Dream On White Girl: Why Female Farang Dont Like Thailand

Lots of foreign women come to Thailand and love it. In fact, I’d venture to guess that around half the women who come here from the West would say they really enjoyed themselves. But the other half—well—they hate Thailand. So for any white chick who might be reading this and who might also be considering taking a holiday here, let me just say: There’s a 50% chance you’ll love it. And here are the reasons you might not:


Thailand is closer to the Equator than every country from which Caucasians hail. For this reason, many are unprepared for the preponderance (unpreponderance for short, copyright BKK7) of insects in warm, humid climates. Mosquitoes, spiders, millipedes, flies, ants, and roaches are just a handful of the kinds of bugs that thrive in Thailand, so much so that they cannot be kept out of even the ritziest hotels. If you’re a bugophobe—and this goes for men as well as women—Thailand ain’t for you. The bugs rule the tropics. It’s a fact of life. We humans are merely guests in their domain. The other day, someone posted a photo on Facebook of a roach crawling onto a table at a restaurant’s outdoor patio. They were trying to shame the owners, and mentioned they expected an apology. They were torn to shreds in the comments by people stating the very obvious fact that no amount of insecticide, cleaning, or patio policing could stop roaches from going wherever they please in Thailand. The overall response was “Get used to it or go back to where you came from.” Sound advice, indeed.

Thai dudes aren’t hot

Thai men, for the most part, have similar size, stature, and physiques as Thai women. That is to say the majority of them are short and thin with very little muscle mass. Of course there are exceptions, but they’re few and far between. So if you’re a farang woman seeking love in Thailand, your dating pool is very, very small. Unless you want to date a fellow farang, but that means you’ll be competing with the endless throngs of gorgeous Thai women, which leads nicely to…

You can’t compete

Not all farang men like Asian women, though it follows that the ones who’ve relocated to Thailand…do. So unless you’re here on a modeling contract, it’s unlikely you’ll get an expat to look your way. You’d have to be slender, tan, and sexually explosive, with long beautiful hair plus a great attitude and a desire to please and serve your man. Yeah. Like I said, you can’t compete.


For you social justice warrior types, be warned: the entire continent of Asia is rabidly racist. If you think America is racist, or the UK is racist, or Canada is racist—think again. You’ve never experienced racism on the level that it is routinely practiced and openly accepted in nearly every Asian culture. The Chinese believe they are the superior race, and look down their noses at every other Asian race, who are beneath them. Beneath every other Asian race are white people. Beneath white people are Indians and Middle-Easterners, and below them are Latinos and Blacks. The Japanese have the same scale, except they put themselves at the top, obviously. The North Koreans are so racist, their entire nation is barred from associating with the entire rest of the planet. Thailand is arguably the least racist country in Asia, but institutional racism does exist here. Most Thais are widely accepting of everyone. Some hate farang. The most obvious racism here is the revilement of dark skin. This mainly stems from the idea that people with dark skin must be of lower class because it means they have to work outdoors. But it extends to people of African descent, who are a stereotype in Thailand, mainly because there are so few of them here that Thais don’t get enough exposure to them to learn better.

#MeToo doesn’t exist here.

In Thailand, men aren’t just tolerated—they’re in charge. Like most Asian cultures, Thai society is a patriarchy, and unlike the West where that’s a dirty word, it’s a widely-accepted reality here. I’d be lying if I said no man in Thailand takes advantage of the power this kind of culture affords males. In fact, male abusers are not uncommon, here as well as across the continent. But most expats aren’t cut from this ilk, and in fact it’s one of the qualities that Thai women commonly point to when explaining their preference for farang men over those of their own nationality. Of course, that’s not to say that all Thai men are abusers, and that all Thai women like farang men. It’s just one explanation for why they would, which reinforces the heavy competition all farang women will experience when trying to date in Thailand.


If you’re one of those snarky morons that supports the Green New Deal, or who virtue signals by retweeting Extinction Rebellion, you’re in for a rude awakening in Asia. China is the biggest polluter on the planet, and their neighbors for the most part follow suit. Central Thailand actually has a pollution season—between the months of November and January, the smog in this part of the country is deadly. In addition, Thailand is a main contributor of plastic dumping to the ocean. In spite of one baby step in the right direction in the form of a plastic bag ban at grocers and 7-11s, Thailand is light-years behind the West when it comes to conservation. So if that’s a big deal to you, get ready to be frustrated, horrified, angered, and helpless.

Religious tolerance

It’s OK to be Christian in Thailand. Or Buddhist, or Muslim, or atheist. The point is, there isn’t virulent hatred towards people of faith here. If you’re used to openly bashing those who believe in God, or for that matter anyone who doesn’t agree with your specific ideology, Thailand is going to shock you. Having not had decades of social programming from teachers, college professors, movies, TV shows, late night talk show hosts, and news outlets telling them who they should hate, Thais actually tolerate everyone. There is no double standard for who is protected and who isn’t. Equality of lifestyle here really is equal. That means transgenders and Catholics alike are equally free to live how they want. The long and short of it is, if you’re not ready to leave your bigotry behind, you shouldn’t come here.

And there you have it. A comprehensive list of why, if you’re a female from the West, you likely will hate Thailand. The more open, tolerant, easy-going, and selfless you are, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy Thailand. The more culturally woke you are, the more likely you’ll be to hate it here. To any gal who’s come here and really enjoyed it, allow me to congratulate you on not being an insufferable cunt. As for the rest of you, please for the love of God fuck off. Ibiza and Cancun are calling you.

Until next time, friends—keep your balls shorn, your beer frosty, and cheers to the sweet life far, far away from the worst humans on our planet: foreign chicks. Peace out.