Red-Light Pictorial Companion and Update

Greetings mongers, my name’s Seven and this is my blog. Today’s offering is meant to be a photo complement to an article over at that will be published later today. It’s a short list of pros and cons of all 3 Bangkok red-light districts: Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong. Additionally, there’s a short update on the current  state of Cowboy and Patpong at the end. Let’s get rolling…

The photos above are from Jack Nites’ recent shoots in Dollhouse and Suzy Wong’s on Soi Cowboy. After his sessions last week, he got invited back to do another round of pictures with different rotations of girls. He’ll be releasing more over the course of the month over at BKKNites and also on his various Facebook and Twitter profiles: @bkknites

These internal shots (and this blog’s featured image) of Nana Plaza are also courtesy of Jack, who had a session inside Spanky’s a while back. Hopefully as his skills (and more importantly, his charming and affable demeanor) get wider recognition, he’ll be able to enter some of the other sacred gogos in the Plaza.

Jaruwann, Bee, Saa, and Best all looked quite fetching this week as they partied it up in Patpong. The parallel powers of these pulchritudinous pussycats of both seductiveness and goofballery is something that can’t be described in words. How can a girl be both adorable and scandalously sexy simultaneously? I, for one, can’t explain it. But I’m addicted to it.

Some candid shots I snapped whilst chilling out with the girls at The Strip. They’re so used to me that they don’t even flinch when I bust out the camera. Some even go as far as to use me as furniture. I don’t mind.

In other random Patpong news, the restaurant formerly known as Tip-Top, a Thai-Italian fusion eatery across from King’s Castle 1 that made pretty good–and a little over-priced–food has begun a metamorphosis. Like the butterfly newly-released from its cocoon, it will in the near future re-emerge as a billiards joint. It makes sense, given the long-and-still-going tourist ban that a place like this (also owned by the King’s Group) would change its game to be more attractive to locals. They still have a kitchen, though, so hopefully some of their more delectable dishes from the previous inarnation will still be on offer. I’m crossing my fingers for the calzone.

Now, I need to retract a statement I made in last week’s blog on BKKNites. In it, I’d said that the 3 RLDs in Bangkok rank thusly: Nana number 1, and Cowboy and Patpong tied for 2nd place. This was incorrect. At the time, I’d been so blinded by finding Cowboy in a better state than I’d heard, that my eyes were blinded. Then last Friday, I made another visit, and the blinders fell off. Don’t get me wrong–Cowboy is open…about half-open. In fact, I counted 15-odd gogos and bars open and serving. If you don’t count restaurants, Patpong has 16 gogos and regular bars. So they’re more or less tied when it comes to the number of open doors. And there are lots of girls in Cowboy. It’s just that the vast majority are on the–how should I put this–thicker side.

That’s not to say that there aren’t thick girls in Patpong. There are. It’s just that the ratio of fitter girls to fatter ones is higher in Patpong. In Cowboy, some gogos had only chubsters while others had a max of one fit girl in their stable, and she was typically used as outside bait to coax mongers inside. Now, I don’t want to disparage thick girls, or dudes who like them. Heck, my brother’s a chubby chaser. He’d be happy as a pig in shit if he were in Cowboy. But it ain’t my personal taste. I’m more of a 1980s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model type. In Patpong, there’s between 5 and 10 fit girls in each gogo–a staggeringly better number than Ccowboy, putting Patpong strongly in the 2nd place spot after Nana Plaza.

In other red-light news, the number of visitors was slightly higher this week, and I have a wild theory as to why. Tourists–that’s right, tourists–are trickling back in. I spoke to a handful of blokes who’d fled the cold weather and tyrranical lockdown of their home country and endured the 14-day quarantine for the privilege of bouncing a gogo dancer on one knee (and probably more) for an extended holiday. Once the Thai government deigns to shorten the quarantine to 10 days or 7 days, I think we’ll see an influx of horny, lonely, cabin-feverish red-light tourists. An old lady ain’t gonna quarantine for a week just to see the floating market, but a guy who’s been trapped in his basement for a year will gladly do a week-long stint in a Thai hotel for the chance to hit the world famous gogos of Bangkok. Fingers crossed this happens soon.

One last tidbit: Star of Light, a well-known Patpong BJ instituion, has finally folded, after first downsizing to a smaller location on Soi 2. That location is now called “69 Bar” and peddles drinks for 140b across the board. The owner asked me to tell you that.

Now you’re updated, reader. Later this afternoon, check out the Sunday Rap over at and between now and next time, keep your balls warm, you beer chilled, and cheers to another week above ground in one of the only open adult playgrounds on the entire effing planet. Cheers.