Eurocompensating: Germany and Greece Pictorial Companion

What’s up web vagabond? My name’s Seven, and this is my blog. Well actually, to be fair, for the last several weeks it hasn’t been so much a blog as it has been a pictorial companion to my weekly posts over at under the banner “The Sunday Rap.” It’s not that I’m too lazy to write two articles. It’s just that, over at BKKNites, there ain’t a lot of pictures that get posted with my post, and since I snap more then a few of whatever I’m writing about, I figured it’d be a waste not to put them on the internet. Hence these weekly photo essays to match the material I’m emoting over on the other website. This week, we covered some yummy dishes at G’s German and Aesop’s Greek. Let’s get an eyeful…


There’s more than one shnitzel on the menu at G’s, but I’m partial to the jaegar. The mushroom sauce gives it an extra, savory, luxuriant flavor that can’t be beat. The plate itself is massive, and the natural reaction when it arrives at the table is astonishment. When I saw it for the first time, my first thought was that I could never finish it. I was wrong. It was so scrumptious, I ignored my rapidly-filling belly and scarfed that sucker down. I even managed to devour the veggies and spaetzle–a pasta-like side dish comprised of fluffy, savory noodle-ish morsels that, as you can see, defy description. From start to finish, it’s simply fantastic food.

On the day that I had the jaeger schnitzel, I didn’t leave enough room for dessert, so I made a special trip on another day specifically to try the kaiserschmarnn. It reminded me of my childhood, when a kid in the neighborhood would have a birthday party at the local ice cream parlor and order the ice cream sundae volcano–a single dish that was big enough for everyone to share. Kaiserschmarnn is the adult version of a dessert like that. It’s a delightful experience that everyone except diabetics should try at least once. I’ve had it twice, though full disclosure, on my second time I didn’t eat it. Rather, (and if you saw last week’s pictorial you already saw this) I spread it over the naked body of a female hostess over at the short-lived XXX Lounge restaurant in Patpong. Shortly afterward, the cops shut it down. Not because any laws were being broken, but because the place’s lights are purple. Don’t ask logical questions. It won’t do any good.

At the moment, G’s isn’t allowed to sell anything off their extensive beer menu. But they will deliver it to you, if you message them. So if you’re into really really great Belgian or German brews, check out their list. It’s awe-inspiring.


Simply put, Aesop’s is a fun place to eat. The menu, the decor, the staff, the music all conspire to ensure you have a good time. And it’s clear, the food is made with lots of TLC. I had the hummus, the flaming cheese, and minced steak on skewers (actually they were little swords).

As you can see, the flaming cheese is partially about spectacle. But mostly, it’s about delicious, gooey, spectacular cheese.



This was a truly unforgettable meal. Aesop’s is meant to host large groups, I suppose because Greeks love to socialize over food. But even a loner like me can go there, have an incomparable experience, then go home with great memories–and also left-overs, because it’s impossible to put it all away in one sitting.

Later this afternoon, pop over to to check out the Sunday Rap post that goes along with the above pictorial. In it, I blog about the experience of eating at the two restaurants. It’s a thousand words to match what these pictures also attempt to illustrate.

And that’s all I’ve got for you this week, folks. There’s no Patpong update, because even the restaurants there are shut down. French Kiss and Le Bouchon were the last hold-outs, but even they are shut as of this week. So the only open businesses are Foodland, a couple of pharmacies, and Madrid. A couple of gogos tried to take advantage of the empty bars and do photo shoots but the cops even shut those down. It appears Thailand is irrationally petrified of Covid at this point. The entire nation has been whipped into a kind of frenzied paranoia about a virus that is slightly more deadly as the seasonal flu. But then, so is the rest of the planet. Let’s hope the clampdown ends soon. Keep calm, and love Thailand. Peace.