Can We Talk About Covid?

I know, I know. You’re sick of talking about Covid. God knows, I am. Last year, when I got trapped in the US for five months during the global travel ban, I posted a few blogs on the subject, and then in the last one, triumphantly claimed I would never write another one. But then, I didn’t know it would drag on another full year. And there are things to say. So I’m saying them.

Through a combination of factors, Thailand missed the first, year-long wave that hit the rest of the planet. A border lockdown plus compliant citizens plus a climate that is provably unfriendly to the virus are the likely causes for Thailand suffering only 50 deaths in the first year of the pandemic (also, it’s likely the powers that be weren’t properly testing or counting cases in the first year). In April 2021, however, the Koof caught fire in the populace, and has been tearing Thailand a new asshole ever since. Even still, the death toll is comparatively small, and then there’s the vaccine. And in that respect, the Thai government deserves kudos. One can imagine that this was planned—stave off the spread until a vaccine becomes available. They did that. Which begs the question: why in the ever-loving fuck are we still locked down?

70 million people live in Thailand. 210,000 of them have caught Covid as of last Friday. That’s 3% of the total population. So why in the ever-loving fuck are we locked down?

Of the people in Thailand who’ve caught Covid, 1,577 have died. That’s 0.7%!!!!! WHY IN THE EVER-LOVING FUCK ARE WE LOCKED DOWN?????

In 1918, The Spanish Flu killed 40 million people worldwide, and nobody shut down. It’s enough to make a person wonder if maybe something nefarious is going on.

There’s definitely something going on in Thailand, specifically concerning the banning of alcohol in bars and restaurants. Since the onset of the pandemic, not a single study has proven that drinking alcohol wields any affect whatsoever on the spread of Covid. The Thai government has a weird fetish with alcohol bordering on superstition. Occam’s Razor would point to simple retardation to explain this nonsense. I’ve heard theories that it’s a scheme to funnel money into the pockets of certain corporations by forcing people to drink at home. Which doesn’t negate the probability that the powers that be in the government are, in fact, fucking retarded.

In the last 48 hours we’ve heard some good news. Thailand’s Tourism and Sports Minister announced they were planning for Thailand to fully reopen on October 1st. Restaurants in Bangkok were informed they could stay open till 11 pm starting Monday. I spoke with some people who manage gogo bars in Patpong who said they’ve been told they will reopen around mid-August. All indications point to this bullshit being close to over. But I can’t help thinking that, like a dead body tied to marionette strings (Weekend at Bernie’s, anyone?), Covid’s corpse will be reanimated and used by governments to shoehorn fascism into our lives like a square peg into a round hole.

With the recent explosion of the lab leak theory among the ignorant masses in The West, the Covid narrative has been turned on its head. We here in Asia new about the Wuhan leak from the very start. The lab worker who caused it initially went public, and also contacted a professor at a nearby university. Both were quickly disappeared by the Chinese government, but not before posting their research journals online. In the last two weeks, Facebook and Youtube have allowed some alternative messages to be posted, among them the successful results of the treatment drugs Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Right now, The West is busy dividing their citizens into the vaxxed and unvaxxed. They’re already marginalizing people who didn’t get the poke, banning them from concerts and travel. Soon they’ll be banned from grocery stores and going to work. This insidious evil is nothing short of government terrorism, because of the lie that unvaxxed people are a danger. News flash, fuckheads: if you’re vaccinated, then unvaccinated people aren’t a problem for you…because you’re vaccinated. The only difference between a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person is, if the vaccinated person gets the virus, their symptoms will be milder. That’s it. That’s the only difference. So when vaxxed and unvaxxed people mix, the only people who are at risk are—wait for it—unvaxxed people. Which means that this division, this fearmongering, this Big Pharma technocratic control grid and coming global dystopian hellscape has NOTHING to do with Covid. It is a neo-socialist takeover. The nice name they throw around is “The Great Reset.” The name they had for it decades before Covid was “United Nations Agenda 2030.”

Which is why I’m encouraged by the possibility of Thailand reopening in October. It would mean the wheels of industry here will start turning again, foiling any attempt to completely collapse the Thai economy. Which means we can recover. Barring a policy reversal, or another outbreak (the Wuhan lab reportedly has a virus 15 times more deadly than Covid), we can reverse the tyranny imposed over the last 17 months and return to a life of freedom and prosperity. And the global socialist movement will have to wait for the next disaster to try again.

Until then, let’s take advantage of every glorious moment in this warm, tropical, hottie-packed, red-light friendly paradise known as Thailand. Because you never know when the next shoe will drop, so get your fun in, treat yourself, and grab this life by the tits. There are no 2nd chances, and we only go around once. The takeaway—at least this week—is that we’re almost done with this nightmare. Congratulations, you survived. We’re in the home stretch.

Thanks for letting me rant, reader. Until next week…..peace.