Red Light Withdrawal: Gogo Backs and Girls on Laps

Happy Sunday, reader. Happy “one more week of fun ban.” Happy languishing in the doldrums of an inane lockdown. I feel like we should have meetings, like they do in Alcoholics Anonymous. Someone owes me an anniversary chip for passing six months without darkening the door of a gogo bar. Not all the news is bad, at the moment. We appear to be approaching a “shit-or-get-off-the-toilet” date where the powers that be either have to release us from this psychological prison and give us our bars back, or quadruple down on another extension of the shutdown. If they choose the latter, they’ll undoubtedly sign the nation’s economic death warrant. We humble mongers can only wait for news.

Meanwhile, as I struggle with my jonesing for all things Red-Light, I spend my idle hours scouring old photo albums for nostalgic glimpses of better times, which I then post to this blog in order to share them with you. This week, I offer a set of photos along a theme. It turns out that, over the last few years, I’ve had many a gogo dancer nestle her g-stringed backside into my lap whilst taking in a show in Patpong, and thankfully, documented it by snapping a pic with my phone. And where lap lounging wasn’t possible, I still managed to get a photo record of that glorious view from a stageside seat. Let’s reminisce…

Above from left to right are the backs of Best, Ice, and Am. Best and Ice got their starts at the now-closed Electric Blue, and up until the lockdown had bounced back and forth between XXX Lounge and Black Pagoda. Last year, Ice disappeared in that familiar way that a gogo dancer does when she gets knocked-up. Am started out at Thigh Bar, where this pic was taken. After around a year, she moved to King’s Castle 1 and there she acquired a benefactor that paid for her to leave the pole. Last I’d heard, she got hired over at The Pimp Club, but I haven’t confirmed it.

Ja Ja is a regular at Bada Bing, and here you see two of her best “ass”ets–her sweet bum and her tattoos. When she’s onstage, she’s one of the most alluring bits of eye candy in that bar. Next is Ann, who started out at Kiss Bar but moved to Glamour when tourist numbers dropped in 2019. Now that Covid has forced it to close, she’ll probably move back to Kiss once the red-lights reopen, which is where Miw (above right) also worked for several years.

Above left is Pop. Next to her is Nong and Eyez. They’re all from Bada Bing, and they all preferred to be on my lap rather than onstage. Lazy girls. Pop intermittently disappears from the scene whenever she gets a new farang boyfriend. Inevitably though, things don’t work out and she finds herself back in her natural habitat–the gogo stage and/or my lap.

The above 3 girls were stalking the stage of XXX Lounge at the time of the most recent lockdown. From left to right is Poo, Pai, and Nan. The first time I ever saw Poo was in XXX–I think she might be the youngest dancer on the Pong. Pai started out in Kiss Bar, and Nan was in Thigh Bar before moving over to Soi 2. They’re all very chilled-out chicks, and fun to just hang out and drink with.

I can’t remember the names of the above 3 girls but the first two are from Bada Bing, and that big back tatt is from The Strip. And maybe these are the most poignant photos, because it’s easy to get a friend to settle down into your crotch, but I think what makes the girls of Patpong so endearing is their enthusiasm for cozying up to strangers. It’s less prevalent on Soi Cowboy and virtually non-existent in Nana.

These are the girls who lent color to the tapestry of Patpong. They range from lovely to very lovely, and their beauty and charm have been kept from us for far too long. Here’s to another week above ground, fellow monger. Here’s to the gaggle of gorgeous gals who used to fill our nights with fun. And here’s to inching ever closer to the day when we can all be back together again in the gogo. Cheers.