HALLockdOWnEEN 2020: Patpong Edition

The dearth of foreign tourists didn’t stop the Patpong party monsters from coming out to play this All Hallows Eve weekend. And Bangkok Seven was there, costume applied, to witness the ghoulish goodness. Here’s how it all shook out:

On Friday and Saturday BarBar fetish club on Soi 2 hosted a haunted house. It was a real hit with local Thais, who turned out decked-out in their favorite scary cosplay. The owners took yours truly on a personal tour of all 4 floors of horrors, and let’s just say they didn’t disappoint. From the benign (polite bartenders dressed as witches) to the surreal (at one point I thought I was caught in a movie scene from The Ring), it was creepy fun from top to bottom.

At around midnight, there was a scary shibiri bondage show, so patrons could get their rocks off and scare their socks off in one go.





King’s Castle 1 went all out, building a haunted house inside the currently-empty King’s 2. They also held a raffle where with the purchase of a 200-baht ticket, patrons could try to pop balloons with darts. Prizes ranged from the mundane (free beer) to the count-choculous (free barfine!). King’s Castle (not to be confused with King’s 1) had a Loy Kratong pool out front with a bridge for patrons to enter and exit the gogo.

This particular spooky weekend was a—what’s more than a trifecta? A quadfecta of colliding dates: Halloween, Loy Kratong, Full-Moon Party, and a protest in Silom. Things kicked off on Friday with a uni student march from Sala Daeng to The Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. I hit the scene towards the end, when most people had already reached their destination. Cars and motorbikes politely dodged the petering-out protesters who still occupied the road near Patpong. I think only Thai protesters can be simultaneously defiant and well-behaved.

After the BarBar tour it was on to The Strip, where the girls were decked-out in the old traditional Supergirl shirts. They’ve got a new mamasan, pulled over from………a bar on Soi 1 who has brought with her A—a party atmosphere and B—a gaggle of new hot girls, which has in turn brought back some of the old Strip magic that made it so great back in the day. Word is the ultra-cheap 90-baht beer price will be going up to 120, which is still the cheapest gogo drink in the Pong.


XXX Lounge had a party with drink specials and girls in scary, mostly vampirish costumes. It was the same in Glamour, though with more cosplay variety. Ging sported a pleather bat bikini that barely covered her fake boobs.  Black Pagoda had some cool decorations and girls in sexy costumes. They were handing out free kamikaze shots, and though it was quiet when I was there, I heard it got crazy-busy later in the evening, so good on ‘em.

I swung into King’s 1 with my raffle ticket (I won a free beer) and stayed for a few rotations. The girls wore black lingerie—pretty standard for that place. It was the same in King’s Castle—white bikinis per usual, with the odd scary-made-up dancer here and there.

The other gogo’s didn’t do much in the way of celebrating. Thigh Bar put up black balloons. Kiss and Bada Bing were per usual. I didn’t get down to Pink Panther—too drunk by the end of the night. Overall, it was a celebratory weekend in Patpong, with bigger than new-normal crowds and seemingly a good time had by all. As Thailand limps into what will surely be the weirdest high season on record, here’s hoping it’s a divination of things to come. Cheers to everyone who Ponged this weekend, and to another week above ground in what steadfastly remains the greatest county in the world—Thailand.

(The good photos are courtesy of the Patpong Warriors.)