Eurocompensating in BKK Pictorial: England and Ireland Plus Patpong Update

Happy Sunday, reader. It’s me, Bangkok Seven. You’ve found your way to my blog, which these days consists of sets of photos that are meant to go along with my other blog over at called “The Sunday Rap” that’ll be published later this afternoon. So if you want to read the text that matches with the pictures below, you’ll need to open another window on your computer and head over there. Apologies for that…actually if you’re too lazy or can’t be bothered, it’s possible to just enjoy this pictorial sans explanation. Oh, and there’s a Patpong update at the end. Let’s get started.

Eurocompensating refers to finding European eateries in Bangkok in order to satisfy one’s hankering for food from home.  This week, we’re looking at (a very small handful of) English and Irish restaurants round town. The lucky joints are The Royal Oak, O’shea’s (and for some reason I can’t find my photos of those places, sorry about that), The Red Lion, Shenanigan’s, The Oasis, Zinc 101, and Stumble Inn.


The photo at the left is one that I snapped halfway through inhaling a smash burger at The Red Lion. Somehow, I’d completely missed their actual English menu and got handed 3 other menus: Smith’s fish and chips, Wally’s hot dogs, and smash burgers. So I got one thing from each menu. The “English” portion is of course the fish and chips in the background, the stand-out of which was the chips. They were gigantic, sweet and savory, and somehow also buttery. And the fish weren’t half bad either. I’ll spout off about the burger and the dog in a later blog on Amerocompensating. Coincidentally, my buddy Kee Mao Moo had the roast there today and sent me the photo at the right. He gave it two thumbs up.

Above is just a smple of the possibly hundreds of roasts and lamb shanks I’ve consumed over at Shenanigan’s. I like to grab a bottle of red at Foodland and bring it wiv me to pair with the far. The corkage fee is 400baht, if I recall correctly, and it’s well worth it. Every frigging bite of these plates is divine, and shoving it into my face is in my estimation a weekly reminder of the UK and simultaneously a preview of Heaven. When I die, I hope the afterlife is just me eating a Shagz roast forever.

The Shenanigan’s breakfast is also a blast of UK nostalgia, both of England and Ireland. Every time I eat one, I’m transported to Cork and also to the High Street in the town in Essex where I lived from 2007 to 2008. I’m particularly partial to the black and white pudding, and although my Yank upbringing prohibits me from enjoying beans for breakfast, I’ve become quite used to mushrooms and tomato on the plate alongside my bacon and eggs. And sausage with Colman’s mustard is simply divine. I feel sorry for every American who hasn’t had the pleasure of eating an English breakfast.

I can’t praise (The Golden Bowl’s by way of) Shenanigan’s UK Chinese food. I simply love it. One of the best things you can put in your mouth in England is a proper Chinese buffet, and while the duck pancakes aren’t on the dine-in menu (order them off Foodpanda), the other stuff is simply perfect. I’m partial to the sweet and sour chicken balls, salt-chili wings, and spare ribs. Also pictured above is the Guinness burger. Euroburgers are not the same as burgers from America. Both burgers are good for different reasons. When I munch on this bad boy, I’m transported to Yates’ pub in Colchester, except without the bitter cold and chubby women.

Whilst living in England, I was never a fan of pies. Not kidney pies, not beef and mushroom pies. Nor did I like pie–shepherd’s pie, cottage pie….the photo at the right is of me eating the cottage pie at Shenanigan’s. I wanted to give it a go, mainly so that I could include it in this blog. As an American, I’m not really qualified to rate it, but here’s what I will say: it’s a hot, cheesy, beafy meal that sticks to your ribs. When I walked in, I was famished. After scraping the bowl clean, I was stuffed and happy. I don’t know that I’d order it again, but that’s mainly because there are so many other things on their menu that I absolutely love, I might not ever get round to having it again.

The above photos are donations from Jack Nites, and depict a breakfast and burger over at Zinc101. I’ve never been, as it’s too far away from my apartment and I’m just too damn lazy to travel there, but Jack eats there often and he really likes it. He says the breakfast is on par with an authentic Midlands breakfst, and he says the burger is simply delicious. I respect his opinion. Oh, and recently Bangkok Burger Blog called Zinc’s burger one of the best in town.

Above left is another Jack Nites photo. It’s the pie over at The Oasis on Soi Cowboy. At the right is a photo of my full English at same said eatery. I popped over there one morning, climbed the stairs to their balcony, and enjoyed the breakfast and a bloody mary. It was, in a word, Epicurean.


I’d really hoped to find a photo of one of the breakfasts I’ve had over at Stumble Inn, but alas, they’re hidden away on some portable hard drive in my apartment. But I did locate this photo of their burger. Both the breakfast and the burger at Stumble Inn are exquisitely pleasurable to consume. In fact the hardest thing about eating there is choosinge between them. And I’m glad I don’t live closer to Nana because if I did I’d eat there every single day and would undoubtedly be even fatter than I already am. And now that we’ve covered the pictorial companion to the English/Irish edition of Eurocompensating, allow me to fill you in on the notable events on Patpong last week.

The girls of The Strip were their usual hot and fun selves, and I spent an inordinate amount of time drinking there and groping the girls with wild abandon. Here you can see a couple of variations of their signature Supergirl uniforms–one with a lace g-string and one with panties with a monkey on the bum. I hope she forgives me for fingering her naughty bits.

Friday and Saturday, XXX Lounge had a Schoolgirl themed party, complete with see-through skirts and buy 1 get 1 drinks all night. I went a little upskirt crazy, snapping pics of these willing chicks and their undergarments.

The week wouldn’t be complete without some improper behavior by farang. On Saturday, a gang of expats made up of enormous fat women and beta cuck males took in the red-light as if it were their own private zoo, stopping to galk at the gogo dancers and feign disgust at the sleaziness of it all. In both The Strip and XXX Lounge, a farang climbed onstage. Nothing grosses me out more than this offense, as it’s both demeaning to the girls and disgusting to the other customers. I don’t go to the gogo to see this shit. In fact, I moved 8,000 miles from my home country to specifically not look at farang. The stage is not your playground and Thailand isn’t your personal holiday spot. Have some fucking respect.

Shenanigan’s and Paddy Field were rammed on St. Patrick’s Day. Shagz featured The Grumps and Error 99, two Thai bands that belt out Irish (and English) tunes with gusto.

The King’s Group made some interesting moves last week. From Sunday to Thursday, King’s Castle 1 cut their drink prices in half, and the Thai-Italian fusion retaurant formerly known as Tip-Top, which King’s converted into a pool hall, saw some significant foot traffick, possibly because of the slew of white-clad hostesses they hired.

Overall, there was an increase in the number of visitors to Patpong last week, thanks in part to the efforts of the establishments mentioned above. Now that the Thai government has shortened the quarantine from 14 to 10 days, we could see an uptick in tourism that will hopefully gradually continue to increase in the coming months, with a target to fully reopening the country by October or possibly sooner. Here’s hoping it all goes swimmingly. Peace out, everybody, see you next week.