Patpong Time Machine: 2018

Hello fellow prisoner of the Matrix. My name’s Seven, and this is my blog.

As we start week 3 of the nogogo lockdown here in Bangkok, I thought I might share with you some nostalgic photos from my personal library from happier times before the current Orwellian nightmare in which we find ourselves. I offer this memory lane montage as a distraction.

In 2018, I was doing a lot of what I usually do—hitting up Patpong every night of the week, hanging out with my favorite girls there, and snapping pics whenever I felt the urge. What follows is a sample from my photo album from that year. Spoiler alert: Many of these photos have found their way into previous blogs, so if you’re one of the five people who regularly read my posts, you might get a bit of deja vu…

2018 was a good year for Thigh Bar. They had a handful of obliviously hot girls. Oblivious because they didn’t realize they could go work at a more popular bar and make more money. Or who knows why they stayed at ole Thigh? Sometimes girls work a gogo because their friends are there, or because they’re loyal to the mamasan. At any rate, Am and Noom both eventually migrated to King’s Castle but for one blessed year, they were a well-kept Thigh Bar secret. Am was particularly amiable, allowing me to strip off her bikini bottoms on the regular. Another great thing about Thigh at the time was their fridge full of Belgian beers.

Kiss Bar also had a small group of hotties. Kannika loved to have her photo taken, and was always in a playful mood. Her lesbian girlfriend worked as a bartender, and would seeth with rage every time a man showed her girlfriend any attention. But it was impossible to ignore that cute butt of hers.


And of course, Ann and Mint were the stars of Kiss bar, and equally as oblivious about their hotness as Am and Noom over at Thigh. Ann’s gimmick was always pretending to be pouty and upset until I folded a 100 baht bill into her bra, at which time she’d loose her radiant smile. Of all of Ann’s fetching features, her smile was only second to her magical ass–an ass I couldn’t resist photographing every time it passed before me. Mint would plop herself on my lap and rest her hand on my junk with no compunction, like she was right at home. It made me want to take her home, but I dragged my feet, not knowing then that she’d fall pregnant a year later.

Below are two photos of the stage at Bada Bing in 2018. It’s hard to believe today, after months of no tourists and merely a smattering of pole kitties on the clock, that we mongers just took for granted that the red-light would always look like this–with neon-lit stages chock-o-block with heeled hot totties. We didn’t know what we had. Or at least, I didn’t. Sure, I soaked it up nightly, but that was as a sex-starved expat who spent his 20s and 30s being tortured by black-hearted farang in Los Angeles. I wasn’t appreciating it for a possible future loss of it. Rather, I was making up for lost time. The last year has felt all too familiar in its boredom. Thankfully, I still have my harem (which incidentally has doubled in size, to my dismay). That’s at least one happy difference between a Bangkok lockdown and regular living in the West. But oh, how I miss the crowded gogo stage.

This was also the year when King’s Castle 1 had a remodel. It took several months, so in the meantime, the girls moved over to the upstairs venue above King’s Corner, in between Soi 1 and 2. It was an odd, retro feeling space, and the air con was terrible. But the change of scenery breathed new life into the girls, who were somehow less shy, even though the place was more brightly-lit, and that enthusiasm carried back over to the new King’s 1 once it reopened. Then Covid slowly bled the optimism out of the whole crew. But in 2018, King’s seemed like an unstoppable juggernaut.

Glamour’s stage was equally eye-popping. Their lineup was so spectacular it was hard to know who to focus on. Girls like Luktal, Nuiy, Jane, Ning, and Benz made every night in that place like a wet dream come true. And just before the lockdown, every girl in that lineup was still there, and they all still looked terrific. Jane and Ning both had kids in 2019, but it hasn’t stopped them from getting right back on that pole.



This was the year Mew left the pole. She only ever worked at Glamour. It was a short career–a little over a year–and she’s definitely missed. But when her mom took a full-time job, Mew had to quit the gogo life to stay home and take care of her baby sister.

In 2021, Ann and Sai moved from Kiss to Glamour, stacking their roster with even more heavy hitters. The rumor going round the Pong these days is Glamour’s up for sale. If it goes under, I for one will be heartbroken. How many douchey SJW woke liberals from the US would donate to a crowdfunding scheme to save a Patpong gogo bar?





It wouldn’t be a Patpong gogo bar retrospective without a nod to Pink Panther. French owned, big daddy of the RLD, second only to Electric Blue (which closed in 2018, incidentally). At the time, it was jammed with stunners who were too cool for this old gogo rat, but who warmed to the young, mostly Japanese clientele. I had two good friends there, and went almost every night to buy them a drink. Despite being  less popular there, I still loved it. The owner always shook my hand, and the staff knew my drink order and put it on the table as I sat down. Everyone who works there is on the ball.

All of the above gogos were awesome in 2018, but hands down the joint I spent the most time in was The Strip. I had so many BFFs there, it was tempting to spend all night every night in that fantastic bar. Back then they were still serving Belgian beers, Seven ordered pizzas for the girls on a semi-regular basis, and I was so familiar to everyone, I could take pics of whoever, whenever, without fear. That year, Thansanee ruled the roost, so much so that she had no problem doing whiskey shots from the stage, and often walked around the bar in her underwear.

Before relocating permanently to Black Pagoda, Mina and Rose were stars at The Strip, along with Bum, a transfer from Electric Blue, and Best, who bounced back and forth between Black Pagoda and Strip before returning like a homing pigeon to the gogo that went up in place of EB, now known as XXX Lounge.  Speaking of Black Pagoda, the reason there are not photos from there in this blog is………I can’t find them. But I plan to do more of these retrospectives, especially since there’s no end to the lockdown in sight. So if you’re jonesing for the gogo as badly as I am, and you want some small relief from the silence of your own dark soul, tune in on Sundays for more pictorial reviews between 2016- 2019.  See you next week, and here are Mina,Rose, Bow, and Best…