Patpong Time Machine: Gogo Dancer Spotlight

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. If you’re lucky, you’ve got someone to spend it with. If not, maybe the following photo essay will at least give you a warm feeling deep down in your………………..heart.

We’re living in dark times, aren’t we reader? A pandemic with the power to kill 0.04% of the population is ravaging the world. Governments are using this fake threat to implement dystopic, authoritarian measures on people everywhere. It’s worse in some places. In Thailand, it’s not too terrible, except that it’s slowly bankrupting the citizenry and shutting down the nation’s economy. Worse still, red-light rats like me have nowhere to ogle pole dancers. Which is why I’ve been turning Seven’s Weekly blog (I’m Seven, by the way, pleased to meet you, and this is my blog) into an ongoing pictorial tribute to past times and Patpong highs. Nostalgic collections of photos from the years leading up to this nightmare that cast one’s mind back to better days. This week, I’d like to pay homage to a handful of hotties who’ve helped to heighten and brighten my life by gracing the stages of the gogo bars in Patpong. Today, hopefully, they’re somewhere safe, waiting out the storm, with plans to return to the pole once this senselessness has ended, hopefully having gained not too much weight, and hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, let’s look back at these lovely ladies in this panegyric on Patpong pulchritude…

Thasanee has been missing in action since the start of the Koof. No one has seen or heard from her in a year, and I’m beginning to worry that she’s gone for good. I assume she’s returned to her hometown, which is likely some small country village out Issan way, to hunker down with her family and wait out the insanity. If her Facebook posts are to be believed, she’s working in a clothes shop. But I have trouble believing this party animal could handle such a low-key existence. We can only hope and pray for her safe return to The Strip, where she was an absolute star for the past 6 years. Her big smile, easygoing demeanor, and huge chest tattoo were among her most appealing attributes, along with a shapely derriere that seemed to defy gravity. I look foward to the day when I can buy her a tequila shot, smack her apple-bottom, and enjoy her seductive dance moves once more. It’s a shameful waste of talent without her on a neon-lilt stage in the Pong.




Bum wants desperately to return to her life as a gogo dancer. As fate would have it, she left the pole several months before the pandemic due to a different kind of condition: the delicate kind. Having been knocked up a few months earlier, she put her career on hold to pop out a son. Then she had to wait till her body returned to dancer shape, and then Covid hit. So now, she’s practically jumping out of her own skin, both from boredom and lack of diaper money. For years, she was one of the headliners at Electric Blue. When it closed, she struggled to find a new home, moving briefly to the now-defunked Shark Bar and then to The Strip, where this pic was taken. She recently told me that when the lockdown is lifted, she plans to relocate to Black Pagoda. I think it’s a good choice. The atmosphere is really relaxed in there, and the girls have more opportunity to lounge around with customers in addition to hugging a pole. Personally, I don’t care where she goes, as long as she goes somewhere.



Best is one of Bum’s best friends, as you can maybe tell by her photobombing the above pic. She also got her start at Electric Blue, and after boucing around to different places, settled back in the gogo that replaced EB–The XXX Lounge–where she’s been featured several times per week on their live stream. Although she likes working at XXX, I have a feeling that when Bum starts work at Black Pagoda, her bestie will join her. Gogo dancers are like schools of fish. Where one goes, many follow. Best is best-known for her charm. She has a way of reeling in a punter and making him fall in love with her. And it’s not a gimmick. She’s just being herself. There’s no pretense or agenda behind it. She’s just genuinely nice and loves to have fun. In fact, she might be the most optimistic gogo dancer I’ve ever come across. In the future, when she’s too old to dance, she’ll have a successful run as a hostess/mamasan for one of the bars in Patpong, and wherever she chooses to go, that place will be lucky to have her.

For me, she’ll always be the girl who is the first to say hello, always makes me feel welcome, and hits me up to buy her cigarettes, even while holding a new, unopened pack of cigarettes.


Pai and Ann used to be inseparable. They ruled Kiss Bar–a small, unasuming gogo on Soi 1–for years. But as the global economic downturn hit the Thai tourist industry in the late 20-teens, they jumped ship and moved to Glamour where they quickly became crowd favorites. Then, when the lockdowns started, they separated, each looking for a place where they could both feel comfortable and make enough cash to scrape by. Ann stayed at Glamour while Pai briefly relocated to Thigh Bar. But then the owners of Thigh threw in the towel, sending Pai over to XXX Lounge where she remained for most of 2020. But near the end of the year, competition for the few punters brave enough to hit the red-light got to be too much, and both Ann and Pai found themselves back at Kiss Bar just before the 2nd lockdown. It’s unclear where they will decide to call home once the gogos reopen. If I had to bet, I’d say probably XXX Lounge. All future roads seem to be pointing to Soi 2.

Wherever they end up, I know I’ll be heading there frequently to gaze at these wondrous creatures in whatever barely-clad outfits they’ll be sporting, with sensual dance moves that stir the loins and boggle the senses. These two are a visual sex buffet.

I’m quite confident that Oil will never return to the pole. She just recently had her second kid, and her mom’s had ongoing health problems. For both of these reasons, she left the gogo life before the Koof, both to care for her babies and to take over her mom’s noodle cart business. It’s been a rough road for her, lately. She’s said many times that she wants to come back and dance, maybe at The Strip, but I don’t see it happening. By the time her kids are old enough to stay home by themselves, she’ll be aged-out of the biz. It’s too bad. She’s naturally gorgeous, effervescent, and an excellent dancer, with a sexy, husky voice like that of Kim Carnes. I tried once to teach her how to sing “Bette Davis Eyes,” but sadly her English wasn’t good enough.

Luckily for Seven, I still socialize with Oil in a non-gogo capacity. So I’ll never be in a position to miss her. But it’s a tragedy that the rest of the Patpong punter community will be deprived of her hotness going forward. Although in truth, I’ll do my best to remind people of her through photos like this for the foreseeable future.


Nuiy has broken my heart by–as far as I can tell–permanently retiring from the gogo stage. She’d actually stopped dancing before the pandemic hit. I assumed she disappeared due to pregnancy, which is what takes down most of these girls, but a few weeks after the lockdown I saw her on the street and she seemed decidedly not with child, although she had definitely packed on a few pounds. I wanted to ask her why she stopped dancing. and tell her that Glamour just wasn’t the same without her hot ass onstage, but I didn’t get the chance. The only other explanation I could think of was that she must’ve acquired a farang benefactor to pay her bills on the condition that she left the life. If that’s the case, then there’s some hope that she might return once that cash stream dries up, as they all inevitably do. I hope that happens. I miss her smile, and that killer body.

If she doesn’t return, the good news is Glamour’s stage will still be packed with hotties (see last week’s blog for a short rundown of their current roster). But like all championship teams, they’re at their best when they have all their best players in the rotation.


This shot of Noom and Am was from when they stole the show at Thigh Bar. Today, it seems inconceivable that chicks this hot deigned to hit a stage as low-key as Thigh, but in fact they did, and for that short duration they turned that stage into a specacle of sexuality. Eventually, they both relocated to King’s Castle 1 where technically they still work. If and when they reopen post-lockdown, expect to see both of them rocking those hot bodies on a pole there once again, along with the 50 or so other goddesses gracing that stage.

In the time since this photo was taken, Noom has gone permanently platinum blonde, and Am got herself a pair of huge fake titties. I guess when you realize you’re part of the Patpong elite–the hottest of the hot–you gotta up your game, and that’s just what these two did, so much so that they barely lower themselves to talk to Seven these days. I guess I’m not hi-so enough. But they can’t stop me from ogling them stageside, a pastime I hope to take up again  very soon.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, gents. I hope it was a brief reprieve from what we can now call a worlwide totalitarian police state response to a virus that probably wouldn’t have affected the majority of us, except in the aftermath–a hellish fever dream from which we all hope to awaken as soon as fucking possible. Keep the faith, everyone, and don’t let the bastards grind you down. Peace.