Can We Talk About Totalitarianism? Plus Gogo Girl Photos

Hey reader, how’re you doing? I know—we here in Thailand are only mid-way through a pandemic-prompted prison sentence with no definitive release date. The “powers that be” have shut down our bars and gogos because of a virus that has killed less than 1% of the world population. They can’t think of a solution other than knee-jerk lockdown mandates, and so there’s little hope of things going back to normal until someone smarter than the current decision-makers somehow convince our overlords to take a different tack. Or more realistically, until Thailand achieves herd immunity. And while it won’t do any good, it’s well past time we had a candid conversation about the ridiculous response to Covid. Prepare to get pissed off.

The population of Thailand is 70 million. At the start of July, the number of Thais who had caught covid was 277,000 and of those, 2,182 have died. That means 0.4% of the total population have caught Covid and only 0.7% died from it. Those are obscenely low numbers, and infuriating when you consider the government’s response, which was to shut down tourism, restaurants, and bars—an action that has halted what was a thriving economy and plunged throngs of Thais into poverty. And as you can see by the photos above of an emaciated Pui, those whose livelihoods depend on tourism and nightlife are truly suffering. At a certain point, starvation will become a more deadly threat than Covid, and that point is rapidly approaching.

To add insult to inanity, there have been no documented cases of transmission in bars or restaurants in Thailand. On the other hand, malls—where there have been several incidents of transmission—remain open. It’s almost as if there is an agenda at work here that 1—has nothing to do with Covid, and 2—is aimed at bankrupting certain people and businesses while allowing others to prosper. If it’s true that the government is using the pandemic as an excuse to selectively devastate certain industries, decimating the lives of millions of people in the process, it is a travesty of monumental proportion. That said, it’s important to acknowledge that virtually every other nation on Earth (with the exception of Singapore) is doing the same thing. I’m not sure if that absolves the government or makes them complicit, but at least Thailand isn’t suffering alone.

But the bad news doesn’t end there. Thanks to 4 months of no work for bar girls, gogo dancers, and red-light goodtime gals, said ladies have taken up new occupations—namely as internet eye candy on OnlyFans. One of the girls in this sea of sex sirens is Ae—formerly of Wrath Bar on Soi 6 in Ptown. She and a bunch of her friends are now only accessible through your preferred wifi-connected receptacle. If this trend continues, when the red-light districts finally do reopen, the beer bar stools and gogo stages will be empty.

Either way, we’re approaching a breaking point. Something’s got to give. According to The Economic Intelligence Center, international and domestic tourism generates over 3 trillion baht per year and accounts for over ¼ for the country’s economy. After operating at 70% capacity for a year and a half, things are looking grim. Pictured at right is a photo that went around the Internet showing the daily lines of people waiting for food donations in Pattaya. The country is teetering on the edge of collapse. Last week my friend Oil—a former gogo dancer—sent me photos of her neighborhood, which (pictured below) has been taped-off due to a cluster of Covid cases on her soi—people who can’t afford to go to hospital are simply shut off from everyone else and forced to stay indoors until they recover…or die. Their local market has been shut down for a week, so they will have no access to food, water, diapers, etc. during that time. How mentally handicapped and/or tyrannical does a government have to be to institute such totalitarian measures against its own people? And how long will Thais endure this torture before they revolt?

I don’t know about you, but my capacity to be patient and optimistic is wearing thin. Sure, the case numbers in Thailand are the worst they’ve ever been, but there’s something odd about the statistics. While the amount of people catching Covid is skyrocketing compared to last year, the death rate isn’t. It’s more or less flatlined, which means either 1–there’s something unique about the climate of Thailand and/or the DNA of Thais (from the humidity to the heat to high numbers with Dengue immunity) that lessens the severity of the virus, or 2–the Delta variant is simply weaker than the original strain. That should be good news. And yet, the government has reacted the only way they know how: with tyranny. Curfews, stricter lockdowns, travel restrictions, and absurd mandates like double-masking will not stop the virus, because as any idiot knows–you can’t stop a virus.

And with news of a new “Epsilon” and “Lambda” variants, and the Media lock-step lie that they are somehow more dangerous, it appears this 99.2% survivable pandemic will be used to cram fascism down the world’s collective throats indefinitely, with no foreseeable return to freedom and normalcy. Will Thailand choose to go the way of Singapore, and restore prosperity to its people? Or, will they jump on the Brave New World/1984 bandwagon and subjugate the nation from here onward? We can only wait helplessly for an answer. And so, allow me to end this post with a brief distraction from our plight…..more photos of locked-down out-of-work gogo dancer Nuchy. Enjoy.