A Tale of Two Tails Part 4

What’s up internet, my name is Seven and this is my blog. Below is part 4 of my series juxtaposing 2 different women—one from the West and one from The Land of Smiles. It’s a fun way to recount how awful the dating scene is in America while at the same time singing the praises of Thai girls, who truly deserve it. Today’s tale compares my college girlfriend (who actually wasn’t all that bad) to one of my oldest harem girls—and by oldest I don’t mean age. I mean she’s been with me for many years—twice as long, in fact as my college girlfriend was. Let’s dig in…


I met Robin in my freshman year at university. We were in an acting class together. At the time, she had a boyfriend who was also in the class, and over the course of the semester, 1—he and I became good friends, and 2—she gradually lost interest in him. By the end of the class, they were broken up and she was spending every night in my bed. We stayed together for 2 years, and in that time we both cheated on each other a lot, as the theater department was chock full of whores and very few straight dudes for the girls to choose from. My cock was in virtually constant demand, and I didn’t hesitate to loan it out on command. I must’ve nailed a dozen of Robin’s friends plus a few of her enemies, whilst she slung her pussy around other departments—mainly the art and music schools. Neither of us were too upset at the thought of being cheated on. How could we? It was a shared guilt and pleasure. Still, it somehow felt wrong. And maybe because of that, our sex life took on a wild element. When we were together, Robin and I took to copulating in the most dangerous, interesting, and public areas we could think of. Under the lifeguard tower at the beach? Check. In a music rehearsal room at school? Check. Library group study room? Check. Backstage in all three school theaters? Check, check, and check. We were crazy sex-adrenaline junkies pushing the limits of decency. And in spite of that, I was bored with her.

In those days I learned that for me, variety was the spice of life. It began to dawn on me that I wasn’t marriage or monogamy material. Robin was a fun playmate, and ultimately a good friend, but I knew then that she would never be enough to keep my eye from wandering.

The best part about knowing Robin would come years later, after finding each other again on Facebook. She’d landed a permanent job as a live performer at Disneyland, so one summer when I was back home, she got us in for free and we spent the day in the Magic Kingdom. That evening, she tried to put the moves on me, and I couldn’t muster up the desire. Not after tasting Thailand. I was spoiled forever by then, never to want a farang woman again. I have nothing against her, and what we had was fun and fitting for that time and place, but it simply can’t hold a candle to Bangkok life. I’m now the happy manager of a harem, all of whom are wonderful in their own right, just like Robin was. Smash cut to…


The longest-running member of that harem is Rutty, who I’ve had for nearly half a decade. She’s got a set of talents that make her special. First, she’s a screamer.  It’s totally involuntary, and the more she bangs, the more she abandons herself to the ecstasy. Second, she only knows one method—power fucking. For her, it’s go as hard as you can for as long as you can, howling all the way. And third, she’s excellent in the oral sex department—which is something of a rarity among Thais, at least in BKK. And she takes pride in it. In short, she’s something else.

We met in King’s Castle 2 in Patpong where she took my breath away from the stage. Slim, statuesque, with pearl-white skin and long dark hair, she stood out among the crowd. Which it turned out, she didn’t want to do. Extremely shy and wary of farang, she wanted more than anything not to be noticed, to the point where even her dancing consisted of the smallest, slightest movements she could manage, which ironically is what caught my eye. The harder she tried to not be seen, the more I saw her. So I bought her a drink, and while we were talking I casually reached around and pinched her waist. She let out the most effervescent, contagious involuntary laugh I’d ever heard, and if I wasn’t smitten from watching her onstage, I was definitely hooked from that point on.  And then later that night back at my apartment, that infectious laugh turned into an equally infectious moan/cry/scream that rivaled any porn star in the biz.

And that’s not all. It turned out she has excellent oral skills, and approaches the job with a kind of reverence and affection that make you think your wang is a gift from God. And so, she’s been at the top of my list of harem girls, visiting me weekly and becoming a good friend in addition to a sensational bedroom Olympics partner. I’ve celebrated my last three birthdays and New Years with her, and likely will again this year. Even though she’s off the pole and back at school, she always finds time for me.

Though Robin and Rutty are essentially opposites in terms of personality, the former an exhibitionist and the latter painfully shy, they share a common passion for hot, lurid sex. But unlike my relationship with Robin where “cheating” was considered taboo, Rutty doesn’t mind sharing me with the rest of my roster. She understands and accepts it as being part of Seven’s harem. Also, she’s 15 years younger than Robin.

Tune in on Friday for a frowback, and between now and then keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground and frolicking in this adult Candy Land we call Bangkok.