Naked Ninja Retrospective Part 3

Greetings, fellow inmates. How’s your prison sentence coming along? Okay, maybe calling this lockdown-slash-fun ban a “prison” is a bit hyperbolic. After all, Foodpanda still delivers, and my harem girls still drop by on their appointed day of the week. But it’s hard not to see the soft parallels between lockdown life and, say, the plot of certain dystopian novels. To call these times “Orwellian” wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

And while we’re deprived of our fun, as a coping mechanism I’ve strove on a weekly basis to give you some small reprieve from the doldrums that now affect and infect our daily lives with some photographic remnant of those grand old times of yore, when the gogos were open, the red-lights were raging, the booze was flowing, and the girls were prancing upon darkly-lit stages with barely more than a bikini separating us from their naughty bits.

This week, instead of on-site gogo photos, I present the 3rd installment of my “Naked Ninjas” photo album. Over the course of the last 5 years, certain pole kitties from Patpong have deigned to visit my apartment for a nude-but-tasteful pictorial with a few of my favorite props which I later developed into works for an exhibition at Candle Light Studio called “Patpong Dangerous” that opened and closed in the fall of 2020. What you see displayed below are a few outtakes from four of those photo sessions with the lovely Ploy, Mew, Oil-and-Bum, and Taitle, all of whom (save for one) were stars of Electric Blue A-Gogo on Patpong Soi 2.

Ploy was easily the skinniest gogo dancer in Patpong, and likely all of Bangkok. She blamed it on a stomach disorder that didn’t allow her to eat meat or dairy. Her tiny frame, along with a set of giant fake tits and a full back tattoo gave her the very convincing look of a real-life anime character. She left the pole years ago and had a baby, which thankfully helped her put on some much-needed weight and fill out a bit. She looks less like a caratoon now and more like an actual person. These days she’s just a single mom working in the office of an electronics company, but for a brief moment in 2017, she was one of Bangkok Seven’s naked ninjas.

Mew was a massive draw at Glamour before being forced into early retirement. Her mom took a full-time job and so Mew had to leave the pole to stay home and take care of her little sister. Today she’s a clerk at a shipping company and wouldn’t be caught dead in Patpong. While at Glamour, though, she was known for her fake-pouty attitude and weakness for tequila.

Oil and Bum were a couple of veterans and BFFs who got their start in Electric Blue. When it closed they moved as a duo over to the short-lived Shark Bar (on the spot where Shenanigan’s is now), then over to Black Pagoda before–coincidentally or not–they both got knocked-up and left the pole. Bum made a brief return to BP before the pandemic, but now she’s confined to the quiet life in Bang Na. Oil’s seen a string of hardships, not the least of which was her prematurely born daughter who needs lots of looking after. They’re both great moms, but before that they were great naked ninjas.

Taitle might be the shyest gogo dancer I’ve ever met. It took years to get her comfortable enough to hang out outside the gogo, so when she agreed to a naked ninja shoot, I was astounded. Years later, one of my renderings of her back tattoo (ink on plexi) became a centerpiece of my exhibition. She even came and posed next to it, bareback, for a press photo. She’s come a long way since getting her start at Electric Blue, and though she’s vowed never to work in a gogo bar again, her stint on the pole will be the stuff of legend (at least in my blog posts) for years to come.

And that about wraps it up for this week. If you’re hankering for more gogo gal-related content head over to later this afternoon. I understand they’ve had some problems with their hosting platform but it should be cleared up by then. And between now and next Sunday, keep your fridge stocked, your balls bald, and raise a glass to Thailand, where–up until 2021 at least–the happiest of red-light memories were made. Let’s hope they tide us over until we can put this nonsense behind us. Cheers, everyone.