Eurocompensating: Italy, plus Patpong Update

What’s up reader? How’s day 1 of Bangkok’s 3rd lockdown treating you?

The gogos are shut. The bars are shut. Even the restaurants are shut–well, not shut, but might as well be, since you can’t drink alcohol there. We’re back in the Covid Dark Ages, ordering grub off Foodpanda and bagloads of booze from the local grocery store. It’s grim. The good news is, Bangkok Seven is back with another one of them block-rockin’ blogs about where you could–would that there were no lockdown–get your Italian food fix while remaining in the tropical playground that is Thailand. The blog itself will post to sometime later this evening. Below is the photographic companion piece to that article, along with a quick blurb about recent goings on in Patpong–the last one for a while, I reckon, since it’s 100% shut up and locked down starting today.


Ciao Pizza on Silom Soi 3 doesn’t just serve pizza, but try as I might I couldn’t peel my eyes away from their extensive pizza menu. I went twice, and both times could not bring myself to order pasta. And happily so, as their pies are absolutely fantastic. On the left is a multi-topped pizza-for-one. In the middle is the 7-cheese pie, and on the right, I’d eaten half of it before remembering to snap a pic–Tartufata.

Soho Pizza, at The Commons Saladaeng, serves up terrific New York-style pizza by the slice as well as whole pies on demand. And they’re available on Foodpanda, which is happy, happy news. I recommend the garlic-mushroom, the Lebanese lamb, and GOAT (greatest of all time).


From Sorrento on Soi 10, the angel hair pasta with rock lobster, and the ossobuco with cheesy risotto. I could see making this joint a weekly habit.

At Il Bolognese, the portobello mushroom appetizer was simply amazing. Rich, flavorful, perfectly cooked and presented, it was pure pleasure from start to finish. I wish I could’ve paired it with a Chardonnay, but there wasn’t one on the menu.

The pinot biaco was OK, though. Everything about this dish was spot-on, from the mixture of mushroom, stuffing, cheese, and tomato to the cream sauce that was drizzled over the plate.

I might go back again and again, and just order this appetizer. It was that good.





Below is the pork dish I ordered, and a photo of their pizza oven. The atmosphere of Il Bolognese is as appetizing as the food.

Descriptions of all of the above photos and dishes can be found at my post over at BKKNites, hopefully available tonight. And now, on to a Patpong update.

So, last week was the start of the gogo shutdown. Not coincidentally (because they used to be The Steakhouse Co.) XXX Lounge has a restaurant license, so they attempted to remain open with a full food menu on offer,, along with a gaggle of lovely hostesses. It wasn’t good enough for the police, however, who shut it down after three hours. Their excuse? “You have purple lights. Restaurant not have purple lights.” I’m not kidding, that was their reason for closing a place that was only trying to stay afloat while also helping their Thai staff pay rent. It was fun while it lasted, though. They even closed for 5 minutes while a couple of photographers did a makeshift ‘erotic food’ shoot, complete with a girl covered in a German dessert called a Kaiserschmarnn. (last 2 photos courtesy of Jack Nites)

Later in the week, there was another photo session at Club Black. The owners correctly thought that they wouldn’t be breaking Koof protocol, since 1–the location isn’t a bar, 2–it was closed to the public, 3–no money was exchanged, and 4–per government regulations, the group was less than 50 people. It wasn’t good enough for the police, however, who based on an anonymous tip from someone whose intentions can only be diabolical, shut it down within an hour, again taking food out of the mouths of their fellow Thais. Their excuse? “Too many people, you could be Covid.” The owner’s response: OK but, we’re not breaking any laws. The police response: “You close now. You violate safety rule.” As much as I love this country and the people in it, not all the pistons in this engine are firing.

And that short summary sums up the final events in Patpong before another coming long lockdown. But hey, it was more eventful than Nana and Cowboy combined. Let’s all cross our fingers that this new soul-crushing, economy-destroying, useless, dystopian attempt to kill the collective spirit of the nation along with lots and lots of people is a short one. And while we wait, lift a glass to what is still, despite the incompetence of their leaders and the oppressive tyranny in cooperation with a 99.8% survivable virus, it’ still the greatest country in the world. Vive l’Thailand.