Naked Ninja Retrospective Part 4

Well, it just keeps getting crappier, ay reader? Every week brings new news of old, unhelpful tactics for curbing Covid, handed down hamfisted by an inept gang of morons who somehow have the authority to tell us what to do. And every week, our backs bend just a little closer toward the ground. It could be worse. We could be trapped in some Western shithole like Canada or the US, where folks are force-fed a fuckload of bullshit 24/7 about new variants and vaccine passports. And it could be better. We could be in England or Singapore–the only two nations who’ve decided to do away with all Koof-related restrictions. As it is, we’re in what used to be the greatest country on the planet, and with luck, will be again. But while we’re trapped in this fun-less fever dream, this no-gogo nightmare, this lockdown limbo, allow me to favor you yet again with a photo spread comprised of those lovely pole dancers of yore. Hearken back to the days when Bangkok red-light districts drew sin seekers from all four corners of the Earth, who stared slack-jawed and wide-eyed at those neon-lit goddesses onstage. Below is another photo album from my Naked Ninja series, where I coaxed a few of my Patpong friends into posing sans clothing with some of my more dangerous toys. I hope this takes your mind off things, if only briefly…

Auii was a familiar face at Electric Blue during its heyday. She was featured in many of their PR photos, so much so that a giant poster of her lovely face found its way to a baht-bus advert in Pattaya. And by coincidence, she’s sucking on a lollipop that I gave here the night the photo was taken. Auii’s a single mom with two kids, and up until the pandemic was able to keep food on the table by pole dancing. I’ve lost track of her since the onset of the Koof…I think she might’ve relocated back to the countryside where her parents live. One of her NN photos found its way to my list of favorite “Patpong Dangerous” pictures, though it got bumped at the last minute. I’ve included it here. She’s naked on a cake, in the manner that I fantasize gogo dancers when they’re not onstage. They’re somewhere out in the world, lounging naked on cakes. Or so I hope…

Pond is a hot little lesbian with a very, very possessive tomboy girlfriend.  It took a lot of cloak-and-dagger just to get her over to my place for a photo shoot. For the longest time, she was a popular part of the roster in Electric Blue. After it closed, she bounced between The Strip and Black Pagoda. These days she’s stuck at home with her ‘fatal attraction’ galpal. Occasionally she emails me to say she’s coming over, but inevitably she never shows up. I envision her tomboy blocking the front door of their room. She found her way into two of my “Patpong Dangerous” photos. In the one at the right, I’ve plopped her into a glass of vodka-soda stageside in Bada Bing.

Bow was a superstar at The Strip for around four years before disappearing from the life without warning in 2018. During that time, she was a regular part of my harem. When I asked her to pose for a NN shoot, she was unenthused, but ultimately she bent to my will, though you can see by her expression that she wasn’t happy about it. If I had to guess, I’d say Bow probably got knocked-up. When a gogo dancer suddenly disappears without a word, that’s usually the reason.

Miw turned heads at Kiss Bar on Soi 1 off and on for years. Whenever she was able to snag a farang boyfriend, she’d leave the pole. Then, when the relationship imploded–as they so often do–she’d scamper back to the gogo stage with gusto. Just before the onset of the Koof, she relocated to Phuket and I haven’t seen her since. But since that island’s nightlife scene has been shut down for months, I can’t think she’d still be there.  One of her photos ended up becoming the inspiration for a character in a series of journals that I wrote for the upcoming virtual red-light district of Cyberpong. Should it pique your curiosity, you can read the first round of them here:

That’s all for this week, folks. With the extension of the emergency decree to the end of September, it’s looking like we’ll be stuck like this, without any fun to speak of, for a long time to come. Until next week, keep your fridge stocked, your liquor cabinet stocked, and your memories of better times…….stocked. We have no other options.