Mid-September 2021–Just More of the Same

Greeting, fellow mongers. I feel your pain. It’s been six months since my last Patpong session–forgive me for my lack of sin.

Honestly, I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with this bullshit. I get that governments are made up of retards–some more acutely retarded than others–and as a lowly cog in the wheel of society, I can only keep turning…waiting for those in power to grant us our freedom and fun again. And there are positive signs coming out of the Thai govt lately, but as we all know, they can switch on a dime.

One thing I can do, though, is hang out with my buddy Jack Nites while does photo shoots with out-of-work gogo dancers, which I’m doing with greater frequency lately. And other girls continue to send me pictures of themselves on forced holiday. As promised, I’ll be sharing them with you.

And even though the police are currently squeezing the balls of the owners of my favorite restaurants, I still managed to get out and dine–if not wine–a bit this week as well. It was better than nothing. Here’s the rundown…

So, over three days of watching photo shoots, I only remembered to break out my phone once. It was for these candid shots of Kaew, from XXX Lounge. A lot of the XXX girls are taking part in the “Hot Dogs Hot Girls” food delivery scheme thought up by one of our friends. You can find a vague description of these endeavor in my last week’s post, and also in an article over on bangkoknites.com later today. Although I said that last week and nothing materialized.  Anyway, Kaew had a lot of fun on the shoot, and I, for one, had fun watching her have fun.


Whilst strolling through a deserted Patpong in the middle of the day last week, I ran into two gogo dancers from The Strip, who promptly demanded to be taken to dinner. So after a short shopping trip to Mr DIY, we headed up to Sizzler for the all-you-can-eat salad bar. The girls did a pretty good job of packing food away, but as you can see, there’s not much danger of them getting fat.


Speaking of eating, I had some hits and misses last week. The first hit was Red Lion’s weekend roast with mixed meat. Everything was perfect and on point. It’s a luxurious plate of food on a working man’s price point. I can’t wait to go back. Later, I ignored my better judgment and had lunch at Sunrise Tacos in Silom. After being burned by their terrible cooking and penchant for getting every order wrong, I’d sworn them off. But when the air-con in G’s turned out to be broken, in a moment of desperation I swung into Sunrise for some USA Cowboy tacos, and happily, they were pretty good. Flash forward to yesterday when I foolishly thought that the Cowboys were a sign that the cooks at Sunrise had improved, and so ordered a steak burrito via Foodpanda. As you can see from the photo, the steak was woefully undercooked. Let it be known, I will never eat at Sunrise again.


Filed under the “pleasantly surprised” category for the week was a Thursday meetup with Earn from XXX Lounge. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of months, ostensibly because she’d acquired a Thai boyfriend and so dropped off the grid for a time. Imagine my surprise when she turned up with big, fluffy fake tits. 45,000 baht. Maybe that’s why she 1–got a boyfriend, and 2–stayed indoors with him the past few months. If I’d dropped that much cash for a girl’s fake knockers, I wouldn’t let her out the house, either.

I asked if she’d pose nude for some photos in the near future, just to pay homage to her new tits, and she enthusiastically agreed. More on that as it transpires. She and Linn were hanging out with Jack Nites in an undisclosed location in Patpong. Was it as fun as watching these lovely lasses shaking their moneymakers onstage? no. But in these lean times of no fun and nothing to do, it was at least something. More of the same, but something.

Earlier in the week, Pui sent over these photos of her lounging around in her knickers. She and Nuchy are still laying low in Pattaya, waiting out the lockdown. They’ll both be back in Patpong as soon as the gogos reopen. For now, this is pretty much all she does. There’s a video version of her squirming around on this beanbag chair over on my Twitter @BangkokSeven

Speaking of Nuchy, she emailed these lovely pics to me last week. I don’t know who her friend is, but they have matching kissy-lips tattoos on their asses so they must be BFFs of some sort. And they clearly, ahem! like each other. Thanks, Nuchy!

And not to be outdone, Pui grabbed Nuchy for a couple of sensual shots. One thing’s for sure, these girls know how to cut loose. I imagine a weekend away with these seductresses would be a cardiovascular challenge for any monger.

And that about wraps it up for this week. Check bangkoknites.com later for another photo spread, and between now and next week, keep your chin up, your fridge stocked, and cheers to another week above ground and the news of a possible end to this nightmare in the next month or two. Keep hope alive, everyone. Peace.