Oddendum: The Butts of Patpong

The bad news is, Friday is still far off. The good news is, I’ve something here that I think will turn your midweek frown upside down. Please enjoy this photo essay of the butts of Patpong.


Pop is one of the physically fit, hard-dancing she-beasts over at Bada Bing. She’s quite imposing, what with her six-pack abs, huge boobs, wicked smile, and unabashed ass (unabass for short, copyright BKK7). Swing by to catch her in action, but be warned–she’ll challenge your feelings of adequacy.




Taew used to dance at Electric Blue, back when EB was the crowned king of Patpong. After it closed, she bounced around between gogos looking for a place to call home, and eventually found it at Black Pagoda. She comes off shy, but behind closed doors, she’s something of a wildcat. Big, beautiful smile, apple bottom, and sweet disposition.

The girl we used to call ‘metal face’ because she pierced her dimples a few years back is the number 1 gal at The Strip. Not only has she started doing squats, which has served to harden up that tush, she’s also dropped some baby fat. If you like skinny girls, this little princess will definitely put a front-brick in your boxers. Even better, she’s prone to walking around the gogo in her underwear.

This little honey is currently off the pole at the behest of her tomboy girlfriend, but you used to be able to see her at Kiss Bar. Should she ever return, her sunny smile will only be outshown by her warm, happy disposition.

Also at Kiss is Ann. She’s absolutely adorable and fun to be around, and for the price of a lady drink she’ll cuddle up next to you and gently fondle your junk between dance shifts.

These are the butts of Thigh Bar, where you can sit stage-side and get a direct eyeful of some really comely bums (bumely for short, copyright BKK7).

The two best butts in Patpong belong to A and Mina. A can be found in the haystack that is King’s Castle 1. Good luck picking her out among that forest of high-heeled lovelies. Mina’s over at Black Pagoda, and she’s a big draw for obvious reasons. If you want to get your hands on those hot buns, get there early.


Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t post all the great butts in the Pong. In fact, this blog represents only a fraction of the fantastic fannies (in the US, ‘fanny’ means butt) found in this fabulous RLD. To get a more realistic idea of how bountiful the best butts are in these bars, you gotta go there yourself. If for some reason you can’t get t’Pong any time soon, I hope these pics will tide you over. Swing by on Friday for a frowback, and between now and the blessed weekend, keep your chin up, your beer cold, and cheers to all the lovely backsides Bangkok-wide, but especially in the red-light. Peace.