Eurocompensating: Spain Pictorial Plus Patpong Update

What’s up mofos? Bangkok Seven here. You’ve found your way to my blog, which once again is a pictorial companion to my Sunday Rap post over at (which should be posted sometime later today) plus a small update on the goings on over in Patpong last week.



Barcelona Gaudi is a pure pleasure, from the Gaudi-esque decor to the exquisite wine list to the incomparabel food, it’s like a tiny slice of Spain carved out in Bangkok. If you love Spanish food, or get to feeling nosalgie for Barcelona, you can get your fix by coming here. It’s the cat’s pajamas. Above you can see some Fuet–Catalonian pork sausage–with tomato bread. Next is the gamas, then steak with parmesan, and finally pork meatballs, fried zucchini and mushroom-pumpkin croquets. Just outstanding from start to finish.

Above left is Tapas Big Mama’s black olives and feta. Not what I’d call super-inspired, but it was tasty. At right is the grilled mushrooms. I loved these babies. They’re coated in crispy bread crumbs.

Above left to right: The cold cuts and cheese platters, pork-potato croquets (“fried meatballs” on the menu), and free dessert. Overall, the Big Mama’s experience can be summed-up in one word: fun.

Taburete on Soi Sala Daeng is a boutique bistro and a real treat for any foodie. From left to right above: fresh-cut parma ham and manchego, mushroom-truffel croquets, pork belly on a bed of chickpeas and chorizo, and the lamb confit puff pastry. All of it was simply magical.

That rounds out the pictorial for this week’s Eurocompensating post. Now let’s talk red-light.

Patpong Update for April 4

‘Twas a strange week for Patpong. Most evenings, XXX Lounge, The Strip, and BarBar were inundated with a team of party planners from Wonderfruit, who have rented out all 3 locations for a private party that’s supposed to take place on April 6th . and prepping for the party on the 5th, so if you planned to visit one of these establishments tomorrow or Tuesday—don’t. Head over to Cowboy instead. Skip Nana, since Butterflies and Billboard are both shut on Mondays. I’ll be seeking out a different location as well, since I certainly won’t be welcome. Their plan, if I understand it right, is to rope off Soi 2 between XXX and Silom Road, and create a kind of “red-light fort” for themselves. Famed DJ Seth Droxler will be spinning records (or whatever DJs spin these days….iPods?) and there will be fire performers, acrobats, and crazy party games on top of the full-time gogo dancer staff for a very exclusive list of specially-invited guests who’ve just been released from quarantine. Must be nice. For the rest of us unwashed plebes the other gogo’s—Bada Bing, Black Pagoda, King’s 1 and Corner, and Pink Panther—will have to suffice.

And that wasn’t the only odd shenanigans taking place on the Pong. A few weeks back, I mentioned running across a movie being filmed on Soi 1 outside Kiss Bar. Those same blokes (at least I think they were the same) were in XXX on Tuesday and Friday, filming with digital hand-held’s while the girls danced onstage. Nice way to get sexy legs in your movie without having to pay actors. Textbook guerilla film-making. In fact, the manager at XXX didn’t even charge them to shoot inside the gogo. Heart of gold, that guy. Anyway, the “crew” turned out to be some French dudes making a Youtube movie called “Waking Nightmare.” The first few “episodes” are up on their channel. Lots of jump cuts, inscrutable dialogue, and probable copyright infringement. It’s quite an undertaking considering nobody in the thing seems to’ve acted before. But maybe in a week or two you can catch a glimpse of Earn’s ankles in a dolly shot of the XXX stage.

Speaking of XXX, they had their “combat cosplay” party on Friday and Saturday. The girls were all decked-out in camoflauge, and did their dutly like good Patpong warriors. Some XXX girls have moved over to Pink Panther, due to what they called “boxing.” Which means one of them got into a fight with another girl in the gogo, and so had to GTFO. Rumors that Khun Tan had given up Crystal Palace were apparently exagerrated. It’s currently filled with former Superstar and Kiss Bar girls who’re biding their time with “karaoke” until those bars are ready to reopen.

And that’s the news for this week, folks. Not a lot of red-light action, though with the recent easing of the quarantine from 14 to 7 days, and the impending reopening in October, we might be near the end of this nightmare. In the meantime, mongers can enjoy gogo ratios like 10 girls to a customer. I suggest living it up while you can, gents. This old fart certainly is.

Until next week, keep your beer cold, your balls warm, and cheers to another week above ground in this unbelievably awesome country. Peace.