Patpong Time Machine, 2019 Part 2

Oh, 2019. How we miss it! Would that we’d known how great that year was, in contrast to the past 13 plus months! At the time, things seemed pretty shitty in the Bangkok red-light. Tourism was down. Punters and bar owners alike were worried for the future of the scene. And now, as we enter year 2 of the pandemic, those less-grim months just before the whole world went down the toilet seem lustrous, magical, and underappreciated. In recent weeks, I’ve been offering a balm of sorts to those locked-down mongers suffering withdrawals from not being able to go-go. Last week’s post was a smattering of pics from 2019. Today I’ve got another crop of images culled from the same year. Behold, your red-light Methadone:

It turns out I spent an inordinate amount of time in Thigh Bar in 2019. At the time, I thought it was because of hotties like Som and Am, along with the sweet array of Belgian beers in their fridge. In hindsight, maybe it’s because my 6th sense new that the owner was about to be deported, sending the bar into a year-long tailspin. So now, looking back, those low-key days in Thigh were much sweeter and more significant than I ever could’ve conceived at the time.

Now, these ladies are scattered to different venues. Am rarely graces a stage these days. Her IG gets more attention than King’s 1’s stage ever could. Som moved over to Lighthouse on Soi Cowboy, and I’m sure she’ll be back on their pole once the lockdown ends.

As for the rest of their roster, most have stayed in Patpong, spreading out to King’s, XXX Lounge, The Strip, and Black Pagoda, making the scene in Thigh something special for a brief flicker of time before the pandemic shat all over it, like it shat all over all of us.

Should Thigh bar ever reopen, we hope it’ll return to its original motif: a mellow, unassuming joint where both farang and Thai customers can rub elbows in harmony–a rare if not impossible feat elsewhere in the red-light.

It’s unlikely the Belgian beers will be back–that was clearly a result of having a Belgian owner. But cheap Thai beers are a bearable substitute. The real hurdle will be how to replace all the cuties who’ve moved on to other locales with the same kind of innocent, approachable, tender-loving-care gals that used to crowd that tiny stage.

2019 was a good year for Bada Bing, as well–maybe not in terms of profit, but they definitely corralled for themselves a nice crop of sexy bombshells.

Laliata and Oo are extraordinarily hot–like, on a level that makes the brain feel like a scrambled egg on a skillet. Pim has mastered her look (something between glam and goth), with a face that could bring grown men to their knees. Pop is a sex queen–or at least she was in 2019. Between then and now, she got a foreign benefactor and left the pole. She was so far gone that she actually messaged me to ask that I not publish photos of her on Twitter or Facebook. I obliged in 2020, but today all bets are off. Pictures from the time before she got a ‘boyfriend’ are fair game in my book. In 2020, Pim moved to Glamour and Pop briefly switched over to The Strip before leaving the pole at the request of the dude in Europe who agreed to pay her bills in exchange for her staying off the pole. Ironically, when she stopped dancing she packed on an inappropriate number of kilos and stopped being hot.


In the same year, Oil hit 3 different Patpong stages: The Strip, Shark Bar, and Superstar. In the latter, she experimented with dyeing her hair blonde. In Kiss Bar, Sai achieved her trimmest frame ever, dropping to 40 kilos. She looked fantastic, and I took the opportunity to crawl on top of her to snap some pics. Also in Kiss Bar, Miw let me pull her shirt off so I could get a clean photo of her back tattoo. Before the end of the year, she would relocate to Phuket, and she’s still there now.

As in every other year, I spent copious amounts of time in The Strip, with several lovely lasses on my lap. The stage was crammed with hot chicks that year, after several months with no reall lookers. In the half decade that I frequented The Strip, there was only a brief interval in late 2018 when there were no babes in The Strip. The entire rest of the time, going all the way back to 2012, this little gogo has been known for their unfathomably hot roster of dancers. 202o was no different, and when this 2nd lockdown hit BKK a month ago, the chicks were arguably as hot as ever. When the booze and gogo ban is lifted, it’ll be the first place I go.

Next week, I hope to give you another dose of pictures from a better time, though in sifting through my old jpeg folders, I’m not sure what to post next. In truth, I hope that by next Sunday I’ll be taking new photos because the gogos will have reopened. Just gotta play it by ear for the next few days. Between now and then, keep your balls shaved, your beer chilled, and cheers to not living in the fascist nightmare that is the Western Hemisphere. Peace out.