Eurocompensating: France Pictorial Companion Plus Patpong Update

Hey there, reader, how’s life? My name’s Seven, and this is my blog. This week–just like last week–I’ve got a pictorial companion that’s meant to go with my post over at Hopefully they’ll have it up on the interweb later on this afternoon, but I happen to know that the admins are super busy today, so maybe it won’t get published till this evening. Fingers crossed. At any rate, it’s part 2 of my series called “Eurocompentating”–how and where a Bangkok expat can get a taste of European food, all these many miles from the Continent. This week, we’re looking at four French restaurants in Silom.


Bistro Convent is a quaint, comfy place with a split personality–half French, half Italian. I focused on the French part, except where I wasn’t able. Turns out the only wine by the glass they serve–both red and white–comes from Italy. The courses I got were: cheese and meat plate, (French) onion soup, and duck confit, all pictured below along with the Primitivo (Italian for Zinfandel).


The photos above are from my meal at Indigo on Soi Convent: a four-cheese platter with Sancerre, Beef Bourguignon with boiled potatoes, and Graves Bordeaux. Pic 3 is of a gecko trying to escape through the window to the patio. Pic 4 is the Cuban cigar humidor, complete with H Uppman’s, Punch, Romeo and Julieta, and my personal fave–Partagas Serie 4.

Indigo’s awesome variety of cheeses is on display in a glass fridge near the bar. The bill was +++: service, tax, and VAT.

Chees and meat plate at French Kiss, complete with foie gras and fresh warm bread. Although I want to try new stuff from their menu, I always end up getting the same thing: the friggin’ steak, because it’s simply AWESOME. I feel like a king when I eat at French Kiss, because that’s who the food’s fit for. It’s utterly divine.

Above from lest to right: chevre ravioli, duck confit, beef bourgignon, and charcuterie/cheese at Bouchon.

Duck a l’orange, chevre spring rolls, beef cheek, and lobster thermidor at Bouchon.

Chicken….something. I forgot. I think it’s spinach, and home-made foie gras. Below left is the duck confit and a photo of Bouchon’s charming interior.

Out of a continuing feeling of guilt from my lackluster attempt to blog about English/Irish food last week, I made another effort to eat something British, again ironically at the Irish joint known as Shenanigan’s. This time I tried out the lamb cornish pastry. It was….super British. I can’t say I liked it, because as a Yank, if there ain’t barbecue sauce on it, I feel out of sorts. Having said that, I did inhale it in less than a minute so it can’t have been bad.

It was a great week for The Strip and XXX Lounge, despite the dearth of tourists. For XXX Lounge, it was probably thanks to their schoolgirl-themed party last weekend. They rode the wave of that awesome event all the way through till Friday. Below is a photo of me helping the gals of XXX with a team photo on one of the girls phones. The pic to the right is of Nan sporting a 100 baht tip from me in 20s. Every time I go in there, she hits me up for a hundy and I never say ‘no.’ Because if she’s going to let me see her panties, pinch her nipples, and pull her hair in the gogo, the least I can do is buy her dinner. Pic 3 is the advert for XXX’s next theme party: sexy army uniforms. Because in the war on cocks, these chickies aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. They can take on whatever you throw at ’em, I tell you what. And God bless ’em for it.


The Strip was on fire last week, thanks to their consistent winning formula: hot chicks wearing next to nothing having a rip-roaring good time. That’s what I love about The Strip. Whether you’re there or not, it’s a party. They’re not trying to rip you off or pump you for drinks. They’re just having a good time, and you the customer are invited to join in. That’s a blueprint for gogo success if there ever was one. Of course it could also be the awesome Supergirl uniforms and nipple pasties.

One night I had a pizza delivered from Madrid.


Speaking of winning strategies, King’s Castle 1 kept going with their half-price drinks from Sunday to Thursday. 85 baht beers are enough to get me in there. The bikini-clad girls are also nothing to sneeze at. Oh, and I should mention that their sister bar, King’s Corner (across from Tip-Top) has the same drink special going, and a similar calibur of hot girls. So starting tonight and for the next 5 days, get in there and take advantage.


On an unrelated note, I stumbled onto a cannabis restaurant on Surawong, around the corner from Pink Panther. For a moment, I had excited visions of past food odysseys through Pnom Penh, but on closer inspection I think they’re serving up Maryjane leaves on food. I don’t think it’s infused fare, and so won’t be all that potent. But to be fair, I didn’t try it, so maybe I should shut up until I’ve tried it. I’ll keep you posted.

And on a final, equally unrelated note, I had Sunrise Tacos’ birria last week. I did it because somehow my Facebook feed was inundated with people talking about it last month. They posted reviews, and then posted links to their reviews all over the fucking place. And as someone who grew up in L.A. and has been to Mexico dozens of times and never heard of birria, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. First, it’s important to note that in Mexico, birria is a regional dish that in a nutshell is goat soup. Let me say that again: goat soup. Yet somehow, Sunrise managed to turn it into a fried cheese Mexican pizza, and deep fried tacos. I tried it. And I don’t want to say it sucked, but…… sucked. If you like a mouthful of fried lard dripping with grease and topped with turnip slices, you’ll enjoy it. But if you’re a normal person, I can’t recommend it. Give me the classic Mexican fare, please, and leave the gimmicks to the retarded Millennials.

And that’s all I got for you this week. Next Sunday’s Eurocompentating country is Spain, so if you’re missing Barcelona, swing back by. Peace out.