Not Quite A Lockdown: Pictorial Companion

Hey Everyone, it’s me Bangkok Seven. Today’s post is a pictorial companion piece to the Sunday Rap article over at that should be published later on today. The original plan was to continue my “Eurocompensating” series, highlighting restaurants around town where an expat can get a taste of home. That’ll likely continue next week, as this new “shutdown” by the Thai government is decidedly more news-worthy, along with some recent semi-exciting events that took place in Patpong. While Nana and Cowboy went dark, the Pong soldiered on.

Tuesday was the Wonderfruit VIP party. They shut down Soi 2 from Silom Road to XXX Lounge, and rented out XXX, The Strip, and BarBar. It was a wacky night, as you can see…

Every freaky deaky got a Covid test before entering.

Crazy costumes and wild performaces were the name of the game on the night. The caberet show at The Strip (above) was a stand-out.

Three of The Strip’s regular gogo dancers were invited to put on a fire dance. They thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the action.

Earlier in the week, Anna–the mamasan over at The Strip, brought one of her dogs, which is always a hit with the girls. Best’s birthday party at Black Pagoda got a surprise visit from her friend Bum, who coudn’t find a sitter so she brought her kid. The party raged on all week in The Strip, Pagoda, XXX Lounge, and King’s Corner, where Pim, the blue-haired wonder, moved over to after Nana shut. On Thursday (or was it Friday?) Jack Nites from BKK nites popped down to The Strip to snap some photos. Beer flowed, the girls got hammered, and crazy fun ensued. One thing that sets Patpong apart from Nana and Cowboy is how friendly, personable, and relaxed the girls are. Their main goal isn’t to make money–it’s to have a good time. And hopefully, you know, some cash gets exchanged in the process. But fun is the name of the game in the Pong, which is why I love it so. Hell, Nan in XXX Lounge is so comfortable, she took a nap next to me.


Saturday’s wine training at Shenanigan’s was a surprise treat for yours truly, as they enlisted my help to be the practice customer, pouring me glass after glass of stuff off the new wine list (which is terrific, by the way). They’ve also added a new peri-peri chicken menu. I’m partial to the wings as they remind me of Nando’s.


Among the restaurants that remain open in Patpong are Madrid, Derby King, Tip-Top (not a restaurant but a billiards hall), French Kiss, Le Bouchon, Shenanigan’s, and Paddy Field.

Sarica Bar and Restaurant on Surawong Road is now a cannabis restaurant. I had their leafy krapow gai and a ham and cannabis pizza. I didn’t get high, but it was pretty tasty. Over at G’s German restaurant, he’s got in a case of Paix Dieu–the best beer in the world. It ain’t cheap–420b per bottle–but at 10%, is it really too much to pay for–and I’ll say it again–the best beer in the world?

And in what could be the best news of the week, as coincidence would have it, XXX Lounge has a restaurant license (thanks to it’s previous incarnation as The Steakhouse) and so they are permitted to open and serve, without dancers of course, but instead those gogo gals will be put to other use, serving you food and booze with that famous Thai smile.

That’s all for this week, everyone. Be sure to check out the blog that goes with the above pics, which contains a lot more detail and should be up on BKKNite’s website later today. Check back next Sunday for the next installment of Eurocompensating, which will cover Italian joints near Silom, and between now and then keep your balls warm, your beer full, and cheers to another week above ground in this fabulous country. Peace.