copyright BKK7).

After nearly a year under construction, the perpetually-soon-to-open new Radio City is still not completed, though it’s likely because the owner is too preoccupied with his other bar, Bada Bing, which is crazybusy every night these days.




The gay mafia continue to scoop up real estate on Soi 2. The outside katoey bar across from The Paddy Field closed and is currently being walled-in with bricks. Word is it’ll be another gay oasis (gayasis for short, copyright BKK7). Further down the soi, the glass-walled ground floor space between the cabaret and Volcano Ramen will open as another gay bar. Its twin space on the opposite side behind Shenanigans has been grabbed by the owners of Shenanigans. In addition to the upstairs terrace/billiards/darts venue, they’re using the new space to open a disco called Flares, featuring retro tunes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, complete with a dance floor and sitting area. The food and drinks menu will be the same as Shenanigans. Unlike a typical club that opens late and closes at sunrise, the Shenanigans boys plan to make it a fun, stop-and-let-loose joint for the throngs of mainstream tourists that come to Patpong and not necessarily see a ping-pong show. And that demographic is increasing by the day.

In addition to having the most eclectic collection (eclection, copyright BKK7) of Belgian beers on the Pong, Thigh Bar has introduced a new happy hour special: 80 baht drafts from 7:30 to 9:30. They’ve also hired a bunch of new gogo dancers. Despite rumors of the deportation of their owner, Thigh Bar continues to remain open. The gogo gods are still smiling on that joint. You can get an eyeful by stopping in, or sneak a daily peek by following their Twitter feed @bar_thigh

King’s Castle 1 is still the Pong’s juggernaut, pulling in more customers and employing more dancers than any other. If you like being surrounded by hotties, that’s where you should go. If there are no open seats—and there often aren’t—pop next door to Kings 2. They’ve got some lookers as well.

Kiss Bar still has their small stable of fit babes along with some bigger girls, so you’ve got a variety to choose from. King’s corner used to be half lady-half katoey but lately I’ve been seeing more of a 70-30 split of girls to ladyboys—take that with a grain of salt, though, because I’ve never been inside and just gauge it as I pass by. Glamour’s happy hour is a hit, and there’s always a sweet collection of hotties in there and they like to party. Same with the Black Pagoda girls. Pink Panther is still going strong, thanks to their sexy roster, helpful staff, and friendly owners. What’s great about Patpong is, every bar has at least 5 hot girls who are friendly, approachable, and fun. That’s one reason why I prefer it over Nana and Cowboy. Another is the number of great eateries. Next week I’ll break down the amazing array of restaurants in Patpong, because man cannot live on ‘tang alone.


That’s it for the state of the Pong for May, 2019. Swing by here on Friday for a frowback, and cheers to another week above ground in this paradise on Earth—Thailand.