Last Week in the Red-Light–The Pictorial

Greetings, web wanderer. I’m Bangkok Seven, and you’ve found my blog. This week–like last week–I’m offering up a pictorial companion piece to go with my post over at which should come out later today. Let’s dive in…

The above pictured girls are from Pink Panther, XXX Lounge, The Strip, and The Strip respectively. Overall, the mood of the girls was festive all week. They were just happy to have a job to come back to. Unlike the aftermath of the first lockdown, when the girls’ eyes were first opened to the new normal of no tourists and very, very little money, this time everyone was just grateful for something. The girls were grateful for a paycheck, while the punters were grateful for a place to tip a beer and ogle girls in lingerie.

The girls pictured above are from XXX Lounge, XXX Lounge, The Strip, and The Strip respectively. Many of the girls who joined the roster in these gogos have come from bars that are now closed. They’re glad to’ve found a new home, and so are we. Of all the gogos in Patpong, The Strip is easily the most-festive. The girls arae there to have fun first, and if someone buys them a drink or a bowl of somtam, so much the better. That’s really the only attitude you can have in this atmosphere of no tourists. It’s a way to cope.

It was Poo’s birthday last week, and the girls at XXX Lounge and Black Pagoda paid tribute, with a couple of cakes one night and boxes of donuts the next. Enjoy, ladies! Just make sure you work off those calories on the pole.

Business at Bada Bing is booming, and you can see why, with these buxom beauties bouncing onstage.

Like gleaming oases in a sea of darkness, the two King’s Group gogos and the Derby King restaurant light up Soi 1, where the night market used to be and is never to return again. Supposedly, plans are in the works to put in a beer garden once the tourism ban is lifted.



Our friend Jack Nites from BKKNites was busy this week, doing photo shoots in Patpong and Soi Cowboy. First, he shot up The Strip and BarBar, with the latter’s featured mistress, known familiarly as Huntress in these parts. Then he popped over to do a series at Suzie Wong’s, and later in the week, Dollhouse. In between, he was at Zinc 101’s charity trivia quiz–a thing that’s now a thing, every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Proceeds go to the Good Shepherd Sisters Bangkok.

Soi Cowboy was not as dead as the rumors would have you think. Sure, some of the bars are shut (Midnite, Shark, and Spice Girls among them), but the bars that are open are doing OK. And that’s all we can hope for, until the tourists return.

Nana Plaza also looks much better these days. Thank Buddha for the apparent throngs of expats, who stayed away post-first lockdown but who have been coming out of the woodwork to get their party on this time around. And thank Charley Brown’s for their taco truck, still parked across from the Plaza. Their food and margaritas are still good.

While the Plaza is mostly quiet, with half the bars shut, just like Cowboy and Patpong the bars that have opened are being rewarded with crowds. Look, let’s be real. Covid is killing businesses that rely on tourism. But it’s been a year. The fact that many of these bars continue to provide us with beers, babes, and loud music is a testament to their fortitude, and the strength and courage of the Thai people. Everyone deserves a round of applause. Even you, dear monger. Keep up the good work!