Locked Down Lasses: Gogo Dancer Catch-up

Happy Sunday, reader. Happy malaise. Happy fun ban. Happy ongoing lockdown. Last week, the Thai govt announced an easing of restrictions on September 1st for vaccinated people–news that is nothing to sneeze at. But the hope of reopened red-light districts and bars seemingly remain a long way off. So for those of us suffering from a total lack of titillation, I offer the following photo album comprised of pictures of unemployed gogo dancers doing various non-work-related activities.

Pupae–one of the mega-stars of The Strip–is on holiday. I can’t tell where, though if I had to guess, I’d say one of the islands. Maybe Sumet? I don’t know. But I messaged her last week to ask what she was up to, and in response she sent these photos. It looks like fun, but I’m anxious to see her back on a gogo stage soon. It’s her natural habitat, despite how comfy she looks in these photos.

Ice bombards me with pictures virtually constantly. I’m not complaining, but trust me when I say the above examples represent a tiny fraction of the shit-ton of Ice photos in my phone. And look, I like cute, skinny girls. I just don’t know what to do with all the pics. Ice is also a Strip veteran, though at the start of 2021 she moved over to XXX Lounge. When the bars reopen, she’ll likely be back there. In the meantime, I’ll continue to pass her bikini dance videos on to my Twitter followers, and pick out the best pics to share here.


Pui’s from XXX Lounge. She and her BFF Nuchy (see below) have been hanging out in Pattaya for the past several weeks. I keep getting short videos of their antics, most of which I’ve posted to my Twitter. Pui’s not shy, as you can see. Although her titties are small, she’s not ashamed of them. Nor should she be. One thing’s for damn sure, though. She’s rubbish at housework.

Nuchy has learned the art of the selfie during this lockdown. And call me crazy, but I think she’s gotten hotter. Or maybe she’s just really photogenic. I like the vibe she’s putting out. Word is she has an Only Fans page, so maybe she won’t return to the pole once the lockdown ends. If she does return, it’ll be alongside Pui and Earn (below) over at XXX Lounge.

This is Earn–also BFFs with Nuchy, also from XXX Lounge. She’s a gogo fave, as a matter of fact, and it’s obvious why. That lovely, innocent face attached to a body that seems was made in a sex robot factory. She and Nuchy together are like fire and gun powder.

Overall, the girls look like they’re surviving the shutdown, thank Buddha. It gives me hope that, once the RLD reopens and we can all go back to normal, these seductive sirents will emerge unscathed. Now it’s up to us mongers to also make it out the other end of this cornhole of a lockdown with our senses intact. So buck up, brothers. Crack open a frosty one, relax, and rest assured that we will be stage-side once more. We only have to survive the here and now.

Tune in next Sunday for what will likely be more photos of gogo dancers on holiday, and if you’re hankering for more red-light-related visual stimuli before then, head over to bangkoknites.com later this afternoon for the Sunday Rap. Peace out, homies.