Red-Light Halloween 2019

Hey there. It’s me, Seven. How’s it hangin?

Each year around this time, many of my farang friends back in the US ask me what Halloween is like in Thailand. I tell them Thais don’t celebrate Halloween, except in the red-light districts. And thank Buddha they do, because the result is something spooky, sexy, and super fun. In case you couldn’t get to the RLD during this holiday, or if you’re just curious what it looks like, here’s a photo essay of the scary goings on in Patpong this year…

Every October, the gogo uniform shops in the red-light switch from schoolgirl outfits to masks and capes.

At Black Pagoda, the costumes were a mixture of cute-sexy and also scary, which basically meant wearing something skimpy but then also putting on zombie and/or vampire make-up. Two of my little buddies dressed as twin Harley Quin’s that were also undead. Saa went for a sort of Thai-Barbie-Zombie ensemble. Judging from my boner, she pulled it off.


The sweethearts over at Glamour went costume crazy. The B-team were all vampires while the A team had free reign to be whoever they wanted, which ranged from sexy soldiers to Little Red Riding Hood. Nid and Cat went all out on the face makeup, and the result was hot and spooky.

King’s Castle 1 had some enthusiastic staff who were decked out from head to toe. Meanwhile, the dancers all had light-up devil horns. A few put in more of an effort, like the girl who was a cross between Pennywise and Maleficent.

Kiss Bar had their usual decorations–giant centipedes, giant spiders, and masks wrapped around balloons.

The Strip had an actual party, with drink discounts and every single employee in costume.

Overall, it was a mellow Halloween this year. Everyone was in good spirits, nobody went overboard, and costumers were closer to sexy than scary which is what every whoremonger wants.

Until next year, may you have more treats than tricks. Peace!