Red-light Reopened: Week 1

Greetings mongers. Bangkok Seven here. You’ve found your way to my blog.

Below is a set of photos that go along with an article I wrote for and which chronicle Patpong’s first week back post-2nd lockdown. If you want to paruse the text that goes with this pictorial, head on over to around noon today. You’ll find it there.

The north side of Soi 2 slowly awoke through the course of the week. The highlights were the fantastic wine and delicious fare of French Kiss and Le Bouchon. On a personal note, it warmed my heart to see the doors of The Old Other Office open again. Some of the gay bars came back midweek, with the glaring exception of Pink Panther. Crystal Palace needs a new captain. Fingers crossed it will become a wine bar.

The best thing about the comeback was the throng of pretty faces in the gogos.

On Monday, the police swung by The Strip–not to shut them down, bur rather to tell them they could put girls onstage and turn up the music. Once the pressure was off, the girls got a lot happier.


Shenanigans was back, as was 2-for-1 pints and their awesome snacks. I’m a fan of the salt-chili wings. Also the Caesar’s salad, which I don’t have a photo of, because I scarfed it down in under 30 seconds.  On Saturday I had the lamb shank, which was fantastic as usual.

Also on Saturday, King’s Castle 1, King’s Corner, and The Paddy Field returned, bringing more of Patpong’s character back to life.

The girls of Bada Bing were in a particularly festive mood on Saturday, and unlike earlier in the week, the manager didn’t have a problem with me snapping pics. And as usual, the girls of The Strip were the most fun, most laid-back, most willing to goof around while still coming off sexy AF.

Here’s hoping the expat community can keep the bars flush until the tourists come back. Cheers, everyone.