Some Current Patpong All-Stars

Hello reader. As we (and when I say we I mean you, since I’m currently trapped in a quarantine hotel on Sukhumvit) prepare to go back to the gogo bars, I wanted to offer a preview of some of the Pong’s most pulchritudinous pieces of poontang that will adorn the gogos. These are some of the best girls ever to grace a red-light stage, and no doubt they’ve been champing at the bit to get back on that pole. Let’s check em out…

Am is currently one of the hottest and most sexually en fuego dancers in Patpong. She started out at Thigh Bar but has since graduated to King’s 1 where she enjoys star billing and is one of the most spellbinding performers in all of Bangkok. She has perfectly-formed fake tits, flawless porcelain skin, and not an ounce of fat on her beauteous bod. She positively loves attention, and a few small compliments send her into fits of giggles. She’s also not abject to letting you fondle her naughty bits in the gogo, provided you put a drink or two in front of her.

Ann is a Patpong veteran. Her age defying looks and penchant for messing about make her a very entertaining companion. Her eternally youthful looks and superhot bod also help. She’s one of a trio of badass bff’s who move from gogo to gogo together. They all started out at Kiss Bar, but moved to Glamour in 2018 where they’ve stayed, mostly because of all the attention they get. Individually, they’re goddesses, and a rocking good time in their own right. Together, they’re an unstoppable sex force.

The second member of this formidable trio is Sai. At first glance, you’d think she’s somewhat dangerous, what with her bevy of biker tattoos. But she’s actually the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. Onstage, she’s sexual dynamite, but in private she’s shy, affectionate, and romantic.

The third musketeer is Pai—the least assuming of the group, but with a killer bod that goes and goes like the Energizer Bunny, both onstage and off.

Best and Saa are a pair of hot besties over at Black Pagoda. They met a few years earlier while working at Electric Blue, and have been inseparable ever since. They’re both friendly, accommodating, lusty, bawdy, and dtf. And they’re actually a perfect pair because Best is always smiling while Saa is always frowning. Like Comedy and Tragedy masks. But don’t blame Saa for her resting bitch face. She’s actually very sweet.

Luktal has been a staple of Glamour for two years, and Bada Bing before that. She’s immediately recognizable by her huge back tattoo and even huger silicone breasts. Amongst me and my friends, she acquired the nickname Cat Girl, because of her habit of wearing a pair of kitty ears while dancing.



Mai’s most recent gig was at XXX Lounge. She’s polite, obedient, and very tolerant of groping hands. Her boobs, while fake, are a sensible C cup, which complement her small frame. She’s a single mom. Thankfully, there’s not a stretch mark on her.







Miw is hands down the hottest girl in Kiss Bar—even when her infamous friends Ann, Sai, and Pai are there. Miw’s looks are wholly unique in all of Thailand. My buddy Lucky calls her Avatar, because her eyes resemble the fabled creatures from James Cameron’s movie. I think she looks part feline, mostly because she’s a wildcat in the sack. She’s also very down-to-earth, friendly, and fun-loving. She’s not a big talker but her actions speak louder than words. And when you watch her dance, you get a tent in your pants.



Momay works at King’s 1, and is most famous for wearing a sliver-and-black bob wig not dissimilar to Darth Vader’s helmet. She’s got a smile like a Siamese sunrise, along with some pretty sexy dance moves. She feigns to not go with customers, but I’ve run into her more than once out on the town with a Japanese tourist or two. She says it’s because she prefers a small penis.

New started out at King’s 1 but last year she made the move to XXX Lounge, where she enjoys more attention and a bigger revenue stream. She’s got fake tits that’d make a grown man cry, and the body of a fitness model. In fact, I’m too intimidated to proposition her. She makes me feel like I’m back in high school trying to work up the courage to talk to the popular girl in class.

Nui used to be the hottest girl in Glamour. Had she not packed on a couple stone, she still would be. I haven’t seen her since pre-shutdown, so there’s a chance she might’ve slimmed back down again, what with not being able to earn a dime in four months. I hope so, since the sight of her trim frame could bring nations to their knees.







Pim’s got a big ole butt, but that’s not all. With the prettiest face in Patpong, a handful of very sexy tattoos, and an ever-changing hairstyle, she’s a true chameleon of the come-hither. And to top it off, she’s completely without pretense. Friendly, humble, and demure. Who woulda thought?

Pop took Patpong by storm when she first arrived. She got such a frenzy off attention from customers that she was forced to change gogos every couple of weeks to avoid stalkers. Dudes were fighting over her in the bars. From Bada Bing, to Pink Panther, to King’s, to The Strip, she lit the whole RLD on fire. Then she found a benefactor who, after his holiday was over, promised to continue sending her cash if she’d stay off the pole. Since then, she’s kept off the Pong. We’re all praying she’s back on the pole post-pandemic.

Thasanee has been a Pong staple for half a decade. In all that time, she’s only ever worked in one place—The Strip. She’s not the prettiest girl in the Pong, but she’s no slouch. And she is by far and away the funnest, funniest, frolicingest fraulein in the whole of Bangkok. She is simultaneously soft, sentimental, deferential, and dirty. And even if you don’t take her home—if you just sit and chat with her awhile—you’ll have the time of your life. Because she’s a walking talking human amusement park.

Ying spent most of her pole-dancing career in Electric Blue. When it closed, she moved over to Pink Panther. But she didn’t really rise to phallic fame until she made the move to Pattaya and started up working in Sapphire. It was there that she became a Bikini Mafia model, and got splashed over the pages of their calendar. Once in a while she’ll come back to BKK for a holiday and grab a quick twist on the pole at the Panther. If you’re lucky enough to be there when she does, you’ll catch an eyeful of magic.

And that rounds out this round of a few pounds of fetching flesh in the red-light district known as Patpong. If you manage to get over that way yonder, look up one or more of these fabulous femmes.