Seven’s Stories: Behind the Photo

Happy Sunday, net wanderer. My name is Seven, and this is my blog. Today’s offering was supposed to be a perspective on films set in Bangkok, but it’s been a busy week and I’m not quite finished with it. So in a pinch, I’ve got a random set of photos from my laptop’s hard drive, each of which has an interesting story behind it. Hopefully you’ll find it a momentary distraction.


This is a photo I snapped from the now-closed Cloud 47 rooftop bar. It’s an overhead view of the Patpong night market. A version of this pic hangs in the coffee shop in the Patpong Museum. I like it so much because it’s a reminder a more carefree time in my life, when I’d get home from work, grab a cigar and head up to this beautiful venue to smoke, drink, and watch the sun go down. Sure, there are other nearby rooftop bars (Scarlett and @38th in Sathorn), but Cloud 47 had the best view for the lowest price—and maybe that’s why they shut. The space is being refitted for condos.




Speaking of the Patpong Museum, this is one of the exhibits. It’s a set of photos of random people, some of which are women while others are ladyboys. The objective is to try to guess which is which. What’s interesting about this game is how damn difficult it is. It’s virtually impossible to guess 100% correctly. I thought after 10 years that I was pretty good at spotting LB’s. This fun exhibit made me feel like a Red-Light novice.


Not sure why this photo was just hanging out randomly on my laptop instead of sitting in its proper file. It’s one from Miw’s “naked ninja” photo shoot. I’d cut the background out, rendered her as a drawing using Photoshop, and pasted her over a Rorschach-esque ink blot as part of a series for the Candle Light Studio. In the end, I didn’t print it, opting for some sexier ones instead.







This is a quick snapshot of Nuiy on the Glamour stage. I’d tucked 100 baht into her shorts and she was unable to suppress a smile. Nuiy used to be one of my fave dancers, both for her sweet, shy demeanor and her perfect 10 body. Unfortunately, she’s gone the way of so many pole pirates, and packed on some extra pounds. This pic is a reminder of the hottie she used to be.







This is a photo of the final Halloween at Electric Blue. It closed the following year to make way for The Steakhouse Co., and of course is now xXx Lounge. All of my best gogo friends came from EB. I miss it more than my family, more than the West, and more than any ex-girlfriend. xXx is starting to feel similarly welcoming, but I don’t know if I’ll ever capture the magic of those bygone days when EB exceeded my own fantasies of Red-Light life.


My favorite pre-Nana snack is the chicken quesadilla from the Taco Taxi in the Nana Hotel car park. Douse it in hot sauce, wash it down with a margarita, and you’re fueled and ready for a run at The Plaza. It’s also fun to just sit and watch the Nana world go by. It’s chock full of characters crazier than a Star Wars cantina. These days I don’t get over to Nana as often, mostly because I’m kind of bored with the scene there. But when I do go, starting off the night with a bit of Mexican flavor is a necessity.

As for the cover photo: This is one of the fire twirlers on Ko Phangan. I want to say I was there for the Full Moon Party, but it was so long ago I’ve lost the details of this visit. I know I was with a former expat buddy who had a bad habit of getting drunk and provoking Thais into fights. He was half-Japanese and for that reason, saw himself as superior to guys like this, who work in tourism for small wages. He couldn’t resist treating them like garbage, which is why we’re no longer friends. I got sick of helping him out of scrapes, and in point of fact I really like Thai people. And I realized that the jerk deserved whatever he got. In fact, I think he got punched in the face by this very fire twirler.

Anyway, that’s a sample of random photos on my D drive. Hopefully I’ll have finished watching my Bangkok movie list by next week. In the meantime, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to the photo record the covers the wide spectrum of memories we have of this place we love. We lucky few who call Thailand home. Peace out.