Naked Ninja Retrospective Part 2

‘Sup reader, how’s your day going? My name’s Seven, and this is my blog.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the privilege of photographing nude Patpong gogo dancers in various poses in my apartment whilst holding various props—a series I came to call ‘naked ninjas.’ Some of them were Photoshopped and printed on plexi for an art exhibit in the Candle Light Studio last year called “Patpong Dangerous.” As we enter month 4 of the relentless, brainless, gutless, useless ban on gogo bars, I’m hard at work churning out the kind of pictures that I hope will tide you over until this nightmare ends. Call it methadone for your addiction. Today I’m posting some old naked ninja pics from sessions past. I hope you’ll find them…….titillating.


This skinny slice of heaven was a regular in The Strip pre-lockdown. I’ve no idea where she is now, but in 2018 she came over to mine, stripped down, and grabbed a rifle and a couple of pistols for this photo shoot. She’s got no tits, but damn if the rest of her isn’t delicious. And that sassy, pouty expression is enough to bring a man to his knees. She’s a bold-yet-humble, innocent-yet-sexy, funny and fun-loving gal. And her moves on a gogo dance floor are positively hypnotic. (see video evidence on my Twitter and Instagram).


One of Kiss Bar’s past goddesses was Mint. As sure as the sun rises, she’ll be back on a pole the day the ban ends, but it’s too late for her. She squeezed out a kid last year mid-pandemic and it turned what used to be a walking talking incarnation of sex into a frumpy mom with a post-op scar. Luckily, she scooted into my place and shimmied out of her clothes mere days before getting knocked up. These pictures preserve the pretty piece of poontang she once was. In the months before the pandemic lockdown, I saw her in Glamour, XXX Lounge, and Kiss Bar on separate weekends. I’m sure she’ll be back in the Pong again someday.


Momay was a sight to behold back when she was the queen of the stage at Electric Blue. Shortly after that gogo shut, she got a set of fake boobs and then inexplicably left the pole. Within a few months, she was caught with yaba and did a 3-year stint in the slammer. She was released early in 2021. I haven’t heard from her, and don’t expect to. But I wish her well. We spent many fun nights partying in EB. I miss her sometimes.


Kik used to be a big deal over at King’s Castle 1. When I first met her in 2016. At the time, she sported platinum blonde hair with one red pigtail and one blue one, a la Harley Quinn. Flash forward to 2019 and her naked ninja shoot. By then she’d switched over to The XXX Lounge on Soi 1. When the gogos finally reopen, I fully expect to see her back there. Her shy, soft demeanor oozes the kind of natural sexuality I simply can’t resist.


Mai’s a single mother of two, but you wouldn’t know it to look at her. She’s blessedly free of scars and stretch marks, with only a pair of perky fake tits adorning her tiny frame. Her best feature though, is either her sweet smile or the enticing combination of relaxed early 30s disposition and her 20something body. She’s the best of all worlds. Last autumn, she left BKK with her kids to the countryside to wait out the Koof. Here’s hoping she returns once this bullshit is behind us.

For more gogo-related eye candy, swing by later today. The Sunday Rap is a retrospective of Lighthouse on Soi Cowboy.

And between now and next week, keep your chin up, check my FB and Twitter for more content (I post every day), and let’s never stop appreciating Thailand—despite the terrible idiots in charge—because this is still the best country on Earth—pandemic or no pandemic. Peace.