What I Miss Most: Beers Babes and Bars

Hey everyone. Well, the beat goes on. There’s no sign of an end to the fun ban, and so we are left with…what? Memories, hopes, and photos. I present the former and the latter to you today. I’m in a nostalgic mood. I’m remembering the good times. Namely, sitting stageside in a neon-lit gogo bar in a Bangkok Redlight District. Heaven on Earth for a monger like me.


What follows is a collection of photos I’ve captured over the last half-decade. As one of only a handful of people who’s allowed to take pictures inside the gogo bars of Patpong, it’s only fitting that—now we’re all denied our candy—I should share the fruits of that labor with those who, like me, crave the sweet titillation of a dark room with loud music and a stage full of scantily-clad women in stiletto heels. Let’s take a look…

Pink Panther has been a well-known and popular gogo destination for many years, due to its location and roster of hot girls, As it’s the first bar at the Surawong end of Soi 2 and just a short walk for Japanese tourists from soi Thaniya, the vibe in this bright pink party palace is wholly unique. Pre-pandemic, I rarely missed sucking down a vodka-soda in Panther. The girls are simply irresistable. One of my old harem girls, Bo, got her start in The Strip but she finished out her gogo career in Panther. Along with her, some of my pole kitty BFFs work here as well, like Bua, Ice, and Ying. They’re all superfun party animals and a pure pleasure to share a drink with.

Speaking of Bo and The Strip, she and some of the best booties in all of BKK ruled that stage from 2015 till the start of the pandemic. Year after year, the girls of The Strip take the prize for being the most friendly, most uninhibited, and often among the best-looking. Though the pack of pretties pictured above are no longer on the pole, they’ve been replaced by a gang of gorgeous girls who’re positively champing at the bit to get back to the bar, and back on the laps of lascivious lotharios like you and me.


One confirmed victim of the lockdown is Glamour A-Gogo on Soi 2. They’ve thrown in the towel, breaking the hearts of many mongers, me included. Glamour holds a special place in my heart, purely for all the good times had in there but also because it sparked so many long-term friendships with so many lovely lasses, including Mew, Ging, Benz, Jane, Pui, and Bee. Half of them have found jobs in various boring arenas, like coffee shops and the Lazada shipping warehouse. The rest will likely find new homes somewhere on Patpong once the fun ban ends. I, for one, look forward to seeing where they land.

The two photos above left are from King’s Castle 1 and 2–two joints I made sure to hit every night of the week, purely for the view. One unique aspect of the Pong was always the difference in atmosphere between the gogos of Sois 1 and 2. Every bar on Soi 2 is owned by a farang, whiles all the ones on Soi 1 are Thai-owned. This makes for a distinctly different experience. There are certain girls who refuse to work for farang, for one reason or another, and as anyone who’s lived here long enough knows, Thai bosses and farang bosses simply have different approaches to business. Thus, the vibe in a Thai-ownde bar is more…well, more “Thai.” A lot of foreigners don’t go there purely for that reason, but for a monger like me, who speaks Thai and generally hates tourists and farang in general, it’s pretty awesome.

The two above right pics were snapped in Bada Bing. Half a decade ago, the Bing was the most popular gogo in Patpong. In recent years it’s declined in popularity, by no fault of its own. There’d been a decrease in foot traffic in red-light districts for years before Covid thanks to other factors like a global economic downturn and the invention of new ways to hook up, like Tinder. Nevertheless, Bada Bing remains a fun place to frolic, and still boasts a roster of girls whose sequal potency is palpable from the street, and still draws in passers by like moths to a flame.

Kiss Bar on Soi 1 used to be my first and last stop of the night every night, for three reasons. First, they served Belgian beers. In fact, in the years leading up to the pandemic, they were the only gogo in the Pong that served Belgians (after The Strip and Thigh Bar cut them from their menus). Second, they kept a playlist of 80s music on their computer for me, and played it whenever I came in. And third, they kept a close-knit group of girls who were so friendly, so real, and so fun that half of them became concubines and the other half were like sisters to me. I’m talking about Ann, Sai, Biw (formerly of The Strip), Miw, Mint, and JJ. In my experience, the thing that has set Patpong apart from Nana and Cowboy has always been the friendliness of the girls. They’re by far and away sweeter, more genuine, and more affectionate.

It’s an unavoidable fact that gogos come and go. Owners throw in the towel, or change venues, or change careers (like the owner of Electric Blue, pictured at right, who first transformed EB into a steakhouse before cashing out and moving to Pattaya). And while it’s likely that someone will buy Glamour and keep it going, I can’t help feeling a little sad that when and if we get back to normal post-Covid, things will never bee the same. I know that, as long as there are dudes who want to own gogos and girls who want to take to the pole, these amazing places will still be around. I just hope some of favorite bars and favorite girls will be there when we can finally set foot in the red-lights again.

Speaking of favorites, I didn’t include any photos from Black Pagoda in this post, mainly because it’s typically too dark inside the bar for a good snapshot. But if you’re a BP fan, fear not. There’ll be an entire photo spread dedicated to that awesome joing over at bkknites.com later today. I hope you’ll swing by for a look. Until next week, friends, keep your fridge stocked, your junk groomed, and raise a glass to the hope of a future–maybe even this year–where we’re all sitting next to a gogo bar stage once again. Cheers.