Patpong Time Machine, 2017

What’s up, webmonger? How’s your lockdown going? Are you jonesing for the red-light district like an addict in withdrawal? I know I am. If you’re in the same boat, I offer the following photo spread, pics snapped by yours truly in a handful of Patpong gogo bars in 2017–a year when things were comparatively much, much better than today. Let’s harken back…

2017 was the year Electric Blue closed, scattering their dancers to the four corners of the red-light. But for the first few months of the year, EB rocked on, and Seven was there to pop a few pics. At left is one. It’s a shot of my cigar (back when gogos allowed mongers to smoke cigars in the bar) and my first Budweiser in something like…..8 years. In the background is Best (yes, that’s her name), and her beautiful butt. Currently, she works at the gogo that replaced Electric Blue, known as the XXX Lounge. You can catch her nightly during this lockdown via live stream on their Facebook page. Her sweet ass isn’t as immaculate as it was in 2017 (whose is?) but she’s still a looker.

Of all the changes for the worse in Patpong, the loss of EB might top the list. It was the location of the best time, the best party, the best drink prices, and the best girls–Best among them. In 2021, most of the all-stars have permanently left the pole, but some of the old guard are still around. They’ve either come back to XXX or spread out between The Strip and Black Pagoda. Once the lockdown ends, you’ll be able to ogle them in their respective new homes.



Later in the year, when EB closed, some of the girls moved over to Shark Bar. What’s that? Never heard of it, you say? I’m not surprised. Shark Bar only survived a few months in Patpong. It was an attempted expansion by Fred, the owner of Shark on Soi Cowboy. Today Shenanigans is in its place. But for the brief time it existed, this little monger enjoyed an hour or so in there every single night. Not surprising considering 2 of my EB regulars–Bum and Oil–moved there for the duration. Oil has since left the life, and Bum’s moved to Black Pagoda.

2017 was the year of The Strip, for a few poignant reasons. First, Randy was managing the joint and he contributed to the atmosphere with classic tunes and Belgian beers. Second, the joint had a fabulous lineup of hot chicks. My faves were Bow, Biw, and Mai. They were quintisential gogo goddesses. I adored Bow so much that I often stayed in The Strip the whole night, ordering pizza and getting stuck in like a frickin’ newb. But Bow, and to a lesser degree Biw and Mai, were worth it.

Kiss Bar became one of my regular stops in 2017, supported by the strong group of hot, fun girls that worked there. Today, they’re split between Kiss and Glamour. And although Kiss has stopped selling Belgian beers, it’s still a fun placy to swing into for a quick cold one with a group of good-time girls and classic rock.










Toward the end of the year, Bow left The Strip to try her luck at Pink Panther. When I’d visit her, she had a habit of using my phone to take selfies. In order to make sure she ate, I’d buy her noodles on her break.


If I had to assign a theme to 2017, it would be “obliviousness.” We had no idea that 3 short years later, the world would implode. I didn’t know that Bow would disappear, or that EB would close, or that Biw would get knocked up and her beautiful ass would quadruple in size. I was just chugging along, drinking nightly, enjoying the company of these girls as if it would go on forever. I guess the takeaway is, nothing good can stay. Things always wind down. Good times end. But it’s not the final end. Something, someone always comes along to replace what was lost. Sooner or later, every gogo girl goes her own way. And when they inevitably do, some new wonder will take their place. At the moment, it looks like something called Cyberpong. But more on that later. For now, let’s just count our blessings. We’re still above ground, and the lockdown will eventually end. Let’s wait and see what transpires. Peace.