Gogo Dancer Profile: Nuiy

Every once in a while, a gogo dancer comes along whose talent and/or hotness deserves special recognition. A hall-of-famer who puts all others to shame. Today’s article is a tribute to one of those girls. Her name is Nuiy and she dances at Glamour in Patpong.

Nuiy has the body of a goddess, and that’s not an exaggeration. It looks like scientists might’ve built her in a sex factory. It’s virtually flawless. Long, slender legs, round pert bottom, six-pack abs, ample natural breasts. She sports just two small tattoos, which means that when she’s naked, she looks like a pristine Thai Barbie doll. She has coat-hanger shoulders. If she’d been born in Milan, she’d be a runway model. Long black hair, big cheeky smile, dimples. And when she laughs, which she does easily, her eyes take on a light sparkle. Her natural lounging pose reminds one of the kind of classical sculptures found scattered round the Louvre. She is, for lack of a better term, a work of art.

What makes her even more alluring is, she seems oblivious to her own pulchritude. She sees nothing special in her self, and so is completely devoid of pretense. Once, I tried to tell her just how hot she was. She laughed, cupped her hand over her mouth and shook her head fiercely, insisting that I was crazy. In his novel Les Miserables, Victor Hugo explains that Cosette’s beauty came from the fact that she didn’t know she was beautiful. It’s the same with Nuiy. She is simultaneously a sweet, innocent girl and a deadly stick of sexual dynamite.

One of the most exciting things you can see in Glamour is the moment when Nuiy turns on the sexy. By that I mean, most dancers have two modes—low energy mode and get-that-drink mode. Most dancers operate in low-E early in the night when there aren’t a lot of customers. Later, when the gogo fills up or when a girl perceives an interested customer, she revs their engine, and that’s when the real show starts. Nuiy’s transition from low-E to SEX-E is truly remarkable. She veritably explodes with pheromones, and the things she makes her body do would cause an impotent man to chuck his Viagra. What makes her metamorphosis even more remarkable (remarkamorphosis, copyright BKK7), is the level of awkwardness of her normal relaxed state. She’s uncomfortable in her own skin. I’d even go so far as to say she has low self-esteem. This priestess, this idealized rendition of beauty, doesn’t think much of herself. And yet, once she flips the switch from “aw-shucks” girl to “va-va-voom!” girl, it’s like watching a sexy butterfly burst from her coy cocoon.

The movement of muscle and bone under that glowing skin, the hip-to-tits ratio of bouncing and swaying, and the effortless act of visceral seduction make for a positively hypnotic sight. Combine that with the placid, unaffected, almost detached expression on her lovely face and you’ve got a real show. And then, when she looks up and notices you’re watching, a smile like fireworks cascades across her face, sending out waves of shimmering warmth as she’s both delighted and embarrassed at the attention. It never fails to raise the hairs on the back of my neck.

Shockingly, Nuiy isn’t the most popular girl in the gogo. That title is shared by a handful of more buxom, more aggressive, more tattooed girls who are better at pulling the strings of the average customer. Nuiy doesn’t make the rounds, doesn’t present herself for approval, doesn’t chase down drinks, and isn’t anxious for a barfine. Instead, she’s content to slink outside between rotations for a snack or a chat with friends. So strong is her own belief that she’s not attractive. As if there weren’t enough reasons to pine for her, here she goes shying away from the crowd, hiding away from undressing eyes, playing impossible-to-get among a field of sure things. Talk about a challenge. But I don’t think it’s intentional. She’s simply unassuming. When a customer does buy her a drink, she sits dutifully by him, makes polite conversation, and laughs at his jokes. But that’s where it ends. She’s an enigma in the gogo. She’s a gogigma (copyright BKK7).

My favorite part of the evening in Glamour is when I go to leave, and coolly fold a hundred baht bill into the waistband of Nuiy’s short-shorts. Or, when she’s between rotations and eating noodles outside, and I sit with her and pretend to want some of her food, whereupon she feigns indignation and then breaks into that signature smile. Then I leave with that image—and her sweet disposition—burned into my brain.

The gogo is more than a place to get ones rocks off. It’s more than a watering hole, more than a show, more than a barrel in which to shoot fish. Every once in a while, you can spot a living, moving masterpiece. On those rare occasions, the clouds of mundanity part and a man can get a deep gasp of fresh air straight to the psyche. It’s invigorating. It’s titillating. It’s Thailand.


Tune in Friday for a frowback, and between now and then do yourself a favor: get over to Glamour and catch Nuiy in action. Or, find your own goddess. Bangkok’s full of ‘em.