Patpong Year-end Review: 2019

Salutations, internet vagabond. Welcome to my page. I’m Seven—a Bangkok whoremonger with a heart of solid granite, and I occasionally blog about the nightlife scene. Specifically, the red-light districts, and 99% of the time even more specifically on Patpong. As we prepare to ring in 2020, let’s take a look back at what happened on The Pong in the year that was…


Sadly, The Steakhouse Co. closed its doors as it was unable to attract enough of a following to cover the cost of the incredible steaks, exquisite wine, and boutique liquor on offer. Happily, it was replaced by the xXx Lounge—a sparkling new gogo bar that quickly assembled a gaggle of insanely hot girls. It’s by far the most aesthetically pleasing gogo in Patpong with one of the best collections of barely-clad pole dancers.


Patpong got an art studio called Candle Light. It kicked off with an exhibition by Headache Stencil, aka Thailand’s Banksy. And a few months ago, The Patpong Museum opened to much critical acclaim. Spanning the Pong’s rich history from CIA hotspot to x-rated entertainment mecca, the museum covers it all—from spies to thighs. It’s packed with interesting items, incorporating interactive tech and multimedia for a truly immersive experience.


After a year-plus long remodeling of the old Radio City/Den/Lust location on Soi 1, it’s once again poised to open, with a gogo on the ground floor and the grand reopening of Lucifer live music bar upstairs. This will coincide with the closing of Bada Bing, ostensibly for a remodel while the girls shuffle over to dance in the Radio City downstairs area. From the glimpses I’ve gotten so far, it looks like a blacklight and LED feast for the eyes.

Hot on the heels of the success of Shenanigans Irish Pub and Restaurant, the boys there opened an upstairs billiards and darts room called Shenanigans Sports Club that has enjoyed a consistent following since day one. Never the type to rest on their laurels, they then made the ambitious move of creating Flares, a retro-style dance hall on Soi 1 that stayed shut for much of the year thanks to a greedy police force that all but extorted them for operating fees. But in early December they reached an agreement and Flares was permitted to open, though admittedly not with the same objective. The dance floor has been fitted with pool tables. It’s still a fun hangout for tourists, but there’s less room to shake your groove thang—for the moment, at least.


Black Pagoda’s back room is now part billiards room, part dance hall, and part VIP room where anyone who enters is a VIP. I’m not allowed to say what goes on back there—you’ll have to drop in and see for yourself.

Patpong Café, Crystal Castle, and Superstar are up for sale, even as the café undergoes remodeling.

Everything else is pretty much the same. The older joints—Kiss, Thigh Bar, Kings 1 and 2, Safari, Madrid, and Kings Castle are all still kicking. Kings 1 and 2 continue to clean up, with a roster of over 90 girls and nightly teeming crowds of Japanese tourists. Pink Panther, The Strip, and other Soi 2 spots are still going strong, as are the restaurant staples of French Kiss and Le Bouchon. Soi 2 icons Cosmos, Crown Royal, The Old Other Office, and Star of Light keep plugging along, and the gay end of the soi seems to be doing well as far as I can see from a distance.

Overall, it’s been a pretty big year for change on the Pong. Compared to this time last year, Patpong’s heart is beating stronger, and the future’s looking bright for the first time in a while. And as we look forward to 2020, here’s hoping for more surprises, more venues, and more dancing girls. Happy New Year, everyone. Peace out.