Gogo Bar Profile: King’s Castle 1

Greetings and salutations, my name’s Seven and I occasionally blog about the Bangkok red-light scene. Today’s post is a careful examination of one of Patpong’s most popular gogo bars: King’s Castle 1. Not to be confused with either King’s Castle or King’s Corner, both of which have ladyboys. And not to be confused with King’s Castle 2, which has girls but is smaller in size. No, this particular gogo is the big man on campus. The big bad voodoo daddy. The bad, bad Leroy Brown of Patpong. It’s not just the largest, it also hosts the most gogo dancers—over 100 at last count. So let’s talk about it…

Although I’m one of the foremost aficionados of Patpong and have been for nearly a decade, I must confess that for my first few years in residence I didn’t even go in to the King’s gogos. There are a handful of reasons for this. First, in the early 2010s there was so much action on Soi 2 that I barely had time or inclination to venture to Soi 1 for any reason. Second, since most of the Soi 2 gogos were farang-owned while Soi 2 gogos were Thai-owned, it seemed safer for a shy newb like myself to stick to the bars with Western dudes running things. And third, the King’s group seemed for the most part to cater to Japanese customers. But all pussy pirates eventually yearn for new ports of call. Every babe buccaneer tires of the same tits and asses after a while, and so one random day in 2013 I finally screwed up my courage and plopped down in a seat at King’s 1.

At that time, it hadn’t been remodeled yet. It was run-down, dilapidated, and smelled like it hadn’t had a cloth run over it since the Vietnam War. But none of that mattered, because what I saw onstage lit a fire in my pants. There were so many gorgeous girls that my neck got strained from looking every which way at once, and King’s 1 instantly became a regular first stop when Ponging. In short order I made close friends of half a dozen girls and the managers. Three girls were roped into my harem, and I had a lusty eye on several others. In short, King’s was an exciting place to be.

In 2017, it shut. But not permanently. They closed down for a much-needed remodel, swallowing up the next-door beer bar in order to increase the seating and stage size. During the three months of the remodel, King’s relocated their girls to the space above King’s Club in between Soi 1 and 2 (which is currently a ladyboy cabaret). The change of scenery was a nice change, and the girls seemed to enjoy the space, with its big, comfy booths and high ceilings.

In 2018 the original location reopened with some fanfare, and has been packed to the rafters with girls and customers every day since. Sometimes I can’t even find a seat, and am forced to grab a chair outside where the girls routinely refuel with noodles and iced coffee. Recently there’ve been a slew of girls with new back tattoos—the current fad among gogo dancers—and I’ve coerced a few to let me take pictures of their ink in the men’s toilet. They’ll later become inspiration for art that’ll eventually turn up in the Patpong Museum.

The staff are warm and friendly. They remember your drink order after one visit, and never cheat you or pad your bin. In the past, the King’s Group bars had a bad reputation among some mongers and expats for shifty behavior, but those days are long-gone. Gone also are the underage girls who used to grace the stage. King’s has cleaned up its act—mostly due to the “encouragement” of the junta and their strict crackdown on the red-light districts. Overall, it’s been a change for the better. Customers don’t have to worry whether the girl they’re sitting with is 26 or 16 (it’s often impossible to tell), which seems to’ve freed everyone up to relax a bit. Everyone working at King’s 1 exudes a positive mood.

The girls are clearly happy with their work situation, and although a few have left for smaller ponds with less competition, the ones who remain are a solid roster of young, nubile, comely, fun dancers who are easy on the eyes if not the wallet. In an industry that is largely suffering, King’s continues to thrive, so much so that they could easily open a 3rd gogo in Patpong and do well. Their only real competition is themselves—and the XXX Lounge. The majority of Pong hotties are clustered in these two locations. King’s’ one drawback, if I had to name one, is the lack of a happy hour. In fact as a regular in this red-light, I make a point of hitting all the places with drink specials first, which often puts me in King’s after 10 pm and by then, there’s no place to sit. When that happens, I park my keister outside and chat up the girls on their dinner break.

Tune in Friday for a frowback, and between now and then keep your balls freshly-shaved, your beer freshly-poured, and cheers to another week above ground in this hedonist haven known as Patpong. Peace!