Flashback Photo Spread Redux: Black Pagoda

Hey friend, how’s your day going? I’m Seven, and this is my blog. I’ve another one out today over at bkknites.com called “The Sunday Rap” where our friend Jack Nites has provided for your viewing pleasure a photo album comprised of the lovely ladies of Black Pagoda–an awesome gogo bar in Patpong. He asked me to write a little something about BP as an accompanying piece to go with his album. And since I myself have taken many a candid, low-quality phone pic inside the place, I decided to post my own companion photo album to complement and accentuate the Sunday Rap. So if you’ve found this page first, be sure to head over to bkknites and check out Jack’s much much better photos.

In The above 4 photos is Best, Best and Saa, Best, and Best. Best is a long-time BGF (bestie gogo friend). We’ve chummed around for years, starting back when she ruled the stage at Electric Blue. She’s a beautiful soul, a hard partier, and a heavy drinker. If you’re lucky enough to grab her attention on an evening, you’re sure to have a rip-roaring time.

My best BGF in Pagoda is Taitle. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but she’s a single mom pushing 30. Nevermind that she looks like a real-life anime character. If you meet her, you might think she’s aloof or stuck-up, but the reality is that–even though she’s a gogo dancer–she’s actually painfully shy. It took me two years of continuous, patient charm to win her over. Although, I’m not sure if she’ll be back on the pole post-pandemic. Thankfully I still see her regularly, as she cleans my apartment every month.

Saa–seen here solo in pictures 1 and 2 and with Best in pictures 3 and 4–is a saucy minx. When she’s on the clock with Best, the pair are like a couple of cats fighting over a ball of yarn. They’re positively entertaining to watch.

These are the asses of–from left to right–Jaja, Taew, Mina, and Poo.

Pictures 1 to 3 are of Ice–previously a part-timer at Electric Blue, now permanently off the pole. I enjoyed tugging at her clothes, sometimes removing them, and she endured me with the patience of a saint. Picture 4 is of Best’s back tattoo as she lounged on my lap.

In truth, not a lot of dancing takes place in Pagoda. The ‘stage’ consists of four isolated poles placed in strategic locations around the bar. The real fun in this joint is to grab a couple girls and flop down with them on a sofa. These babes are much happier sitting on your lap, posing for photos, and playing drinking games than they are taking to the stage.

Speaking of lounging, the picture on the left shows a brief moment of downtime in the girls’ dressing room backstage. The middle pic shows a few girls actually dancing–a sight that is truly inspiring when taken in from street level. Pic 3 is of Bum, Taitle, and Oil–Electric Blue vets. Bum was on the clock, but Taitle and Oil weren’t working. They’d come to Pagoda to celebrate my birthday with me.

That’s all for this week’s nostalgic look back at pre-Covid Pagoda. As we wait to hear when or if the gogos can reopen, let these photos tide you over till we can be there in the flesh once again. Swing by bkknites for more, and should you need a pics fix midweek, check out my Facebook (Bangkok Seven) and Twitter (@BangkokSeven).  See you next Sunday.