Patpong Time Machine, 2019 Part 1

In 2019, the gogo scene in Bangkok seemed to be flagging. The heydays of the 2000s and early 2010s were gone, Tinder had killed the gogo bar stars, and businiess was down in places like Patpong. Little did we know, things were about to get a helluva lot worse.

As Covid finishes up its 2nd surge in Thailand, and the bars continue to hold their breath to see how long they can hold their breath before they die, it might do us all some good to scroll through a few sweet memories of yesteryear–specifically, 3 years yester–when the red-light districts at least were open and packed full of good-time gals. By then, I’d gained enough notoriety around the Pong that gogo owners and girls alike didn’t mind if I took pictures, a small honor in those lascivious locales. And so I snapped a buttload, which is why this blog is a 2-parter. Here’s the first smattering of Seven’s shots:

The stage at King’s Castle 1 was magnificent that year. The costumes were extravagent, the girls were emmaculate, and the atmosphere was electric. While it’s true that the place catered more to Japanese tourists, certain regulars could rely on the attention of those girls whose tastes leaned in a more Westerly direction. And with between 60 and 100 girls per night, there was someone on that stage for every monger’s taste. One of my BFF’s–Praew–was a fixture there 7 days a week, and she never missed an opportunity to sidle up and coax a drink from me. And who could resist that face? Not this old fart, I tell you what. Her gorgeous back tattoo eventually made it into my 2020 art exhibition in the form of a watercolor on paper. Since then, she’s added to it, extending the ink down over both ass cheeks in what looks like the latest tatt-trend here in Thailand. Unfortunately, Praew and her tatted ass have relocated back to “the provinces” to wait out the pandemic. She’s promised to retun to the red-light stage once all this nonsense is over, and hopefully I’ll get to paint her tattoo again, this time with the ass added.

My other favorite stage that year was Glamour’s. Several hotties from Kiss Bar had relocated there, stacking the roster with even more lookers than they had before. Sai and Ann were the transplants, supporting the original heavy hitters Looktal and Nuiy. Sai had a habit of napping next to me while Ann preferred my lap. Looktal and Nuiy were happy to pose for pics, but they always had their eyes on bigger spenders than little ole me.

At the time the pandemic hit, and then during the few months sans tourists between surges, the same set of girls all returned to Glamour, with the exception of Nuiy who has disappeared. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s either 9 months along or a brand new mom, probably living in a small town out Issan way. But Ning (also a new mom), Benz, Jane (new mom), Kae, and Pim are still going strong. It’s nice to see those old familiar faces. It reminds one that all is not yet lost in the red-light.

I can never say enough good things about Pink Panther. The French owner always shakes my hand, and the staff know exactly how I like my vodka. Plus the girls have been consistently delicious to look at for over a decade. In 2019, some of my favorite chicks owned the pole in Panther, including Ying (pictured), Bow, Ice, Sugus, and a host of others.

For a few months in 2019, I was a little bit obsessed with a gogo dancer named Saa, who first worked at Electric Blue before it closed down. Then she moved to Black Pagoda where she remains to this day. In that time, she refused my advances with extreme prejudice, claiming I’d bedded enough of her friends that she could never in good conscience consent to coitus. Our back-and-forth ranged from hostile to flirtatious, depending on her mood and level of intoxication. I learned to content myself with taking pictures of her. Later that year, she’d get knocked up by a tourist, and have her short-time love child in the fall of 2020, after which she returned to the pole, much plumper than her former self, and that put me off her for good. Now she yearns for my attention, which has switched to younger, fitter staff. I still buy her drinks from time to time, for purposes of nostalgia.

And now for some random shots…

Ann, in the toilet at Glamour before her first stage rotation…Taitle’s and Pim’s brief stints at The Strip. Taitle used to rule Electric Blue, briefely danced at Lust on Soi 1 before it shut, after which she floated between The Strip and Black Pagoda, and Pim was there in between working at Bada Bing and Glamour. Now she’s in the provinces waiting out the Covid storm…New was at The Strip for years, then tried King’s 1 briefly, where this photo was taken, then back to The Strip, and then off to Pattaya. As far as I know, she’s still there.


And that’s around half of the small cross section of photos I picked out to share. It’s true, I’m not a professional photographer, but hey–no one else was there with a mobile phone to capture these moments, so don’t complain. Just enjoy the view. I hope it helps hold you over until we can get back in those booths and on those bar stools to get a gander at the real thing. Between now and then, keep your chin up, your chode clean, and cheers to another week above ground in the place that use to be the greatest country in the world, and will be again: Thailand. Peace.