Flashback Photo Album: Kiss Bar Patpong

Happy never-ending lockdown, reader. How’re you holding up? If you’re like my two friends Kee Mao Moo and Lucky, you’re nearing the end of your rope. I don’t see them—how and where and why would we get together? Instead, we separately search the streets of Bangkok for restaurants that will quietly serve booze in coffee cups, weeping softly into our mugs at the lack of titillating nightlife destinations. Lucky messaged to say which Sukhumvit bars were and weren’t secretly serving, and to lament how much he missed gogo bars. There was a real air of despair in the subtext of his texts, and I wondered if an intervention was in order.

How about you, reader? Are you in the same boat? If so, I’ll tell you what I told him: this too shall pass. There is a day in our future—likely before autumn—when the red-lights will reopen and we’ll be back stage-side, peering up the miniskirts of a gang of hot pole dancers. Until that day, we can only endure. And in an effort to help mitigate the damage done by these draconian shutdowns, your friend Bangkok Seven has been posting weekly photo albums that flash-back to days when the gogos were open, as well as donated pics from out-of-work dancers who’re bored and stuck at home with nothing but a phone camera. This week I’m offering up a redux album of the girls at Kiss Bar—two weeks late, given that my bkknites.com blog on the same gogo bar was posted on March 23rd. But better late than never, am I right? So, let’s dig in…

I have to say, these naught nurse uniforms might’ve been my favorite over at Kiss Bar. As you can see, the girls looks abfab in them, and wearing this sexy garb put them in a positively pornographic mood. In the photos above are 3 of Kiss’ heaviest hitters–Ann (aka Big Sis), Sai and Ann, Ann and Mint, and Ann’s ass. Kiss Bar was a carnival of carnality.

Onstage, the girls of Kiss Bar were uninhibited and comical, their goal being to have a good time over all else. Some gogo dancers put on airs when they climb on stage. They take on a performance persona, and that’s not a criticism. It can be quite inspiring to see a gogo girl transform into a hypser-realized version of what she thinks a dancer should be. But it’s also fun to see girls who shamelessly break the 4th wall between pole kitty and monger.

Offstage, the girls of Kiss Bar look just as alluring. Here we see Sai, Ann, Mui, and Ann again. They’re always up for posing in front of a lens, even while lounging in a booth with their legs stretched across Seven’s lap.

Speaking of Seven’s lap, these dancers seem to have more fun when relaxing next to their regular customers. To say their mood is “casual” would be an understatement. If you feel like fondling a boob, or spreading a dancer’s legs, or giving make-up tips, you may. In fact, a girl in this joint might wall saunter over, plop down next to you, and take a nap on your shoulder.

It’s true that, as Bangkok Seven, I can take liberties in the gogo that others would never get away with. For a while in 2018 and 2019, I was fond of grabbing dancers by the front of their knickers. I also enjoyed snapping photos of the girls while they changed clothes inside the gogo–a regular habit for Kiss girls. And over time, Sai got so used to me undressing her that one night, when I dragged her into the toilet and took her clothes off for a pic of her back tattoo, she obliged without complaint.

Before Miw relocated to Phuket, she was a Kiss Bar fave. Her wild, feline facial features made her an enigmatic, fascinating dancer to watch, both onstage and off. My friend Lucky nicknamed her “Avatar” because she resembled the blue computer animated aliens from the movie of the same name. She also sported a sweet back tattoo, and her dance moves were positively boner-inspiring. What’s more, she seemed totally unaware of her sexual potency. Hot girls who don’t know their hot possess a special kind of hotness. In the above left photo, Miw had crawled on top of me and sported a “victory” pose. I almost asked her to marry me that night. Last year she gave up on Bangkok and found a new home in a gogo bar somewhere in Patong, Phuket. I sometimes entertain the thought of going down and searching for her. But my laziness always wins out. Here’s hoping she returns to Patpong one day.


I can’t overstate how refreshing it is to interact with gogo dancers who are casual, down-to-earth, and just plain fun. There’s no barrier between dancer and customer, no filter in terms of behavior or attitude. They are who they are. I guess that’s why I love them so much.

Tune in next week for…….I’m not sure what. It’ll either be another flashback gogo dancer photo album or a handful of girls’ lockdown selfies. In the meantime, keep your beer chilled, your balls bald, and here’s to hoping the gogos reopen sooner rather than later. Cheers.