In-Bar Dining: Soi 6 vs Patpong

How’s it hangin’ dudes, Bangkok Seven here. I’ve just returned from yet another short holiday in Pattaya, since ole Ptown is fun again after a couple of dismal years. Some sois are feeling the love more than others at the moment, but overall things are looking up. All of my recent visits have hovered around The 6, literally. I’ve been trying out different hotels on Sois 4 and 5, and aside from dipping into Walking Street and LK Metro once or twice, taken on the role of a bee to the honey on that famous stretch of sin between the beach and the Corner Bar. For as long as I’ve been hitting The 6, I’ve only ever eaten there once–at Mama’s Cafe on the corner of the beach road. The rest of the time, I waited to hop a songthaew and head to Soi 7 for Tequila Reef. Now, as of November 22 (last Friday), those days are over. The Reef is relocating nearer to the 3rd Road (grand re-opening is 10 December). This is sad news for any Reef lover. Luckily, things are looking up closer to where the action is.



One recent new facet of mongering on Soi 6 is the easy access to food. In addition to the restaurant at the Queen Victoria Hotel and the aforementioned Mama’s Italian Cafe, there’s now more to choose from. Last year’s opening of Slice has brought the prospect of a hot pizza snack between barstools. But what I found most interesting were the burger menus at The Pussy Club and Sandman, the former of which is a beer bar with a delivery menu from MC Burger, the latter a hotel and grill with a beer bar out front.

While food access on The 6 can’t yet compete with the plethora of eateries in Patpong, dining amid sexy girls was reminiscent of the times I’ve had my dinner whilst surrounded by pretty young things in a gogo onPong. So in celebration of both locales, and of red-light grub in general, here’s a culinary comparison of both RLD’s arranged by food type:


As stated, Soi 6 has for the last year enjoyed having Slice serve up whole pizzas for pickup or delivery, as well as a constant rotation of 4 or more various pies sold per-slice for a quick on-premises snack. My fave is the pad krapow (pictured). Mama’s also makes a mean pie.

Switching to Patpong, for a long while Domino’s was my go-to simply because they were so close—Soi 1 and Silom Road—and would deliver my pie on foot to whichever gogo I was planted in (usually The Strip as seen in the photo). For something a bit less-commercial, though, it’s either Paddy Field or Madrid. Both will walk your pizza to your chosen pole-side seat. I’ve said for years that a by-the-slice joint similar to Slice would clean up onPong, but apparently no one can get permission from the Patpong family to open one. It’s a dirty shame.




I’ve already mentioned MC Burger and Sandman, where I had the Cowboy Burger (220b and includes a side) and Aussie Burger (bacon, fried egg, beets at 250b with fries included) respectively. Other Soi 6 offerings can be found in one spot: The Queen Victoria. They’ve got four burgers on their menu to choose from so there’s bound to be something for just about everyone. The only downside is, there are no hot girls to ogle.

Patpong’s burger options can be found in The Paddy Field (my fave is the Red Hand burger pictured below left), Shenanigan’s, and Madrid. Of these locations, the Special Burger (bacon, cheddar, garlic mushrooms), pictured below right, at Shenanigan’s tops the list.

Everything else


Mama’s on Soi 6 has a full Thai and Italian menu. The Queen Vic has a full Thai and English menu, plus a Sunday carvery. Also, there are a handful of Thai kitchens along the soi to satisfy the typical bar girl’s diet. As far as I know, though, none of these places will deliver to beer bars.

And here’s where Patpong exceeds The 6. Sunday carveries at Paddy and Shenanigan’s. Madrid for Thai and Italian, Tip Top for Thai-Italian fusion, Derby King for all Thai dishes, Took Lae Dee the all-night diner, and two French bistros—French Kiss and Le Bouchon. Tip Top will deliver to customers in all the King’s Castle locations, and Derby King will deliver anywhere. So for now, at least, you’ve got better prospect in the Pong. But it’s good to see new options popping up on Soi 6, and things are bound get better from here.

On a side note, I didn’t have all my meals in a beer bar. On my last day, I went for a beef and half-rack ribs combo at Smokin’ Joes BBQ on Soi Lengkee. Since I’m still on the keto diet, my sides were onion rings and a green salad. As you can see from the photos, I never touched the salad.

If you find yourself on The 6 or the Pong, and you’re feeling peckish, don’t fear. You needn’t push that lovely lass off your lap and schlep to another location. Simply order in. And if you can’t get to either place, at the very least keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth. Peace!